A red-haired woman smiling, lying down in Culprit's stealth black bra and shorts.

Attention bra wearers: have you ever been the victim of boulder holder malfunctions or nip-slip n...

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13 Most Comfortable Bras of 2024

Close-up of a person wearing Culprit's stealth black thong, partially covered by a blue garment, with a spotlight highlighting the fabric.

Had it up to here with those infernal thongs that seem to have a vendetta against your backside? ...

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17 Best Thongs for Every Occasion [2024]

A man with a beard lounging and posing confidently in Culprit's stealth black underwear

Gentlemen, it’s high time you made major moves to upgrade those tired old undies. We've done the ...

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The 13 Best Underwear for Men in 2024: Ditch the Discomfort

Woman lying on a blue couch wearing white underwear with 'Culprit' branding on the waistband.

Forget old-school undies – leave behind the wedgies and the swampy “ick” vibes and level up to th...

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17 Best Underwear for Women This Season [2024]

micromodal vs cotton underwear

TL;DR here are 5 reasons micromodal underwear is better than cotton: Micromodal is 2x softer tha...

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5 Reasons Micromodal Underwear Kicks Cotton’s A**

ball hammock underwear

If you’re a male with an internet connection, chances are you’ve been bombarded with ads claiming...

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The Case Against Ball Pouches In Men’s Boxers

lady boxers

Ladies, apparently thousands of you are out there buying men’s boxers (or stealing them from your...

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LadyBoxers Are Taking Over Underwear Drawers Across America

how often to replace underwear

TL;DR you should replace your underwear every year. But if your underwear has holes, permanent st...

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Do You Replace Your Underwear Every Year, Or Are You Disgusting?

types of womens underwear

These days, choosing the right home for your hoo-hah can be harder than actual house-hunting IRL....

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13 Types of Women’s Underwear, from Least to Most Coverage

best workout underwear for men

Pop quiz: What’s the most important part of working out? Is it guzzling sketchy pre-workout stimu...

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What’s the Best Workout Underwear for Men? Crush Your Goals (Not Your Nuts)