Ladies, apparently thousands of you are out there buying men’s boxers (or stealing them from your boyfriend/husband/roommate). Honestly, we can’t blame you. Boxers are comfy AF and give you more coverage—not to mention it’s kinda kinky to slip into your crush’s undies.

But let’s face it: guy’s boxers aren’t built for women. We have more curves, less bulges, and better taste in design. It’s 2024 and the world has given us self-driving cars, ChatGPT, and air fryers—isn’t it time we got our own boxers?

We’re glad you asked, because Culprit Lady Boxers are taking America’s underwear drawers by storm and your ass deserves a pair (or a dozen). On the fence about splurging? By the time you finish this blog you’ll be begging for them.

WTF Are “LadyBoxers”?

LadyBoxers are exactly what they sound like: boxers, but for ladies. That means they hug your hips, let your hoo-hah breathe, and come in patterns that make you look as sexy as you feel.

Sure, thongs might be the standard for women's underwear these days. But sometimes you need to switch it up. Maybe you want to warm up your cheeks in the winter. Maybe you want underwear that’s socially acceptable to wear in public. Maybe you want some extra insurance against chafing. All valid requests.

You shouldn’t have to raid a dude’s underwear drawer to get the benefits of boxers—and you definitely shouldn’t subject yourself to the horrors of the men’s underwear aisle at a department store.

So, in solidarity we created LadyBoxers.

Lady Boxers vs. Mens Boxers: What’s the Difference?

“Can’t I just wear men’s boxers?” Yeah, sure. But you deserve so much better. Here are three key differences between lady boxers and men’s boxers.

1. No Ball Pouch, No Penis Hole

Men’s boxers come with all kinds of storage space for their junk: ball pouches, penis sleeves, and that weird hole in the front for easy access. All that extra space is unnecessary for ladies, so we got rid of it and created LadyBoxers that seamlessly snuggle up to your lady parts.

2. They Flatter Your Ass-ets

Men’s boxers have a straight, boxy fit, which isn’t ideal if you want to show off your curves and hit your angles for a mirror pic. LadyBoxers fit flatteringly on your thighs, waist, and hip to keep your booty poppin’ like a bag of Orville Redenbacher.

3. Shorter Inseam

Most men’s boxer briefs have a 5-6” inseam, which can be too long for most ladies’ preferences. That’s why we trimmed the inseam for LadyBoxers down to about 4” (depending on which size you get) so you can get the coverage you need without covering your entire thigh.

Where to Wear LadyBoxers

LadyBoxers aren’t just the comfiest undies to grace your privates—they’re also the most versatile. Here’s a list of places we deem appropriate to rock LadyBoxers all on their own:

  1. To the gym (be prepared for compliments on your a$$)
  2. Driving to Taco Bell at 2 a.m.
  3. On a hot girl walk
  4. To bed (yeah, they double as pajamas)
  5. For Netflix and chilling 
  6. Drinking rosè on your couch after a sh*tty day at work
  7. Under a dress so you don’t reveal any XXX stuff when you bust a move
  8. To the bodega when you can’t even
  9. Impromptu dance parties
  10. During Zoom meetings, paired with a really fancy blouse
  11. Pickleball, tennis, volleyball—all the sports

“Why Should I Spend More On Culprit LadyBoxers?”

Are there other women’s boxers out there on the internet? Yes. Do they suck compared to Culprit LadyBoxers? Also yes. Here are three good ass reasons to splurge on ours instead of theirs.

3x Softer Than Cotton

Culprit LadyBoxers are made from micromodal that’s 3x softer than cotton—and that’s a scientific fact. It’s like resting your butt cheeks on a buttery-soft cloud all day long.

Super Breathable

Micromodal isn’t just softer than cotton, it’s more moisture wicking—50% more moisture wicking, to be exact. Whether you’re binging Netflix or busting moves at your friend’s wedding, your lady bits need to breathe, and LadyBoxers let ‘em do just that. 

No Camel Toe

Wearing men’s boxers is a one-way ticket to camel toe city. Not with LadyBoxers. Our middle seam camouflages camel toe so your God-given seam can’t be seen.

Sexy Patterns

We won’t name names (our lawyers hate it when we do that) but our competitors put really lame patterns on their women’s boxers. Sure, we have solids. But we also have a sh*t ton of crazy, sexy patterns that would give your granny a heart attack. 

Whether you’re into X-rated Balloon Animals, Samurai Cats, or ribbed for your pleasure, we have your ass covered (literally).

Sustainably Made

We didn’t want Mother Nature getting her panties in a wad. That’s why all Culprit underwear is made sustainably, using 20% less water than cotton. Take that, Tommy, Ralph, and Calvin.

Don’t Take Our Word for It, We’re Drunk

Who needs a marketing department when we can just copy and paste these 5-star reviews for LadyBoxers?

“The prints add a playful look to the buttery soft fabric…and they make my butt look good, which is all a girl can ask for.”

“These accentuate my hips and make me look like I actually have a booty. I wear them to the gym, grocery store, and they’re the only thing I sleep in.”

Alright, you get the point. Now get your hands (and butt) on a pair of LadyBoxers and thank us later.