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You’ve reached the pinnacle of the Culprit Underwear experience, where the ordinary fades out and the extraordinary grabs the spotlight.

Scroll down to see which threads on our team are the true superstars: the Best Sellers aka the top-shelf dwellers. Which of our fits and styles are holding the crown?

First up are our Raptor Vice socks inspired by the king of the reptiles, T-Rex himself. These tripartite toe cozies blend Big Dino energy with ferocious color to ensure your sock game is roaring as you storm out for an adventurous night hunt out in the concrete jungle.!

Next, our Giraffe socks are top-tier (get it?!?) and will have you strutting around town at the height of your fashion game. These brown-toned sole snuggers are like visual espresso shots for your legs, making you look and feel taller as you take your weekly walk on the wild side.

And now, for the pièce de résistance: The Bandana. It’s the rebel yell of accessories, with dozens of head-to-toe uses. It’s the pocket square for desert raves, train heists, chilly autumn walks, or simply turning heads on a mundane Monday. And yes, it will look just as badass on your furry four-legged friends as it does on you.

Introduce a few of our besties to your underwear drawer and rotation of favorite jeans, and with Shop PAY you can even split your $50+ order into 4 interest-free installments. Our Best Seller roster rebelliously breaks the mold and redefines the limits of modern undergarments, so isn’t about time you spice up your wardrobe with eye-catching patterns and pizazz?

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