• <p>Cloud P😮rn</p>

    Cloud P😮rn

    Straddle your stratus and try not to cumulus 🌧️

  • <p>Houndstooth</p>


    Mixing high stakes with high fashion to make sure you steal the show. 🐺

  • <p>Sunday Scaries</p>

    Sunday Scaries

    Now that’s what I call a monster hangover. 👻

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Casual Buyers

Casual Buyers

· Misses out on first dibs for new prints
· No site-wide discount
· Free shipping on 3+ pairs

Quarterly Subscribers

Quarterly Subscribers

· Early access to exclusive prints
· Enjoys a site-wide discount
· Subscription orders ship FREE!

Exclusive underwear collections arrive at your door every 3 months.


“The most comfortable underwear ever! They actually cover my butt and don’t ride up. It’s like wearing nothing at all!

Reviewing: Incognito Booty Short


How do I join?

Simply pick your size, the product style you want, fill out the billing & shipping info– then sit back and relax while three of our newest limited editions are delivered to you every three months!

How am I charged?

The payment method you signed up with is run on (or around) the first day of each “quarter” throughout the year. (Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st) Then your order will ship out within that month with three new limited editions and a free mystery gift. You can edit your payment method in your account portal on the website at any time to make sure you don’t miss a drop!

Do I need to have an account?

To manage your account– Yes. You can easily create a free account login on our website HERE. Just click the “person” icon in the top right corner of the website and that’s where you can create and activate your account (lil tip: check out for an account verification email to finish this process). Once you have an account you can login to manage your subscription, swap products, use rewards at any time! You don’t necessarily need to have one to purchase this subscription– we will auto-email you, reminding you that your next order is going to be processed, but you should create a login to manage your account.


How do I access my member exclusive discounts?

You don’t have to do anything! Your member exclusive discount will automatically apply 10% off any order you place outside of your subscription order. Very few limits apply including our STEALS products which are all already heavily discounted! You also earn rewards points for any order your place, and this culprit cash store credit is available through the “Rewards” tab in your account page portal.

What do I get every quarter?

You will receive three brand new limited edition pairs (at our lowest price) + a free mystery gift!

What new prints am I going to get?

We let all members know what’s coming in the newest order a couple weeks before it processes/ships. That said, they're guaranteed to be our newest and best underwear masterpieces, and with your membership, you get first dibs before anyone else so you don’t miss out!

What is the mystery gift?

It’s a MYSTERY of course! Typically it’s related to one of the pairs in your new order. It may have to do with seasonal holidays, or just some cool sh*t we dreamed up 😘


How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership you need to make sure you’ve set up your free account/login on the website, which you can do  HERE. Once in your account portal click on the “manage subscriptions” tab. Click on the subscription you wish to cancel. Click through again on the same subscription, scroll down on the edit page and click on “cancel subscription.”

Can I pause my membership?

Right now you can only “skip” or cancel your subscription. By skipping, you’ll miss out on this quarter’s shipment, and the date will move to the following quarter’s shipment. If you skip a shipment you’ll still have access to your benefits!

How do I update my payment method for the recurring membership charge?

Once in your account portal click on the “manage subscriptions” tab or click on the “payment methods” tab. Through both of these locations you can edit or add a new payment method as well as delete or remove any old ones you don’t need there any more!

Can I return my membership or request a refund?

If you have any issues with your membership shipment, please contact our award winning customer service team is always at your disposal for help or questions! OR you can use our returns portal HERE to make a return or exchange, some return handling fees may apply.