TL;DR here are 5 reasons micromodal underwear is better than cotton:

  1. Micromodal is 2x softer than cotton
  2. Micromodal is 50% more absorbent than cotton
  3. Micromodal is more durable than cotton
  4. Micromodal is odor-resistant
  5. Micromodal is more eco-friendly than cotton

For centuries, cotton (unfortunately) had a stranglehold on the underwear industry. Basically every pair of panties and boxers you bought was made from this stuff. Why? Because it’s cheap and easy to make—but that doesn’t mean it’s the best for your butt.

Thankfully, some geniuses invented a magical material called micromodal that eventually dethroned cotton as the ultimate underwear fabric. 

Durable? ✅ 

Absorbent? ✅ 

Soft? ✅✅✅

You’re probably wondering WTF micromodal is in the first place. We hate reading as much as the next person, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. Micromodal is made from beech tree fibers, which are spun into a fine yarn, resulting in a deliciously smooth texture. It originated across the pond in Europe but eventually made its way to the land of Freedom Fries, where it’s making cotton undies more irrelevant than VHS tapes.

Got it? Good. Now let’s break down 5 reasons to make the switch to micromodal underwear.

1. Micromodal Is 2x Softer Than Cotton

Micromodal is so mind-blowingly soft that there’s a chance you’ll become physically addicted to it. No, but seriously, the ultra-fine beechwood fibers make micromodal two times softer than cotton

Micromodal underwear makes any other fabric—especially cotton—feel like sandpaper on your…sensitive regions.

2. Micromodal Is More Absorbent Than Cotton

Do you churn out an unholy amount of sweat when you work out? Do you laugh so hard that you pee your pants? Either way, micromodal undies are there to save your ass (literally), because this fabric is ultra-absorbent.

Micromodal can absorb up 50 times its own weight in water—that’s 50% more than cotton. And unlike cotton, micromodal has moisture-wicking superpowers to keep you cool where it counts (your genitals). No respectable adult should be walking around in soupy underwear, especially in the summer months.

Translation: Say goodbye to swamp ass and butt chafing.

3. Micromodal Is More Durable Than Cotton

Much like a Toyota Camry or the front-right burner on your stove, micromodal is built to last. 

Cheap fabrics like cotton are notorious for losing their shape and softness after a few washes. As such, they get less comfortable every time you do your laundry, leading to itchiness below your southern border.

Micromodal, on the other hand, maintains its shape and softness—even after countless washes.

4. Micromodal Is Odor Resistant

Let’s get real—your crotch is a cesspool of bacteria, bodily fluids, and questionable smells. You can’t hide from Mother Nature, but you can wear underwear that inhibits the growth of disgusting bacteria.

That’s where micromodal comes in.

The beechwood fibers of micromodal underwear naturally reduce bacterial growth, making them more odor-resistant than cotton underwear. Does that mean your b-hole will smell like a bed of roses? Probably not, but this is the next best thing.

5. Micromdal Is Eco-Friendly

Sure, buying micromodal underwear is a huge favor for your booty. But it’s an even bigger favor for the planet. 

The production of micromodal requires less water and energy compared to cotton, and the raw material comes from renewable beechwood forests. Plus, micromodal biodegrades more rapidly than synthetic fabrics, reducing environmental impact.

We can’t speak for the other guys, but Culprit’s micromodal underwear is made in California in an eco-friendly, vertical mill with the utmost attention to sustainable manufacturing processes.

Your Butt Deserves Better Than Cotton

BuT mIcRoMoDaL iS mOrE eXpEnSiVe

We get it. You can buy a pack of cotton underwear for under $20 at some miserable department store—but you know what else you can get for $20? A terrible tattoo. Or a bad haircut. Or a sketchy massage. You get the point.

We’re talking about your most sensitive body parts here. Don’t they deserve better than a flimsy fabric that feels like sandpaper? (Yes. The answer is yes). 

It’s time to break up with Tommy or Calvin or Ralph and hook up with Culprit. Sure, our micromodal LadyBoxers and men’s boxer briefs are criminally comfortable. But they also come in swanky, NSFW prints like X-rated Candy Hearts and literal Killer Whales. (Or get plain black if you want to play it safe).

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