Forget old-school undies – leave behind the wedgies and the swampy “ick” vibes and level up to the best underwear for women! We're talking soft, breathable fabrics like micromodal and bamboo, with designs and cuts that celebrate your shape. This list isn't for shrinking violets; it's for those who dare to be bold while staying comfy AF.

Banish those suffocating waistbands and panty lines. Your ultra-comfy underwear will be your secret superpower: moisture-wicking for workouts, seamless for bodycon looks, and period-proof for worry-free days. Your backside deserves better – invest in upgrading your intimate apparel to achieve ultimate comfort… which leads to ultimate confidence! Your undies should be your comfy BFFs, not silent assassins. 👊


Our Top Pick for Best Underwear for Women

Hey there, gorgeous! It’s high time to ghost those snooze-fest undies hiding deep in your drawer. We're Culprit Underwear, and we're here to shake things up. Think of us as your underwear's feistier cousin – colorful, high-energy graphic prints to match your killer attitude and a fit that's so comfy it'll make you feel like you're wearing practically nothing (wink, wink). Ready to see our fave pairs? Bet you can't resist taking a peek. 😉


Booty Shorts

Okay, hottie, let's be real... your everyday undies are Plain Janes with nothing interesting to say. We think your booty deserves way better than boring, so out with the old and in with the new! Our Booty Shorts are a booty's best friend – think dreamy-soft fabric, wedgie-resistant, and just the right amount of cheeky. Plus, our prints got more sass than you can handle. Feast your eyes on our yummy mouth-watering designs, pick the pair that screams ‘YOU,’ and throw those babies into your (electronic) shopping cart.


1. Stealth Black

Stealth black themed booty shorts from Culprit

When it comes to overhauling your undies collection, start with a tried-and-true classic that will form the sleek, sturdy foundation for all your fashion choices. Our Stealth Black booty shorts will be your new obsession. Their smooth, curve-hugging style disappears like magic, leaving you with a slinky silhouette and a whole lot of playful vibes. It’s pure, luxurious comfort in a classic black that pairs with everything, the perfect mix of sophisticated and subtly seductive.

Check out what our customers are saying:

"OBSESSED! These are the sexiest, comfiest undies I own. Makes me feel like a total bombshell!"- Emily, New York City

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2. Incognito Mode

Incognito mode themed booty shorts  from Culprit

Upgrade your underwear game behind closed doors – Incognito Mode is calling! These wispy booty shorts are like a second skin, disappearing under that skin-tight dress to produce squeaky clean lines. Sublime euphoria, invisible comfort with a side of "Did she or didn't she?" intrigue 😉 Trust me, your booty will thank you!

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3. Get It Kraken

Get it kraken themed booty shorts from Culprit

If you're ready to release to the surface from the dark ocean depths your inner baddie, Get It Kraken booty shorts are about to be your new obsession! This Kraken print is a fierce statement for feeling bold and untameable. They're eye-catching, super comfy, and made with eco-friendly fabric, so you’ll go green every time you rock the ocean blue. How’s that for next-level color coordination?

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4. Raptor Vice

Raptor vice themed booty shorts from Culprit

Dino lovers, let’s hear you roar! Raptor Vice booty shorts are about to be your new addiction. This playful color-drenched design adds a modern touch of prehistoric madness to your underwear drawer🦖. They're not just cute, though - the strong, sturdy micromodal fabric keeps everything in place, even during your toughest squat sets or lowest booty-dropping dance grinds. Plus, that flattering cut? Legs for days, honey!

Check out what our customers are saying:

"Raptor Vice makes me feel a cute little T-rex ready to take on the world! And they're SO comfy!" - Danielle, Chicago

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Bored of those yawn-inducing vanilla undergarments from yesteryear? Slide into our Culprit Mid-rise thongs — discreet enough to dodge radar. Imagine the softest fabric gently caressing your skin, a peek of playful print flashing under that killer dress... 😏 These high-waisted beauties are high-powered generators for feel-good confidence. What’s more, they’re eco-friendly in addition to being oh-so irresistibly cute. Trade in basic for unforgettable, and unleash a little extra fabulous while at it, darling. 💕 BRB, adding these to my cart…. and you should too!


5. Hi-Cut Acidopolis DAY

Hi-cut acidopolis day themed thong from culprit

If you're ready for a party in your pants, Hi-Cut Acidopolis DAY is here to deliver! This wild '80s-inspired neon thong screams FUN with a capital F. Thanks to that high-rise body material, it's that dimly invisible feeling you crave with a little extra support. Take it as your secret weapon sidekick for those high-cut skirts and bodysuits.

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6. Stealth Black

Stealth black themed thong from culprit

Sometimes you just need those no-nonsense panties, and that’s totally okay bae! Introducing Stealth Black – the microfiber thong that's as sleek and simple as your favorite LBD or your ex’s sense of humor. This kind of comfort goes commando... perfect for those days you want to feel a little bit wicked. And that breathable microfiber? Keeps things down there feeling as fresh as a daisy 😉

Check out what our customers are saying:

"Stealth Black lives up to its name! I love that I can wear it under anything and feel confident." - Olivia, San Francisco

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7. Incognito Mode

Incognito mode themed thongs from culprit

Panty lines are sooo… last decade! Incognito Mode thongs vanish under your tightest outfits, leaving you with that smooth, unbothered look you crave. These comfortable thongs blend into your outerwear like a chameleon, evening everything out. Plus, that nude color might just drive someone wild if they happen to catch a sneak peek. 😉 And hey, if your period flow unexpectedly tries to steal your spotlight, our chic styles offer leakproof protection. Incognito Mode is a style that screams everyday confidence via whispered secrets. Shhh!

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8. Get It Kraken

Get t kraken themed thongs from culprit

Out with the boring thongs, babezilla – Get It Kraken is an exotic monster that will bring terror to the monochrome blah in your underwear drawer! This ain't your granny panties; it's the same fierce kraken print with a whole lotta cheekiness. This modern underwear style is heavy on the peek-a-boo and even heavier on the audacity, the go-to option for in-your-face rule-breaking rebellion. That being said, this isn't just about looking good and making a loud statement. Culprit’s soft micromodal fabric keeps you cool when things get heated. Whether dancing 'til dawn or just strutting your stuff around the house, Get It Kraken has got you covered (well, mostly 😉).

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ComfyBra: it’s like going commando but with a plot twist. Slip it on and let your curves spill the secrets. This bra is your sly accomplice, teasing just enough to keep them guys on their toes. It’s the lingerie answer to the no-makeup-makeup look — effortlessly sexy, perfect for lazy mornings that turn into active afternoons and energetic evenings. With its bold scoop front and sporty racerback, this isn’t just the world's most comfortable bra, it’s your seductive invitation to kick back in style. It’s 2024, and you don’t have to choose between comfort or support… you can have it all, modern woman!


9. Shark Bait

Shark bait themed comfybra from culprit

Toss overboard the bra drama and dive headfirst into Shark Bait – the ComfyBra so sexy and comfy you’ll wonder if you’re wearing anything at all! Perfect for those scandalous couch marathons or an impromptu dash to Costco or the corner store, it’s like going braless but with a flirty little lift. Who needs underwires when you can have freedom of the wide-open ocean and ample support? And that Japanese-inspired crashing waves motif? It’s not just stylish, it’s downright rollicking and frolicking, dangerous and hungry. Made with eco-smart materials, Shark Bait is intelligent yet aggressive, clever yet conscious. Surf’s up… grab your board and take these babies for an adrenaline-filled tube sesh.

Check out what our customers are saying:

"Shark Bait is literally the only bra I wear around the house now! It's like my boobs went on a mini-vacation." - Jessica, California

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10. Spring Awakening

Spring awakening themed comfybra from culprit

Spring Awakening takes your "Who needs a bra?" out of stealth mode and into the flowering open fields for all to see. This bold floral ComfyBra is as light as a feather, bursting with radiant color, making even the birds and bees double-take. Made for stirring up some chaos, it's perfect when you're in full bloom and in the mood to unleash your playful side, ya know? Rock it under your fave tee and experience spring fling, i.e. the pure, unbridled joy of feeling carefree, unstoppable, and in your growth era. Embrace the fresh allure, have a blast, and let your fresh and flirty l springtime spirit shine, you garden nymph.

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11. Samurai Cats

Samurai cats themed comfybra from culprit

Fluffy robes and fuzzy slippers are nothing compared to our Samurai Cats, who bring equal doses of cuddly and fierce to your loungewear collection! You’ll be a zen warrior wielding the perfect mix of calm and claw. The buttery-soft fabric melts against your skin, inviting fleeting whispers and stolen touches. And with those eco-friendly vibes, you’ll be a hero for the ages saving the planet and lookin' damn good doing it. We get it: some days you feel like a crouching tiger, some days like a hidden dragon. But with Samurai Cats on your side, you’ll be comfortably in between and always fashionably prepared for whatever animal this week brings out in you. 🔥 

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Our trademark LadyBoxers can best be described as Beyoncé meets Grace Kelly – innovative modern style intersecting with timeless elegance. Classic boxers with a curve-loving twist – a peek of leg, a sliver of skin, and a rush of feminine confidence. They perch seductively just below the waist with a mid-thigh caress, giving that familiar boxer vibe with a saucy twist. Cloud-soft micromodal moves with you, drawing eyeballs to your curves while keeping them a delicious secret under your outer layers, Good for the environment, guaranteed to make you grin, and ready to help you unleash your inner minx. Slip 'em on, and your bootylicious backside will have you feeling like a heartstopping historical icon hybrid of Destiny’s Child and the Princess of Monaco.

Check out what our customers are saying:

"LadyBoxers make me feel like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe! They're classy, comfy, and give my booty a serious boost." - Sarah, Los Angeles


12. Incognito Mode

Incognito mode themed ladyboxers from culprit

Arrivederci to unsightly panty lines and Aloha to unruffled, unfettered confidence! Incognito Mode Lady Boxers? They’re your undercover spy team supporting your curve-hugging hero outfits. A simple, easy-peasy design makes them the Houdini of haute couture— abracadabra, and you’re left with a smooth, flawless silhouette that showcases the mystery of your body.. These mid-rise marvels promise no peeks—just pure comfort without a pinch or roll-down. And that breathable fabric? Keeps you feeling fresh, fierce, and ready to wow the audience with your next magic trick.

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13. Stealth Black

Stealth black themed ladyboxers from culprit

Our Stealth Black LadyBoxers are the perfect “boardroom-to-bedroom” underwear that'll have you saying, "Business in the front, party in the back!”. This smart, sexy skivvy is classic black, which means it pairs well with slacks and power pantsuits, yet it also carries a naughty note of "what goes down after dark is nobody's business." Our fabric is so soft you’ll feel like you’re wearing nada under that office attire, which puts new meaning into the term “business casual.” Speaking of business, it’s nobody’s but your own what goes on beneath your workday wardrobe, but if you happen to find yourself going “open kimono” on a new, ahem, colleague later that evening, you’ll be ready to show off your high-value asset class. With Stealth Black, you’ll be a boss making boss moves in the boardroom AND the bedroom because true power and influence lie in what’s beneath the surface..

SHOP NOW- Stealth Black LadyBoxers!


14. Get It Kraken

Get it kraken themed ladyboxers from culprit

The Krak is back to save you from whack. Yes, toss those whack, worn-out boxers to the curb and go “matchy, matchy” with your ComfyBra and Thong with the Get It Kraken Lady Boxers. The prints on these babies give relentless "I do what I want!" energy. Giant creatures of the deep are ready to unleash some attitude – perfect for flexin' on the couch or maybe going 20,000 leagues beneath the sheets with someone special. (Sea… I mean, “see” what we did there? 😉) These comfy boxers are your boat ferry to chill vibes or some seriously steamy adventures. All aboard!

Check out what our customers are saying:

"Obsessed with my Get It Kraken LadyBoxers! They're comfy AF and the kraken print is freaking hilarious. Definitely adds some spice to my lazy Sundays" - Ashley, Chicago

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Introducing LadyBikerz – the rebellious biker short with plenty of biker-gang attitude. Longer, stronger, and way more badass, these bikers ain't built for a yoga class. Rather, they're for making an engine-revving statement wherever your road takes you... A hint of outlaw danger, a whiff of wild nights on the open highway... maybe even a secret stash pocket (you know, for essentials). LadyBikerz screams, "I make my own damn rules!" while making your rear saddle look hotter than tires on asphalt. Hand on the throttle and foot on the pedal because these shorts need speed and will make the hearts beat faster..


15. Le Tigre

Le tigre themed ladybikers from culprit

Ready to let out a low-pitched purrrrrr and channel your inner ferocious feline? Le Tigre LadyBikerz is about to be your ride-or-die! This print roars with the unabashed confidence of an animal on the prowl, a majestic yet lovable kitten harboring Rihanna-like wild, wild thoughts. Imagine lounging with that fierce vibe or clandestinely rocking them under your yoga pants for extra athletic oomph. With a longer inseam that's got your back and a mid-rise to keep everything snug, these form-fitting undergarment pieces are all about keeping you organized, focused, and supported. Whether you're hitting the jungle (gym) or just strutting around the house, these little numbers will make you feel like you can stalk and take down even the most clever of prey... So, what are you waiting for? Let's pounce on this deal, animal style!


SHOP NOW-  Le Tigre LadyBikerz!


16. Comfort Food

Comfort food themed ladybikers from culprit

Get ready to ditch that diet with a clever reminder in your underwear drawer of your fitness goals and what you’re working so hard to achieve. Comfort Food LadyBikerz will help satisfy those pesky cravings with zero sugar, zero calories, and a whole lotta brash attitude. Pizza, donuts, and all those delicious treats will be on your mind but not in your stomach... and best of all, plastered on your booty for maximum defiance against the refrigerator’s siren song. Wearing your guilty pleasures is the ultimate “eff you” to them, thumbing your nose (and thighs) at temptation with a brash, confident fashion stroke! The longer inseam and that buttery-soft fabric? It's the ultimate cozy indulgence that trumps any and all junk food. Plus, you can rock 'em with a clear conscience, knowing they're made the eco-friendly way.

BUY NOW- Comfort Food LadyBikerz!


17. Disco Bunnies

Disco Bunnies themed ladybikers from culprit

Disco Bunnies LadyBikerz will capture and redirect those funkadelic vibes to your booty. Think Studio 54 retro meets extreme comfort – because who says loungewear wearers can't be the hopping, jumping life of the party? These funky bunnies add a dose of retro cool to your chill-out sessions, and that full range of motion despite the longer inseam means you can bust out your best high-energy dance moves without any worries. (Splits, anyone?) You’ll feel like Silk Sonic in Culprit’s soft, breathable fabric, making you wear them as a grooooovy, feel-good celebration every day.

Check out what our customers are saying:

"Disco Bunnies are seriously my new happy place! Love the comfy fit and those bunnies make me wanna dance!" - Jessica, LA

SHOP NOW- Disco Bunnies LadyBikerz!



How We Picked the Best Underwear for Women

When curating this list, comfort was Queen. But we also threw in a few other must-haves:

1. Materials Matter (Because Nobody Likes a Swamp Down There):

We searched for fabrics softer than a puppy's belly – think cloud-like cotton, breezy bamboo, and all that smooth modal goodness. Bonus: these fabrics and cuts are super-absorbent, lapping up boob sweat and nether region's moisture to fight against chafing, rashes, and other discomfort. When it comes to climate control, your treasured assets deserve the best.

2. Staying Power (Your Undies Shouldn't Disappear Like a Bad Tinder Date):

Flimsy underwear that disintegrates or experiences stitching wear-and-tear after several washes is an abject tragedy. We all want sturdy construction and durable fabrics that can handle your wild lifestyle… or at least dozens of rounds in the laundry.

3. Style That Slaps (Boring Beige is OUT):

When it comes to underwear shopping, who says practical can't be fun and outgoing? We hunted down brands with various styles of underwear so funky they would make your nonna blush and make the sign of the cross. Bold patterns and bright colors – let your personality shine, even under more conservative outer layers.

4. Eco-Consciousness (Because Saving the Planet is Hot):

Let's support brands that care about more than just bum coverage! We scored extra points for using eco-friendly materials, dumping inefficient production practices, and employing recyclable/reusable packaging and shipping processes.


Culprit: Your Partner in Comfort and Style

Hold onto your skivvies because Culprit Underwear is here to shake up the undie game! No more snoozefest basics—these bad boys offer avant-garde prints and patterns that ooze personality, color, and taste. Truth be told, they're not just undies,... they're a whole vibe, with a voice of individual expression that’s louder than a neon sign at a silent disco. So, what's the secret sauce that separates the Culprit brand and product line from the rest? Here’s the recipe:

Crazy Comfortable

Soft, supple, state-of-the-art fabrics and cuts that respect and project your curves because they know full well that they’re meant to be hugged and caressed by flattering underwear.

Outrageous Designs

With an extensive collection of underwear prints ranging from irreverent to bold to humorous to adorable to understated, Culprit never shies away from making a statement and giving you the attitude and visuals to match your mood. Whatever your mojo, we’ve got designs that’ll have you (and your admirers) saying “heck yes” to your style!

Giving Back

Guess what? We’re not just in for the giggles; this brand is about giving back to our planet and local communities. Culprit’s mission from the start has been to utilize its platform and resources to identify and support causes and charities that align with its brand ethos and employees’ interests. We’re Deeply and actively committed to supporting various causes and charities, such as XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX. Because here at Culprit we’re blessed beyond stress, and we know full well that the more you receive, the more you need to give.

Killer Guarantee

With a 100-day risk-free trial (who does that?!?!?), you can strut your stuff in confidence, knowing you’ve got nothing to lose but the boring, subpar duds at the bottom of your underwear drawer!


Best Underwear for Women FAQs

Which type of underwear is best for women's health?

Want to keep things breezy below the belt? Opt for eco-friendly fabrics like micromodal or bamboo. These materials let your lady parts breathe, preventing the chafing or friction that might lead to pesky irritations. Skip synthetics that might trap moisture and opt for seamless underwear for reduced contact and extra comfort. Your crew members below deck will thank you, Admiral!


What is the most comfortable thong underwear type?

We get it—you’re a no-holds-barred comfort seeker. The best thongs for you are made of soft, breathable materials ethically sourced and created by reputable high-quality manufacturers. They have a consistent cut and fit that stays put without digging or riding up. The savvy underwear connoisseur knows to choose wider waistbands and seamless construction for ultimate comfort. Underwear is religion, and with Culprit, your behind will be singing hallelujah.


How often should you replace your underwear as a female?

Underwear gurus know to swap out your skivvies every 6-12 months, depending on how much you rock 'em. If your boxers start to look like they've been through a heavyweight boxing match (holes, fraying, saggy elastic) or your overstretched biker shorts look more like basketball shorts, it's time to bid them adieu sooner rather than later. Your booty deserves fresh threads and warm hugs!


What is the most comfortable underwear to sleep in?

Obviously, there’s nothing more comfy than going commando in a room-temperature setting, but let's keep it PG, shall we? If comfort is your north star, navigate towards soft, stretchy undies that morph into your curves while giving your pores plenty of room to breathe. Soft underwear is your ultimate go-to. Think boxers, briefs, or comfy thongs made from natural fabrics like cotton or modal. Steer clear of anything involving low threat counts, scratchy/itchy materials, tight elastics, or cuts that cramp your style, i.e. leather or polyester. It's all about finding that sleep-friendly comfort that will send you into REM dreamland in search of those deep ZZZZZZZs.


What is the most comfortable women's underwear?

The honest answer to this oft-answered question: it's all about what floats your boat, sailor! Some gals dig the devil-may-care vibe of thongs or other skin-flaunting styles. Others feel most in their element while donning laid-back, loose-fitting boxers or snug (but not too tight) booty shorts. The key to complete comfort? Experimentation. Play around with different cuts and fabrics until you get into your zone and find your happy place. It's all about individuality and finding that personal panty party!


What are the benefits of moisture-wicking underwear?

Think of moisture-wicking undies as your John Wick: personal sweat saviors! They whisk away moisture like an animal-loving, weapon-toting superhero with extremely good looks to boot, leaving you feeling safe, cool, and comfy no matter what life throws at you. Perfect for workouts and scorching days, or even if you're just the sultana of sweat in some sticky situations. Plus, they function like a fortress against chafing, irritation, and pesky odor-causing bacteria. You’ll be royalty in your guarded castle, staying fresh and dry, your rear flank protected from the elements.


How do I care for my underwear to make them last longer?

  • Read the Label: Stick to the care instructions on your underwear label like it’s a Martha Stewart recipe and you’re cooking to impress your new crush.
  • Cold Water Wash: Wash in cold water to keep those colors poppin', elastic bands snappin', and shrinkage to a minimum.
  • Gentle Detergent: Treat your delicates with TLC—use a mild detergent that won’t be too rough on your fabrics. Also, no harsh bleach or fabric softeners, por favor!
  • Air Dry: Let your undies soak up some vitamin D! Hang 'em up or lay 'em flat to dry for primo shape and elasticity retention. Skip the dryer, your booty will thank you later!


How is Culprit different from other underwear brands?

Culprit sets itself apart in a few key ways:

  • Outrageous Designs: We're all about flaunting your flair with bold prints and patterns that scream personality and individuality, from waistband to hemline.
  • Comfort is King: Get ready to feel a plushness befitting royalty! Culprit wraps you in decadently soft fabrics and cuts as luxuriously relaxing as a yacht cruise along the French Riviera. Oui oui!
  • Sustainability: We're eco-warriors, valiantly using innovative, best-in-class materials and processes that make Mother Nature proud.
  • Giving Back: With every purchase, you're not just upgrading your undie game…. you're also showing love to some of the world’s best charities and causes that endeavor to make the world a better, more caring, and inclusive place. Underwear with a heart of gold!