Long gone are the good ol’ days of Dad’s cotton undershirts and tighty-whities. Luckily, men now have options beyond uncomfortable and bulky cotton undergarments. One of the new “go-to” fabrics used in premium underwear is micromodal—but what exactly is it, and how does it compare to cotton, really?

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Read on to learn more!

Micromodal Vs. Cotton: The Ultimate Showdown

Guys, we all know that the fabric used to gently carry your most precious assets is as important as the color, style, and size when it comes to your total satisfaction. Ther fabric affects everything from comfort to hygiene to how well a pair of your favorite undies holds its color. 

Though hundreds of fabrics are used to make men’s undergarments, when you’re in the market for a pair of luxury underwear—or a pair that just doesn’t have holes in them—you’re most likely going to be encountering two fabrics: Cotton and Micromodal

Let’s compare the two!


Let’s start with cotton. 

Some experts suggest that as much as a whopping 75% of all men’s clothing is made from cotton or some kind of cotton mix. For over a century, it has been the dominant fabric for clothing, and it’s not likely going to be going anywhere any time soon. In general, it is a pretty decent and versatile fabric that is inexpensive to produce and is widely accessible. 

However… Although cotton is still a good fabric, it tends to break down much faster than micromodal. Cotton is going to start to lose its softness and shape after a dozen or so wears and washes. As such, it'll get less comfortable as time goes on and start to get a bit itchy around “the boys.” Additionally, when compared to great moisture-wicking fabrics, cotton is absorbent and holds onto moisture, so in hotter temperatures, this means that it runs the risk of causing uncomfortable dampness as well as retaining your not-so-lovely sweaty body odor, yum


Okay, enough about cotton. Let’s dive into micromodal.

Micromodal is one of the emerging trends in men’s underwear after becoming a huge hit in ladies’ underwear back in the 1990s. It's a natural fiber made from the pulp of beech trees and was first developed in Europe back in the early twentieth century. Due to its natural origins, it has some similar properties to cotton, but in general, it has been proven to perform much better than cotton in areas such as moisture-wicking, durability, and heat regulation (sweaty balls, anyone?).

Men’s luxury undies are having a moment right now. More than just a functional piece of fabric, micromodal underwear is growing in popularity—and fast—as more men are experiencing the value of adding it to their daily lineup. 

And yes, we totally acknowledge that we’re talking about your underwear here, the most basic layer of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. But given it’s the first layer on your body each morning (provided you didn’t skip laundry day, ahem...), the guys who do decide to beef up their underwear game and spend a little extra can’t help but feel they are wearing a dream on their derriere. In fact, if you ask us, premium men’s underwear made of deliciously soft micromodal fabric doesn’t even belong in the same drawer as your basic tighty whities. Seriously! 

Micromodal underwear is the mark of fine craftsmanship and is quickly becoming the insignia of the modern gentlemen. It is an investment in esteem and self-worth, an appreciation of the finer things in life, and an experiment in comfort. Once you don a pair—especially from a badass company like Culprit, you’ll instantly feel the difference. 

Micromodal undies are becoming the go-to choice, thanks to the silky-smooth texture your body deserves. It’s a feeling that other manufactures and fabrics try so hard to replicate by blending various—and not to mention cheaper—fibers, but the result is never quite the same. When you slide on a pair of luxe micromodal underwear, you will automatically be part of an elite group of refined gents who appreciate the difference in fit, function, and comfort—and aren’t afraid to admit it. 

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper Into The Details

What makes micromodal fabric feel just so damn special, really? 

Structural Integrity

Well, let’s start with structural integrity, and yes, that should be a major consideration when choosing your next pair of underwear. 

Men’s micromodal undies have actually taken a whole heap of engineering to get just the right balance of function, form, and longevity, and the result is nothing short of pure bliss. Take a closer look at its dimensional structure, and you will find a complex weaving of fibers that allow for maximum breathability and moveability without sacrificing durability. 

Okay, so in a nutshell, this super-underwear was built to last much longer than cotton undies. The elasticity of the fabric is created to contour to your unique form over time, even as you are chasing those gains in the gym or sculpting your frame. And despite the fine-to-the-touch feel, this stuff is as tough and durable as you are and can stand up to your biggest challenges like a second set of skin.  

Form And Function

Do you want to look great or be comfortable? It’s, without a doubt, the ultimate sacrifice for most men, as it is nearly impossible to achieve both—that is, until now.

Micromodal was designed as a satisfying outcome for both style and comfort, so that sacrifice is never an option. Aside from its high-quality texture, this super-fabric is designed to fit much better than your typical pair of undies. Cheaper fabrics like cotton or ‘supposed’ luxe-type blends don’t stretch the same way and tend to hang loose and limp after several wears—not micromodal! Premium fabrics are called premium for a reason, and in this case, it is because of the way micromodal can snap back to their original form and size as well as survive wash after wash with no signs of wear or tear. 

Of course, we can’t discuss underwear without addressing the function aspect, and micromodal has you covered there, too. Men need and deserve undies that perform well under pressure, and luxury fabrics like micromodal are guaranteed to satisfy. The deliciously soft silky waistband is made for all-day comfort and stays in place without digging into your skin. Every pair responds to movement, sweat, and stretching—and all the frequent washing that comes along with it.

Whether you are a professional athlete working out in the gym for hours, a sous chef who’s slaving away near a hot stove, or even a desk jockey spending most of your waking hours in front of a computer screen, you need comfortable underwear that moves with you and avoids the pitfalls of wearing cheap undies, like foul odors, not-so-pleasant rashes, and irritating chafing. Who wants to deal with that?

Okay, but I can pay twenty bucks for a pack of three—why would I want to spend that much on just one pair of micromodal undies? 

Sure, we get it. You can buy a pack of underwear for under $20—but you know what else you can get for $20? A terrible tattoo or a bad haircut. At the end of the day, we’re talking about your family jewels here. Do you think they’re worth $20? We’d hope so.   

A Final Word

Underwear should be an amazing experience, not a chore, so give your body what it deserves. Supportive, utterly-soft, and high performing, Culprit’s line of micromodal men’s underwear includes some of the coolest prints and subdued tones that will leave you feeling like a king.

Culprit comes in one cut—the perfect form-fitting boxer brief. Using the highest quality micromodal fabric, made in the beautiful USA, eco-friendly, Culprit is without a doubt your lucky pair engineered for everyday use. Try Culprit today—you’ll be glad you did!