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Why You Should Buy American Made Underwear

Why You Should Buy American Made Underwear

In the exciting modern world of clothing manufacturing, it truly is a global enterprise. Everyone can relate to that slightly odd experience when you pull your favorite pair of undies out of the drier and see the tag for the first time. You never realized the knickers you bought just around the corner were made in China, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Indonesia, or any number of other countries so very far away from your very own derriere. 

Now, don't misunderstand us—we are not saying that there is anything wrong with the global market or that these amazing countries don't produce decent undies that will last a couple of years. But the essence of underwear is pretty personal. And with the fabric right up against your oh-so-sensitive prized jewels, it's nice to know where it comes from. And sometimes, it's really nice to know it comes from where you come from. 

American manufacturing has most definitely struggled a bit in the global economy; there is no denying it. The cost of materials, labor, and production lines can be much higher here at home than in other countries. That is the reality of a free market—even for underwear. That being said, a few amazing brands like Culprit Underwear make it their business to keep their business 100% here at home, and their products are made in the beautiful USA. 

Having a brand that is made in the USA is a source of pride and to be advertised openly next to info about fabric, designs, and more. Being made here at home has become, in a sense, artisanal. And with the style and quality of those brands, that's really no surprise. 

How To Find The Perfect Pair of Boxer Briefs 

Life is pretty sweet when you finally find underwear that fits, and even better when it feels like the fit was specially made for you. For anyone who's worn a rather uncomfortable pair of boxer briefs, you know there is a vast difference between a snug, comfortable fit and one that's, well, pretty crappy. Other than picking your next pair in the beautiful U-S-A, how does one find boxer briefs that are nothing short of perfect? 

Well, for starters, the most important factor when choosing your perfect pair of undies is without a doubt comfort, which means wearing good-quality boxer briefs that don't bunch up as you go about your normal day to day routine. It means underwear that has deliciously soft, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture while still feeling comfortably snug against your sensitive personals. When it comes to choosing what makes the cut—all the details matter. 

Once you have finally found the perfect cut, you'll need to pick your size to ensure your new boxer briefs fit you properly. Nothing is more irritating than wearing a pair of butt-huggers with an extra-wide waistband falling off your hips. Generally, undies are measured with designations of S, M, and L, but every brand is different, so always be sure to check the sizing chart! 

To find your next perfect pair of boxer briefs, after finding the right cut and figuring out your size, the next part is all about showing off your individual sense of style. What you wear is a reflection of your personality, so why wouldn't that include your undies, too? Some days you may feel like wearing raptors doing drug deals in 1980s Miami, while other days, monkeys drinking dirty martinis and sword fighting to the death is what's right. Life is much more fun with undies that make a statement. Even if there's only a select lucky few who will actually see you without anything on other than a sweet pair of boxer briefs, it still can change your mood for the better.

When you wear something that feels amazing and makes you smile, it carries into your day and can make a huge difference. Get crazy with the design of your boxer briefs and see how something as small as wearing Benny Franklin in socks and sandals at the strip club, radioactive lizards fighting samurais, or a 1960s Bond girl fighting off a sea monster, can really perk up your mood.  

When Is It Time To Toss Your Boxer Briefs And Buy New Ones? 

Now that you know how to track down your next perfect pair of undies, let's talk about how to tell when it's time to toss your old boxer briefs and purchase new ones. Here are a few tell-tale signs that it's time to ditch your wiener basket and find a pair you actually look forward to wearing. 

They Fail To Prevent Chafing.

It's your undies job to protect you from uncomfortable chafing and rubbing. If your delicate skin is rubbing together or your jeans are digging into your thighs, chances are you're going to have problems. Dealing with inflamed skin is extremely unpleasant, to say the least—especially around your most sensitive bits and pieces. 

In other words, your skivvies need to stay in place. If the legs ride up, your undies are either too old, too small, or just poorly designed. If you've had them for a long time, they are probably past their prime, and it's time to get a fresh pair. If it's too big, you will see excess fabric hanging in the back. If the size seems right and they are brand new, but you are still feeling itchy? Say sayonara and look for a new brand of boxer briefs. 

They Create Awkward Skin Bulges.

If your skin awkwardly bulges over at the thighs or waistband, your undies are a bit too small. Even if you don't happen to notice your skin bulging, skivvies that are too tight may feel uncomfortable at the seams or even leave impressions on your skin. This can also be another source of pesky chafing. 

Unfortunately, sizes tend to vary quite a bit from one brand to another. But there is no reason to put up with a pair of undies that don't fit. As we mentioned a little earlier, you should always check the brand's sizing guide and compare it with your own measurements before you run off and purchase a new pair of unmentionables. 

They Don't Stay Dry.

For some undies, even a light sweat is hard to shake. If you find that your favorite boxer briefs are damp all day, that's a problem you shouldn't just live with. Moisture on your frank and beans creates the perfect conditions for fungi, meaning you can end up with the notorious jock itch, among other unsavory conditions.

Damp underwear is a surefire sign that you need higher-quality boxer briefs. If you're someone who sweats easily, stick with micromodal fabric to keep you cool and is breathable where it counts. 

The Elastic is Worn Out.

If your elastic is too relaxed, your undies will sag in all the wrong places making your sexy man-figure less, err, sexy. There is absolutely no use wearing a pair of undies that won't stay in place, but you can keep the next one taut by following the product care guidelines on the tag. 

But of course, even if you do wash and care for them properly, you might simply be buying the wrong kind of underwear. If you stretch, bend, and move around a lot each day, you need to find a pair of great bloomers that can keep up. Boxer briefs designed to move and stretch with you won't ride up when you're running, while premium micromodal fabric will keep you dry on a hot day and prevent smelly bacteria from drawing unwanted attention. 

They Are Full of Holes.

Okay, so this one should be pretty damn obvious, but there is a rather large population of shredded undies having a good ol' time hanging out in dresser drawers. No matter how sentimental you may feel about a particular pair of underwear, you need to put them into retirement as soon as they are tattered. Trust us on this one.

A Final Word 

When looking for your next pair of undies, look for American made boxer briefs made using a durable micromodal fabric, like the ones found at Culprit Underwear.

Never heard of Culprit? Well, you're missing out. Culprit Underwear is an incredible company with a true passion for creating deliciously sexy and incredibly soft boxer briefs. Their ultra-breathable fabric makes you stay cool where it really counts—your balls. It's made of 95% micromodal, which is sustainably sourced here in the beautiful U-S-A and 5% Lycra for stretch, superior comfort, and unparalleled durability. 

Plus, Culprit is the only brand in the world with a left side fly; wanna know why? Because it's actually easier access for righties reaching across their body, and it gives lefties, well, something to pretend to be happy about. 

If you want to treat your boys to something really special, look no further and check out Culprit Underwear today.