Gentlemen, it’s high time you made major moves to upgrade those tired old undies. We've done the legwork (and admired the results) to find the crème de la crème of men's underwear. You’ve got options: sculpted boxer briefs for a chiseled look, long briefs that caress you like a second skin, trunk cuts that show off your best assets. These aren't just undies, they're pure, unadulterated confidence boosters. Fabrics so soft they’ll make you purr like a lion, fits that finesse and flatter your fabulous form. You'll be strutting like a runway model, all because of what lies beneath your fashionable outer shell. Let's ditch those dull drawers and make your boys VERY happy indeed.

Say goodbye to those ride-up, sweaty underwear nightmares of yesterday. No more adjusting, no more chafing... and no more woeful Boomer briefs. Instead, pure comfort and confidence from sunrise to sunset (or whenever you finally decide to peel these bad boys off). It's time to ditch the discomfort and treat your most valuable assets with the care and attention they deserve. Trust us, your "boys" (and potential partners) will thank you!


Our Top Contenders: The Comfort Hall of Fame

Hold onto your hats (and everything else), homie, because this underwear lineup is about to knock those lids right off. We’re not just going for merely feeling comfortable – we're shooting for feeling downright irresistible. Sleek boxer briefs for timeless appeal, or a daring pair of trunks to show off those hard-earned assets. Whatever your choose, you'll be the epitome of smoldering style.
Toss those humdrum briefs aside in favor of Culprit Underwear, and unleash your inner stallion. You’ll feel a surge of confidence that will have you strutting around town like a boss.

Warning: Contents may be hazardous to nearby heart rates!


Boxer Brief Bonanza

Not gonna lie, this underwear is a total game-changer for your family jewels. Breathable like a cool breeze on a sweltering day. Supportive like your best buds after a bad breakup. No more uncomfortable rogue alignments requiring embarrassing public adjustment. And on top of that, there’s the visual aesthetic of Culprit’s sleek, attention-grabbing designs. Even if your life feels like a hot mess sometimes, at least your underwear situation will scream "I'm a well-dressed, put-together gentleman."


1. Stealth Black

Stealth Black themed boxer briefs

Tune into your dashing 007 vibe with these suave black briefs. They'll vanish under your clothes like a ninja in the night while making you feel like you’ve infiltrated a fortress of pure comfort. Made from moisture-wicking micromodal, these bad boys are an invitation to turn your ho-hum workday into an adventurous high-energy undercover mission. Feel free to conquer those workouts, work meetings or the wife’s wicked to-do list with the charisma and professional efficiency of a suave secret agent.

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2. Lizard King

Lizard King themed boxer briefs

Why settle for boring boxers when you can strut around like a fashion chameleon, leaving a trail of mesmerized onlookers gawking in your wake? Slither into these scaly delights and let your reptilian royalty shine. These babies will cradle your assets all day long, whether you're taking on the urban wilds or tucked away in your castle luxuriating on your throne (if you catch our drift).

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3. Get It Kraken

Get It kraken themed boxer briefs

Set sail upon the open ocean of pleasure with these tantalizing treasures. Picture yourself wrapped in luxurious, airy micromodal fabric as you rhythmically and peacefully drift on undulating swells atop calm, glassy waters. No need to worry about any seasickness—these beauties keep you steady as a schooner, even in the choppiest waters. And let's not forget the daring Kraken design that oozes the intrigue of the ocean deep, promising to spark conversation and captivate attention effortlessly. They're not just for seizing the day but also for perhaps exploring uncharted waters with a seafaring mate under the moon's sultry reflected rays (if you catch our drift).

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4. Raptor Vice

Raptor Vice themed boxer briefs

Are your polite southern charms craving a bit of wild rip-roaring attention? Let out the savage beast with Raptor Vice. This prehistoric powerhouse (don't worry, it won't bite) combines fresh style with fresher-than-fresh support to keep everything down there snugly under control. It's like wrapping yourself in futuristic armor as you head out the door for your daily adventures to hunt for prey (or paycheck). Bid farewell to incessant readjustments and step into your day (or night) with unyielding confidence.

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5. Balloon Animals

Balloon Animal themed boxer briefs

OK, maybe you’re the happy-go-lucky type looking to add a playful punch to your underwear drawer. Don these whimsical, balloon-inspired boxer briefs and get ready to be the life of the party (and the bedroom). Get ready to steal the spotlight from the red-nosed clowns with these flamboyant, eye-catching designs, poised to make hearts skip a beat and zippers slide open with ease. Crafted from clouds disguised as fabric and fitting your curves like they were custom-made by Cupid himself, they promise hours of luxurious comfort. And that vivacious pink print? It's humorously filled with inside jokes that will have them wanting to see what’s inside! So slip into something cheeky, flash that grin that says "I'm up to no good," and let the laughter—and maybe a few other things—roll!

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Long Brief Luxury

Whether you’re a comfort chaser, a mischief maker or a little bit of both, brace yourself for the long briefs—the cheeky cousins of the classic boxer briefs. These bad boys don't just hug your thighs; they go all the way down to your ankles, serving up cozy vibes that scream "It’s lit!" Sure they’re designed for cozy winter nights on the couch, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself rocking them out in public, catching compliments on the slopes or in the streets for your smart fashion choice. So while you might not be nominated for any “Sexiest Man Alive” titles soon, our long briefs will still have you oozing Channing Tatum vibes.

6. The Drip

The Drip Themed Long Briefs

“Be like water!” said the legendary Bruce Lee, and with these moisture-wicking long briefs you’ll live that mantra and let the good times (and the sweat) flow. With their sleek, streamlined silhouette and bold drip patterning, you'll be the liquid gold of the room, leaving onlookers thirsty for more. Just keep that water bottle handy and hydrate your hustle, champ. We wouldn't want you turning into a human raisin before the real party kicks off.

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7. Absinthe Minded

Absinthe Minded Themed Long Briefs

Summon your inner bohemian mojo with these luxuriously soft, absinthe-colored long johns. They're a smart choice whether you’re in boss mode brainstorming the next big thing or lounging at home with no agenda and nada on your mind. Culprit’s buttery-soft fabric provides superb scrotal support and offers a big ol' bro hug to your hips and thighs. With extreme comfort like that, we won’t blame you if your mind starts to wander.

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8. Disco Bunnies

Disco Bunnies themed Long Briefs

Darling, these long briefs aren't just autumn attire – they're an invitation to ignite a sweaty living room dance inferno in front of the fireplace to heat up your night. Swirls of sassy patterns and a sprinkle of stardust will remake you into a captivating creature of the night. All while flattering your features and whispering sweet melodies, siren songs that will call out for a captivated dance partner. And trust me, these babies were built for a whole symphony of shenanigans – a marathon of moonlight mischief, if you will.

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9. Incognito

Incognito Themed Long Briefs

Parachute from skyfall into these slinky, low-profile long briefs and transform into the James Bond of the undergarment underworld. Their subtle, understated design and streamlined fit lend you an air of sleek sophistication – shaken, not stirred. But don't be fooled by their unassuming facade: these Incognito briefs pack punch when it comes to plushness and will have you brandishing your Golden Gun in comfort and with a whole lot of swagger. Never say never again to Culprit underwear because the world is not enough when it comes to protecting and serving the Crown (jewels).

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Trunk: The Laid-Back Legend

Torn between the breezy abandon of boxers and the cozy cradle of briefs? Saddle up the horses and ride into Trunk Territory – the wild west of the underwear world! Here, trunks reign supreme, offering that sweet spot of freedom and oh-so-satisfying support. Think of them as your trusty sidekicks, keeping your six-shooter in place while you strut your stuff down Main Street with a wink and a devilish grin. Trust me partner, the townsfolk will be will be takin' notice and tippin’ their hat brims.


10. Crime Paisley

Crime Paisley themed trunk cuts

Yo, those basic boy briefs are so lame! Upgrade your vibe with these killer long johns – the intricate paisley and deep, rich colorways are straight-up fire. Slip 'em on and bam! – you'll be oozing that effortless cool, a total rebel with killer style. They're your secret weapon, keeping you comfy and confident so you can own the room (or the dancefloor, or hey, maybe even the heart of a new boo). Whether you're feeling a chill night or an all-out rager, these comfy companions will keep you feeling good, lookin' fly and ready for whatever the night throws your way.

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11. Spooky Nights

Spooky Nights themed trunk cuts

Get ready to rock some seriously spooky-sexy vibes with these Halloween-themed trunks! Let the comfort of a second skin envelop you like fog while you scare those wedgies and friction burns away for good. Starry twilight skies against a ghoulish purple background set the perfect scene for a monster mash, and these threads will transform you into the hottest ghoul at the haunted mansion party. Prepare yourself for a heart-pumping adrenaline rush that will keep you on your toes throughout the wickedly fun night of thrills you've got planned ahead. { evil grin}

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12. White Hot Ribbed

White Ribbed themed trunk cuts

If you’re set on your underwear rotation having a pair of tighty whities, then we suggest you update this classic wardrobe staple with Culprit’s modern look that’s less “grandaddy” and more “Heyyyy, Daddy!” Slide into these slinky White Hot Ribbed trunks and let your sensible side shine with style. The innovative modal fabric will hug and shape your assets while bathing them in that clean, crisp white hue that makes you feel like a mix of smart surgeon and smooth operator. Simple, professional and to the point, these boss briefs are built to bolster your boldness and keep that package perfectly perched.

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13. Zombie Bunnies

Zombie Bunnies themed trunk cuts

Hop, skip and shuffle your way into someone's heart (and pants) with these frighteningly fabulous trunks. The whimsical horror-inspired designs will have you feeling like the undead life of the party, ready to march through the night relentlessly all the way ‘til the dawn (of the dead). Circle your wagons, watch your back and brandish your weapons, because these bad bunny trunks are coming for you fast and furious and they’re a freakin' fright-night fantasy! Their in-your-face pattern will scare up some serious stares, and the micromodal fabric will provide maximum breathability even if zombie-dodging and zombie-chasing has you a little out of breath. No swampy situations - just pure undead deliciousness. Get ready to run this zombie rave! 💀

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How We Handpicked the Best Underwear for Men

Alright, Bro, Let's Spill the Beans on the Most Comfortable Underwear for Men

Say "peace out" to those antiquated, snooze-worthy bloomer undies of yesteryear! It's time to upgrade to new-age undergarments that'll tickle your funny bone and keep you comfy all day long. We went on a wild goose chase through the underwear jungle and snagged the ultimate treasures. We found fabric that’s soft and breezy like your best flirty text, with form-fitting cuts that will hug and keep snug your best bits like a pillow to rest your weary head. And listen, we know cash is king: despite being oh-so luxurious these picks are also wallet-friendly, meaning you'll still have dough for late-night pizza runs with the crew. Let's just say our finds are the total package: cozy, cradle-y, and cheap as chips – because ain't nobody got time for grumpy grundies! 😜


Your Boys Deserve Better Than Basic: Treat Them to Culprit

Your underwear drawers are probably a yawn-fest, filled with the kind of duds your grandpa wore in black and white movies (and probably complained loudly about while shaking his fist in the air, too). It's time to bail out on those boring tighty-whities and treat your boys to the most comfortable men's underwear. Culprit Underwear is here to bring the heat! Bold prints, comfy fits, and a sustainable twist? Talk about a triple threat.

These all-star stitches aren't your average run-of-the-mill basics - they're the spicy sriracha to the mild sauce of other brands. Say goodbye to those sorry skivvies and hello to Culprit's goods – patterns from playful to polished, letting your true style peek through. They'll keep your undercarriage aired out, comfy and ready to impress. Upgrade to Culprit and give your crotch the VIP treatment it has always deserved.

Tired of that same ol' underwear routine, fellas? Culprit's here to give your junk a major glow-up! Our commitment to comfort is unparalleled and our sense of style is superlative. Jilt the current duds for new underwear buds: find your Culprit fit, and prepare for liftoff! 🚀


Best Underwear for Men FAQs

What is the most comfortable pair of men's underwear?

Culprit's Stealth Black undies are a reassuring embrace for your undercarriage. Breathable fabrics and a pouch that cradles your jewels like a loyal companion mean you can conquer even the most epic workdays (or, ahem, nights) without a single wardrobe malfunction. Think of them as the ultimate wingman for your downstairs mix-up.

Which is more comfortable, briefs or trunks?

Briefs or boxers? Nah, the real MVP in the undie arena is a good pair of trunks! They're like the Goldilocks of underwear – snug where it counts, loose where it matters. Lounge around, bust a move or tackle that to-do list; trunk cuts are a jack-of-all-trades with chameleon-like adaptability. They are the ultimate all-arounder for your undie drawer!

What to look for when buying men's underwear?

Knowing what really matters when it comes to underwear will keep the first date with your new drawers from becoming…. awkward. Finding the best underwear on the planet means making sure your twig-and-berries remain top of mind. Breathable fabrics to keep things cool, a pouch that stays put even during the wildest salsa or swing dance moves, and materials tough enough for everyday grinds. And with those boxes checked, why not add a splash of color or a funky print? Now you're talking, because the most coveted underwear brands deserve to boogie on the laundry line too.

Are boxers or briefs better for testicle health?

Boxers vs. briefs – the battle for downstairs supremacy has raged for decades! Boxers are like a breezy beach party for your bits - maximum airflow, zero restrictions. Briefs? They're like a sporty hug, keeping everything snug and potentially boosting the virality of those baby-making swimmers. Scientific studies on which is better are still not 100% conclusive, so let the debates continue. Really though, it's all about what floats your boat and gives you more peace of mind for your cargo below deck – loose and breezy, or snug and sporty? The choice is yours, my friend!

What is the most comfortable material for men's underwear?

Forsake the feeling of swampiness down under, fellas. Micromodal is here to save the day and protect your nether regions from the evil forces of humidity and mustiness. Culprit’s futuristic fabric is ultra-soft like a cuddle from a cloud and offers ample airflow ventilation that will make you forget you're even wearing anything at all. Plus, it wicks away moisture from your crevices faster than you can say "man-cleavage." Micromodal is the ultimate home improvement upgrade for your downstairs man-cave: all-day dryness and coziness whether you’re lounging, working, exercising, cuddling, sleeping or somewhere in between.