Had it up to here with those infernal thongs that seem to have a vendetta against your backside? Time to bid farewell to the wedgie-inducing woes and step into something much more comfortable that still oozes ridiculous amounts of risqué.

Culprit Underwear is your partner in crime for undies that are every bit as cheeky as they are comfy (and they’re VERY comfy). Crafted from sustainable form-fitting materials, these babies are like a warm hug for your hindquarters.

Get ready to turn up the heat with two up-and-comers from Culprit's all-star lineup: the Hi-Cut and Standard Thong. These sexy sets aren't just underwear or lingerie; they're your ticket to looking and feeling like a million bucks. Say adios to discomfort and Buenos dias to days of friction-free bliss against your skin—because life's too short for minor hassles like scratchy undies or existential crises.

Find Your Perfect Culprit Thong: Tried and Tested

Guilty of looking and feeling the fire in our culprit thongs!

1. Stealth Black - Classic and versatile, a must-have in any collection.

Stealth Black themed thongs by culprit underwear

Slip into the shadows with Stealth Black, the ultimate undercover thong. Designed for comfort and maximum sexiness, this naughty number will have admirers on a manhunt searching for the scent of your trail while you stay out of their grasp and one step ahead... This high-waisted, form-fitting beauty (Rise: 9 1/4", size M) stays in place without slipping or jiggling, a smoldering secret held close to the vest and keeping your best weaponry comfortably holstered... Sizes to flatter every figure because intrigue isn't one-size-fits-all.

"It's like a sexy secret against my skin," raves one reviewer. Consider it your invitation to a world of thrilling possibilities, or at the very least, the code word to cracking a dramatically improved underwear situation.

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2. Balloon Animals - Comfort with a Playful Twist

Balloon Animal themed thongs by culprit underwear

Calling all risk-takers! Break the piñata of your inner wild child with Balloon Animals, lingerie that’s kinkier than a sexy circus performers' convention. Soft fabrics tantalize with a hint to "get freaky-deeky," adding whimsical sensuality to your bedroom antics. These balloons aren’t for clowning around but for popping champagne (and perhaps a few shirt buttons😉). Reviewers love the joyful vibe, so spice up your lingerie drawer. Remember, these kinkies need special care (Rise: 9 1/4", size medium). Tame the wild animal by machine washing cold on delicate, then tumble drying low or air drying.

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3. Incognito Mode - Sleek, Discreet, and Ready

Incognito Mode themed thongs by culprit underwear

The #1 choice for femme fatales and those with darker secrets to keep (and perhaps spill). A silken microfiber blend with a hint of stretch ensures the perfect clandestine fit. Sneak up on your haters (or lovers!) with Incognito Mode, where barely-there fabric and a whisper-soft caress ignite a fast-trailing fuse toward pure dynamite. This barely-there thong melts into your curves, boasting a classic 9 1/4" rise that disappears beneath even the most unforgiving fabrics. Available in sizes that adapt to your every surreptitious move, it's the perfect accomplice for seduction missions.

Check out what our customers are saying:

"I feel like a double agent every time I wear this. Powerful, seductive... and ready to disappear at a moment's notice. Love the mid-rise – absolutely no panty lines!" - Harper E.

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4. Camo Bunnies - Whimsy Meets Camo

Camo Bunnies themed thongs by culprit underwear

Slough off the boring old-timey! Disappear into the wilderness of desire with the ultimate smokescreen: the Camo Bunnies, where camouflage meets cuteness in an animalistic fusion of style. This barely-there thong melts into your curves with its classic 9 1/4" rise – seriously, who's paying attention to your panty lines when there are bunnies involved? Available in all sizes to fit all body types, this thong is pure comfort that will cling to your curves like green berets to rappelling ropes. Our stealthy reviewers swear by its mix of street fashion and seductive charm. Crafted from a whisper-soft cotton blend with a touch of stretch, it's ready to go to war in the workplace or take on whatever weekend shenanigans you've got planned. Keep this giggle-worthy secret fresh with a cold wash, delicate cycle.

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5. Cheatah - Fierce & Fabulous

Cheatah themed thongs by culprit underwear

Tiptoeing through the wild bush and somehow ended up with lipstick on your underwear? That’s just your inner party animal leaving a seductive signature! Roar with confidence in Cheatah, a ferocious feline fantasy of spots and stripes that’ll make boring underwear extinct. This cheeky little thong with its classic 9 1/4" rise ensures you’ll be stalking your prey in a sleek silhouette that’s ready to take on the urban jungle—purr-fectly styled for prowling! Available in various sizes that command attention, it's crafted with a luxuriously soft micromodal blend with a hint of ferocious stretch. Our daring reviewers swear it's their secret weapon for stalking the night with unmatched grace and a mischievous glint in their eyes.

Check out what our customers are saying:
I put this on and suddenly felt like I could run a Fortune 500 company... or steal a priceless diamond. Either way, I'm unstoppable." - Sasha F.

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6. Stealth Black Ribbed - Texture with a Twist

Stealth Black Ribbed themed thongs by culprit underwear

Sit those plain black boxers on your bench, Stealth Black Ribbed is here to play heavy crunch time minutes! Ideal for basketball games, black-tie soirées, or besting bad guys from your bedroom in marathon multiplayer gaming sessions... With its classy 9 1/4" rise, this tantalizing thong sculpts a stealthy silhouette that'll make James Bond pause his car chase to do a double-take. The ribbed design? It's not just for show; it's your sly wingwoman with texture and charm, ready to slink into the shadows or crash the spotlight with a rousing entrance! Made from silky-soft fabric with a saucy ribbed twist and the right amount of stretch to snug those curves, it turns any outfit from basic to bomb.com. Our buyers are dropping enthusiastic reviews, flipping out over its jaw-dropping fit and stylish wit. So, strap into a pair to leave your admirers totally shaken and deliciously discombobulated.

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7. Pandamonium - Panda Print Standout

Pandamonium themed thongs by culprit underwear

Warning: May cause spontaneous bamboo cravings and an urge to roll around in cuteness. Bust out your intramural cuddle monster with Pandamonium and give playtime a deliciously mischievous makeover! The embossed pattern of this thong cut is full of flirtatious flavor and boasts a classic 9 1/4" rise, perfect for disappearing under clothes or causing a delightfully adorable scene. Crafted from a super-soft blend and a spritz of stylish stretchiness, it's like wearing a hug from your favorite childhood plush bear. We bet you can't get enough of its panda-tastic charm and unabashedly fun vibes.

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8. Tang - Tangy Orange Pop

Tang themed thongs by culprit underwear

If something inside tells you to drop the drab, we’ve got the perfect replacement for black-and-white or boring beige. Embrace zestiness and ignite the orange embers in your soul with Tang, a burst of citrusy sunshine in a monochrome world. This vibrant sun-kissed thong is designed to make you sizzle, with its classic mid-rise fit imparting whispers of retro-80s mischief and the unbridled joy of the latchkey generation... It's a juicy slice of boldness crafted from a luxuriously soft blend, ready to sweeten any situation. Our Tang thong is like wearing a squeeze of morning sunshine - a bold pick-me-up that will set your spirit ablaze and keep you going throughout the day. Slip it on and feel the energy surge - Tang is ready to fuel the rocket ship to your most epic adventures.

Seduction Alert: May induce impromptu groove sessions and an irresistible urge to flaunt your inner disco diva.

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9. Day of the Dead - Dia de los Muertos Marvel

Day of the Dead themed thongs by culprit underwear

Celebrate the vibrancy of life (and beyond) with Day of the Dead, where festive skulls and flirty flowers dance in a symphony of color. This light, ghostly ephemeral thong style inspired by fine porcelain and Dia de los Muertos celebrations across Latin America melts into your curves with a classic 9 1/4" rise, a tantalizing glimpse of the never-ending fiesta within. Crafted from otherworldly eco-friendly fabric with a touch of mischievous stretch, it’s as soft as a whisper from the beyond and a sustainable statement piece as sassy as sweet. You'll look drop-dead gorgeous, and don’t be surprised if those skeletons in your closet become jealous. Slip into this fiesta for the senses – a spicy little secret that celebrates life, death, and your eternally irresistible allure.

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10. Don’t Care Bears - Playful Nostalgia

Don’t Care Bears themed thongs by culprit underwear

Say "screw it" to the rules (with batted eyelashes and a side of sweetness) by donning our Don't Care Bears drawers! This audacious print comes in a classic 9 1/4" rise thong for a titillating look that says "sugar and spice, with a pinch of naughty AND nice.'" Wrap yourself in the luxurious embrace of this fabric as soft and cuddly as that unforgettable rainbow coalition of Saturday cartoon teddies. Prepare for a wickedly nostalgic journey with an “Adult Swim” makeover as flamethrowers, firearms, and fast food take center stage. These rebel bears fearlessly thumb their noses at the convention because they've mastered the art of not giving a bear's behind. So strap in, put on your adventure goggles, and enjoy the wild ride!

Pro-tip: Maybe don't let them babysit your kids...

Check out what our customers are saying:
"Wearing these makes me want to eat a whole tub of ice cream and stay up past my bedtime. Best. Day. Ever." - Sarah S.

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11. White Hot Ribbed - Sleek & Sexy

White Hot Ribbed themed thongs by culprit underwear

White Hot Ribbed might sound like the name of a spicy BBQ dish or an intense, sweat-filled workout routine. But it doesn’t sound meek, boring, tight-lipped, or innocent! It's more like a daring adventure across a scorching white-sand Arabian desert or a sizzling romance novel set in white-linen cabanas along the white beaches of a tropical paradise. It's about white heat with a naughty wink to boot. This playful thong demands attention with its 9 1/4" rise, painting a bold, irresistible line on your skin that serves as a classy whisper for your outer clothing. The thong is sinfully soft, with a ribbed blend and a sliver of seductive stretch. It's a contradiction in the flesh: the purity of white with a heat that's off the charts, like an angel with a devilish playlist. Slip into White Hot Ribbed and feel the transformation—from demure to devastating with just a smoldering look. Ignite your passion and tickle your fancy; this thong isn't just about dressing up, it's about stirring up some good clean fun.

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12. Get It Kraken! - Tempting Depths

Get It Kraken themed thongs by culprit underwear

The mysterious abyss calls, and Get It Kraken answers. Seafaring temptress or daring diver? Get It Kraken lets you be both. Myths and legends whisper of the Kraken, a creature of the deep cloaked in darkness. With a classic 9 1/4" rise, this thong melts into the curves of your ocean-kissed silhouette. It's a taste of the unknown, a velvety caress that hints at secrets lurking beneath the surface. Woven with a sinfully soft blend, it's like a siren's touch – irresistible, a little dangerous, and utterly captivating. Lose yourself to the thrill of the unknown, the intoxicating rush of letting go and rolling in the deep. Some treasures are only found in the places where light cannot reach.

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13. Shark Bait - Surf’s Up Seduction

Shark Bait themed thongs by culprit underwear

Nix those wimpy schools of fishies - you’re Shark Bait, and the surfers are circling. These summer waters aren’t just shark-infested, they’re seriously surfer-saturated. And guess who’s the most tempting morsel in sight? You, in this skimpy Shark Bait thong! With a classic 9 1/4" rise, it's a playful peek-a-boo that'll make those jaws drop and hook beach bums. Culprit underwear is oven from the softest, micromodal fabric, but make no mistake – this ain't your average beachwear. This is pure predator, a sleek and sexy statement designed to whip the waters into a frenzy. It's as irresistible as a forbidden dip in the lifeguard's private sunscreen stash. Slip it on and feel the big-waves urge! So, are you the ultimate beach babe or the ultimate bait? This thong lets you play both – with a wink and a wiggle.

Check out what our customers are saying:
"I wore this, and suddenly felt like I could wrestle a bear... in a tutu. It's ridiculous. I love it." - Jessica R.

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14. Hi-Cut Acidopolis DAY - Psychedelic Groove

Hi-Cut Acidopolis DAY themed thongs by culprit underwear

Yo, shrug off those boring briefs and blast off to Funkytown with Hi-Cut Acidopolis DAY! This thong boasts the same minimal coverage as our classic but with a sky-high cut that'll make your legs look longer than a drop-top Cadillac cruising down Route 66 – classic 70s vibes, amplified. Wreathed with a psychedelic swirl of color, it's trippier than a fluorescent lava lamp and bolder than a bright shiny disco ball. This thong is a sunshine smile, a flash of pure feel-good energy. Rock them under some tie-die rags and get your groove on – Acidopolis ain't for wallflowers, it's for those ready to throw up peace signs and boogie-oogie-oogie 'til the break of dawn. Hi-cut thongs are the way of the future... way of the future... way of the future... IFYKYK.

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15. Candy Hearts - Irresistible Indulgence

Candy Hearts themed thongs by culprit underwear

This ain’t your grandma’s Valentine’s Day! Who needs boring old Valentine’s candy when you’ve got Candy Hearts? CH is a sweet-style explosion, a rich, sugary bite surrounding an indulgently creamy center. This slinky thong, with a classic 9 1/4" rise, is a naughty little secret longing to be discovered. Imagine the double-takes when someone catches a glimpse of those cheeky messages... Lick me... Kiss me… Screw me… Sweet? Sure. Innocent? Not a chance. Finely wrought lingerie from a whisper-soft micromodal blend, it’s a candy-coated shell against your sweet skin. Keep this sugary secret looking its best with a cold wash on the delicate cycle and tumble dry with low heat or air dry.

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16. Killer Whales - Orca Obsession

Killer Whales themed thongs by culprit underwear

Sea World trainers, beware – there's a new apex predator in town. This scandalous Killer Whales thong with a classic 9 1/4" rise offers a sleek silhouette to floss your bodacious whale tail while hugging your curves like a dolphin with a serious man-crush. Expertly molded from fabric softer than a beluga's belly, it'll send shivers down spines faster than a bellowing, breaching humpback. These orcas aren't snackin' on fish anymore; they're hungry for hearts, and yours is on the menu. Pop the top off of your inner vixen, and get ready to dazzle and steam up the scene! Killer Whales won't leave you blending in with the coral – they'll have you standing out like a technicolor reef, ready to reel in the catch of the day (or night).

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17. Crime Paisley - Defiantly Sexy Swirl

Crime Paisley themed thongs by culprit underwear

Those who say crime doesn't pay might be wrong once and for all because looking this good should be illegal! Crime Paisley ain't your mama's floral living room tablecloth print – it's a sultry swirl of paisley, a declaration of parental defiance against boring, homely underwear. This high-waisted, form-fitting thong hugs those curves like a stolen getaway car, promising a wild ride without looking back. It's got that Bonnie and Clyde vibe with a sexier modern touch and sinfully smooth fabric that'll have your backside breaking the laws (of physics) as you whisper "stick 'em up" to anyone who catches a glimpse. And perhaps best of all, they’re wedgie-proof, which makes them criminally comfortable. Ring the alarm!

Check out what our customers are saying:
"I wore these under my work pantsuit, and suddenly felt like I could outsmart the FBI. 10/10 would recommend for bank heists and/or steamy rendezvous." - Linda B.

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Beyond Comfort: Why Choose Culprit Underwear Thongs?

Tired of skivvies that make you feel like an environmental assassin? One of Culprit’s fundamental tenets is that looking (and feeling) good shouldn't hurt the planet. We use eco-friendly fabrics that don’t irritate your skin and, more importantly, don’t irritate Mother Nature. It's sustainability with a side of sizzle: combating climate change via a sassy and sexy style. Our thousands of product reviewers certainly rave about the fit, the feel, and how Culprit underwear make them strut around confidently like they own the world. But they also rave about our commitment to corporate responsibility through ethical materials sourcing and waste-free manufacturing practices.

Banish those frumpy, faded old-school undies to the trash can and upgrade to Culprit's best women's underwear... Our fresh AF designs convey supreme style without sacrificing the socially conscious. Playful prints and sultry cuts abound, and feel-good vibes will be spread to your wardrobe closet, wallet, and the world around you. With Culprit covering you, you'll be trending upwards in multiple ways.

Best Thong FAQs

What type of thongs are best?

Discover the comfiest thong that sets your soul on fire, from the skimpy G-string to the cheeky Brazilian cut. Here at Culprit, we celebrate diversity in design, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every tantalizing taste. Whether you're after the light-as-a-feather touch of seamless microfiber or the flirty charm of lace, we've got your back—and your backside!


What is the best thong?

The best thong for you? It’s like choosing a favorite ice cream flavor or pizza topping—mostly subjective and deliciously tricky! The best thong is the one that aligns with both your personality and your chakra, making you feel like the goddess you are. Pick one that best drapes your curves in luxurious comfort and gives you the most confidence, and then sit back and count all the drooling admirers left breathless in your wake. If you want to keep it smooth and surreptitious, go seamless. But if you're in the mood to stack paramours and make Cupid jealous, lace is your tried-and-true companion.


How high should a thong sit?

To paraphrase your pushy real estate agent friend: location, location, location! Ideally, it should nestle just above the hip bones—high enough to whisper "hello" when you bend but not so high that it's uncomfortably sending smoke signals to passing ships. Whether you prefer a daring high-rise or a subtle low-cut, Culprit's collection offers options as diverse as your desires.


What is the alternative to thongs?

If you’re not keen on the minimalism of thongs, booty shorts are your next best secret. They’re like cozy little apartments for your behind—plenty of room, full coverage, and no annoying neighbors (read: wedgies)! Culprit offers every popular underwear style, from cheeky booty shorts to flirtatious briefs. Browse our complete collection, and you’ll find the perfect match for every mood and occasion.


How do I choose a comfortable thong?

Choosing the perfect thong is an intimate affair and delicate dance, blending personal preference with a touch of trial and error. Really, it is all about Goldilocks-style experimenting and testing to find a comfortable middle ground customized to you: not too tight, not too loose, but just right! Look for soft, frictionless fabrics like Culprit’s micromodal and ensure the elastic waistband isn't digging into your hip or otherwise restricting your lateral or rotational planes of motion... We implore you to explore Culprit's diverse range of underwear styles, from seamless wonders to ribbed delights. Because let’s face it: nobody ever wants their undergarments staging a rebellion against comfort at any moment during their day!