It’s not exactly new info that you should swap your old undies out for new ones every six to twelve months, but is it best to just throw those old trusty comrades in the trash bin? They’re not exactly an item you can gift to your bestie or relatives, along with pre-loved shirts, scarves, and hats.

If you are wondering what the heck you should do with your ready-to-retire underpants -- you’re in the right place. Read on to discover everything you can do with old underwear. You just might be surprised. 

But First -- What Are The Signs That It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Old Trusty Undies? 

There’s a handful of tell-tale signs that your undies are well past their expiration date. Here are a few of them:

You Constantly Notice That You’re Wearing Underwear 

Okay. Don’t get us wrong -- only a small minority of lads appreciate the sensation of going totally commando. But other than providing some basic support for your, ahem, “junk,” you shouldn’t really notice your skivvies. And if you do, chances are it’s time to retire them.  

With underwear of lesser quality, a lot of times, it may fit well enough initially, but the honeymoon phase is short-lived -- with each time you move, the waistband pinches, or the fabric feels constricting. Why? Because it doesn’t move with you, that’s why.

You see, the thing is that underwear should conform to you -- not the other way around. 

Higher-quality underwear manufacturers -- like Culprit -- take greater care when designing details like the waistband and seams for a comfy-cozy fit. 

More importantly, good butt-huggers are going to use higher-quality material that is made to last -- soft enough that it almost feels like an extension of you. Usually, that’s going to mean using a great fabric, like micromodal.  

Here at Culprit, our ultra-breathable micro modal makes sure you stay cool where it matters most -- your balls. It’s made of 95 percent micro modal and contains 5 percent Lycra for stretch, superior comfort, and unparalleled durability. 

Great undies should also look better under your clothes. No annoying bulky fabrics or seams bunching up under your pants and no visible “manty” lines -- which tends to happen as your underwear ages and the fabric stretches over time.  

Again, with great underwear, you should forget that you’re wearing it at all. And if that’s not the case and you’re constantly battling a misbehaving waistband, frequent wedgies, and “manty” lines -- it’s time to say goodbye to your old undies and upgrade them for a new pair.  

Your Chonies Develop “Air Conditioning” 

One surefire way to tell it’s time to buy new pantaloons is when you can sense a new cool breeze coming through your nether regions. 

But honestly, by the time the holes start to develop, there are other signs that your underwear is past its prime -- like an overall loss of shape. 

No longer does it hug to the contours of your body. Instead, it hangs limply around your butt like a sad Superman cape after an encounter with kryptonite.

If your underwear has lost its shape and is starting to develop holes in the fabric -- it’s time for a breakup. 

Your Knickers Are Becoming Sheer 

Over time, you may see that your skivvies are starting to look transparent and feel thinner. No, you’re not imagining things: the fibers in the material will gradually break down with wearing and washing. This stage comes right before those pesky holes appear -- so don’t hesitate to retire any undies that are suddenly looking sheer. 

What To Do With Your Old Undies 

So -- you’ve finally made the decision to break up with your old, tired underwear. While most see this as an opportunity to fill their trash bin, we see it as a chance to breathe new life into our old comrades. Not sure what to do with your old underwear? Here are some great ideas:

Compost Them

One hundred percent cotton undies can become one with your garden via compost. Just cut off the elastic waistband and any embellishments or tags. Then, cut the cotton into squares or strips and put it in your compost bin. Remember, synthetic materials won’t compost -- so stick to natural fibers only!

Make Rags 

Probably the most common use of old fabrics is to make wash rags. Save yourself the hassle of purchasing rags, and just cut up your old undies to use instead. Just add a little soap and some water, and they’ll be good to go! 

Take Them To A Textile Recycling Center 

While your old reliable underwear might not make a great gift, it can be processed for reuse in furniture, insulation, and for other purposes. Contact your local council or recycling center to enquire whether textile recycling is available in your area. 

Use Them As Stuffing 

You can always cut up your underwear to replace stuffing in old pillows, kid toys, and any other items that require stuffing. The smaller you cut the fabric, the fluffier your stuffed animals and pillows will be. The best thing about using cut-up knickers as stuffing is that it doesn’t matter if all of the underwear doesn’t match -- because you won’t even see it! 

Make Hair Ties And Scrunchies 

By cutting up your old (clean) underwear, you can sew the fabric into strips or a simple tie to use to throw your hair up and out of your face. Why waste cash on elastic hair ties and scrunchies when you can easily make your own by upcycling your old underwear? 

DIY Crafts 

Your old underwear is perfect for a myriad of crafting projects. Cut out different shapes and use them to personalize your very own bag or other pieces of clothing. Piece them together to make pillowcases or tie and braid strips to make a blanket. The number of things that you can do with old clothes is practically limitless.  

Use Them For Patches 

Though many individuals just toss their clothing when it gets a wee bit holey, using high-quality cotton from your old underwear to patch things that you’re not ready to throw away is a fantastic idea. 

Make Plant Ties

You can also cut your undies into strips to make lots of handy-dandy ties for securing your plants to posts to prevent them from drooping. 

Donate Them

Anything in decent condition and not solid with last year’s sweat stains will probably be accepted by your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Call ahead or stop by to find out exactly what their store policy is before bringing them in, as not everywhere will take undergarments. 

Use Them For Dusting

Why pay extra money for pricey wand duster replacements when you can cut your undies into thin strips and use them on a wand duster to clean dusty surfaces? Simply cut your old butt huggers into long strips before securing them to a wood or plastic duster with rubber bands.

Make Them Into Pet Toys 

Do you have a super good furbaby who deserves a new toy? If you like to sew, the fabric in underwear can make for a really great pet toy!

Bottom Line

So, what should you do with your old trusty bloomers, you ask?

Don’t throw them out! 

From cleaning supplies to pet toys, there are plenty of things you can do to put your old skivvies to good use -- just don’t forget to restock on new undies in the process. Not sure where to find the best butt huggers on the market? Head on over to Culprit -- the leader in luxurious underwear. 

Culprit comes in one cut, the perfect form-fitting boxer brief. Made using the highest quality micro-modal fabric, in our eco-friendly vertical mill -- Culprit is your lucky pair engineered for everyday use. 

Show your best boys some love and check out Culprit Underwear today -- trust us, you’ll thank us later. 



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