Since Marky Mark sported them in a famous 1990s ad campaign, boxer briefs have found a very special place in our global underwear consciousness. And in fact, the original brief-shorts hybrid design has been around since the 20s, with the advent of stretch new fabrics available at a commercial scale. 

Even so, you might not think about boxer briefs too much, especially if you are a strictly-boxers purist or an only-briefs fan. Undies are a ‘set it and forget’ it style choice for a lot of guys. If you find a brand or cut that world for you, it might take you ages to reevaluate. That’s why, today, we are making a movement to ask the hard questions: Do boxer briefs deserve all the fanfare? Why are they so popular, and what makes the perfect pair?  

You have the questions, and we have the answers. So grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable—let’s dive into everything you need to know about boxer briefs. 

A Brief History Of Men’s Underwear

Before we dive into everything you should know about boxer briefs and how to track down the most comfortable pair, let’s quickly go over a quick history lesson on men’s underwear

The very first record of anything resembling undies dates back to around 7,000 years ago and takes the form of Ancient Egypt’s loincloth: a strip of fabric wound and fastened around its wearers, umm, delicates. Basically, it was an adult nappy. 

It wasn’t until around the thirteenth century that more recognizable undies made an appearance, with popular slip-on loose undershorts that ended mid-calf becoming a social non-negotiable. The Renaissance stepped up underwear’s sex appeal a bit by going shorter and tighter, while the period’s introduction of a urination flap, which could easily be opened at a moment’s notice, turned out to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions ever.  

There is another plot twist too. While the best way to package one’s beloved jewels used to be a personal matter, the late 80s and early 90s put undies front and center (thanks in no small part to Marky Mark and Calvin Klein), with who you were wearing becoming just as important as what shape of bloomers that you professed loyalty to. 

And then that brings us to today—a time where the squabble between boxer and brief lovers still rages on.

Are Boxer Briefs Better Than The Rest?

At the end of the day, the style you choose to squeeze your cheeks into is totally up to you. But here are five reasons boxer briefs have achieved so much fame in a relatively short timespan:

No Riding or Bunching

Traditional boxers that are poorly crafted have an annoying tendency to bunch up as the fabric shifts around beneath your pants. That can get pretty uncomfortable over the course of your day. It leads to a lot of adjusting and tugging, and even painful chafing as the boxer’s central seam cuts into your oh-so-tender bits. Boxers can also ride, leaving the waistband high up above your hips and resulting in a serious epidemic some of the best scientists call Chronic Wedge Syndrome. 

On the other hand, boxer briefs—like the ones from Culprit—fit you like a glove. The body-hugging, stretch fabric holds them in place, providing you with second-skin comfort with absolutely no bunching or riding—and no need for adjustments. 

No Crushing or Squeezing

Even for the folks who prefer the snug fit of briefs, a too-tight cut along with certain activities can lead to pretty uncomfortable situations. Tight squeezing and chafing—no matter how much you love those old tighty-whities—can make for a very bad day. 

Boxer briefs are the best of both worlds. They cradle and support your nether regions without constricting them, and with the innovative Quick Draw Fly, hitting the restroom is more convenient than ever—an achievement traditional briefs can only dream of. 

Endless Style Options

Are you a fan of solid-colored undies? Or perhaps you’re up for cool whimsical patterns and prints. Octopus and scuba divers. Frisky monkeys. Cowboy riding Pterodactyls. If you’re in the market for hilariously snazzy, eye-catching designs, boxer braids offer virtually unlimited choices. 

Historically, colorful and bright underwear options were only offered by tacky novelty brands—while finely crafted undergarments were the terrain of traditional (aka boring) manufacturers. That’s why Culprit’s best-of-both-worlds boxer briefs—quality-built from premium materials like micromodal fabric and strikingly stylish—are breaking new ground.

Second-Skin Breathability

For many guys, the long-running battle between boxers and briefs has come down to an issue with airflow. While you might like the protection and support of briefs, you might also find them a bit hot and stuffy compared to the easy-breezy feel of boxers. But now, you can have both! Boxer briefs are crafted from luxurious, ultra-breathable micromodal fabric for an irresistibly soft feel that offers major breathability. 

Unbeatable Versatility

Boxer briefs are, without a doubt, the ultimate in go-anywhere, do-anything flexibility. Their contoured and superior trim fit means you are equally comfortable hiking the Alps or sipping coffee in your favorite diner. And the best part? If someone happens to see you in your boxer briefs, you’ll look your very sexy-best! 

Of course, this kind of versatility makes boxer briefs the ultimate travel essential and hands down superior to other types of undies. If you are trying to pack light and keep your baggage to a minimum, these versatile undies are the ones to throw in your travel bag. 

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Boxing Briefs

The most important factor when picking your perfect pair of undies is comfort, which means wearing boxer briefs that don’t shift or bunch when you walk or go about your normal day-to-day routine. It means underwear that has lightweight, breathable fabric and wicks away moisture while still feeling nice and snug against your skin. All of the details matter when choosing what makes the cut. 

And once you’ve found your preferred cut, pick your size based on your hip measurement. There is nothing worse than underwear with an extra-wide waistband that constantly falls off your hips. Use a measuring tape to measure around the fullest part of your derriere and hips without pulling it too tightly. This will help you to grab an accurate measurement to compare to the sizing chart to ensure you're getting that perfect fit.  

And now for the fun part! After you get the boring stuff out of the way, like figuring out the best cut and your size, it’s time to pick the design. As we mentioned a little earlier, boxer briefs come in a variety of fun, color-popping, and vibrant prints that are sure to put a smile on your face every time you slip them on… or off. 

A Final Word

So, how does one find the most comfortable boxer briefs, you ask? It’s easy. All you have to do is head over to Culprit Underwear and check out all of the awesome undies they have to offer. 

Culprit Underwear is a revolutionary company changing the game surrounding men’s underwear. You see, the truth is that not all undies on the market are created equal. Some are incredibly itchy, some have no give to them, others are just down-right ugly, and then there are the ones made of 100% cotton that absorbs literally everything from stinky crotch odors to post-workout sweat and everything in between. Good grief. 

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