Okay, so to most guys, underwear is nothing more than just underwear. But, we're here to tell you that it's actually so much more than that! In fact, the type of undies you buy and decide to rock can determine your mood for the day, your confidence levels, your hygiene, and even your sex life. 

Did we get your attention? Good -- because it's time we start putting a little more thought into the piece of clothing that gets up real close and personal to our, well, "personals." And it's not just in case you get lucky (wink, wink) or get hit by a bus that you should pay extra attention to what lies beneath. Compiling the perfect underwear line-up will do wonders for how you feel in your everyday clothes and will soon put a stop to your boxers getting any funny ideas about moving far further northwards than your favorite trousers. 

Okay, so which boxers are best?

Finding the best boxer brands takes a lot of work -- hence why most men don't give underwear shopping a second thought. You need to find a good quality brand that creates top-notch undies to support the boys while not locking them up tight in a sauna (sweaty balls, anyone?) that still offers comfort. To do this, it takes either a lot of research or a lot of trial and error, both of which take time. Well, gents, we did the research for you and tracked down the best brand of them all: Culprit Underwear. 

Interested in learning more? Read on to find out why other brands don't compare. 

The Best Men’s Underwear On The Market: Culprit Underwear 

Underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions in menswear because only a very few people will see it, yet it's worn every day, all day, right next to the most sensitive part of your body; your meat and potatoes. 

As such, comfort is paramount, and while many men prefer one kind of undies over another, boxer briefs always tend to come out on top as the ultimate underwear style of choice. Why, might you ask? Because they're freaking comfortable -- that's why. And who makes the best comfy-cozy boxer briefs? 

Culprit Underwear (duh). 

If you haven't heard of Culprit Underwear, then your "boys" are missing out. This innovative American-made brand is something truly remarkable -- born and bred in California, these undies are the perfect pair to wear on literally any and every occasion. Hopping on a bus? A plane? Or a train? Heading to your SO's house to Netflix and Chill? Going to pump iron at the gym? Whatever you have planned for the day, Culprit Underwear is all you need to keep your family jewels happy, healthy, and cooler than the other side of the pillow. 

Here are all the reasons why you should wear Culprit Underwear, and other brands don't compare:

USA Made, Baby!

If the golden state isn't reason enough to try this popular underwear brand, then the fact that it is made in the beautiful USA should be. Way too many brands make their underwear overseas. But when you rock Culprit Underwear, you're also supporting your fellow countrymen and helping to create job opportunities in industries that are far too often given to those overseas. 

Additionally, many foreign factories practice unsafe work conditions and don't pay their hard-working employees what they deserve. When you choose to buy in the U.S., you are contributing to the payment of an honest day's wage for an honest day's work. When you choose to purchase overseas, you are contributing to the payment of dishonest work practices for employees who are treated unfairly. 

Culprit Underwear is staffed by only hard-working Americans who are paid a fair wage. Needless to say, Culprit employees love where they work, and you can tell by the quality undies they make. 

It’s Eco-Friendly

We are all living in a world that demands every single person -- both young and old -- to make an effort to live an eco-conscious life. What's easier than simply choosing to strut your stuff in a brand of undies that are eco-friendly? 

Honestly, it is a simple and small life change you can implement that will make a world of difference. Wearing eco-friendly pantaloons means that you're wearing a brand that sources materials sustainable, is made with ethical procedures, and does more good than harm to the world -- now that's a brand we can really get behind!

Support, Support, and More Support 

One of the key points of wearing undies is to have guaranteed support. Think about it -- there is arguably nothing worse than throwing on a poorly made pair of underwear that doesn't actually support your bits down there. And as much as you love to show off the goods, allowing your noodle and meatballs to hang freely can be really uncomfortable, to say the least. 

Culprit underwear is made with support at the forefront of the design. It's good enough to not only wear but work out in as well. So you can lift weights in them, run in them, box in them, do pilates in them, dance, jump, do cartwheels -- whatever it is your little heart desires -- you can do any physical labor in them without ever having to worry about your family jewels not getting the support they need. So honestly, why wouldn't you give them a try?

Perfect Details 

Poorly made undies can be the very reason that you get into uncomfortable situations like sweaty balls and jock itch. Thankfully, Culprit ensures that the details are all sorted out, and that quality is at the absolute forefront of each and every pair. That way, moisture won't get trapped, you won't risk itch and chafing, and you can go about your day in ultra-breathable undies that feel amazing. And when you feel amazing, your confidence skyrockets. So really, trying a pair of Culprit undies will subsequently make you a more confident person -- just saying. 

Oh, and speaking of the details, Culprit really thinks about everything, including the side your fly is on…. 

Culprit Underwear is the only brand in the world with a left-side fly. Why, the left-side fly, you ask? Because it's actually easier access for righties reaching across their body, and it gives lefties, well, something to pretend to be happy about. (Fun fact: most people are right-handed)

Of all the underwear brands on the market, we really can't think of any that puts as much thought into their undies as Culprit does -- can you?

Culprit Underwear Is Super Cool

We'll let you in on a little secret -- ladies are ruthless and will totally judge men by the undies they decide to wear. So gentlemen, invest in some cool and hip butt huggers that'll make the ladies go wild! Culprit's boxer briefs are designed to do just that -- so you'll give them a little surprise that'll likely score you huge brownie points in the sheets. 'Nuff said.

Bottom Line 

So, why don't other brands compare to Culprit Underwear

Simple -- most brands are not American-made. They are not eco-friendly, and they do not pay their employees a fair wage. They are not comfortable, cool, or hip, and they are not supportive. Other brands are not Culprit Underwear, and they just simply don't compare. 

Culprit Underwear offers flattering comfort that is unparalleled to anything else on the market. Never will your manhood feel so entombed in luxurious fabric, merging the perfect cut with breathability and smooth, silky elegance. Look bigger, feel better, exude confidence, and unless your sexual prowess with Culprit Underwear today. Extremely durable for any kind of action, whether that's pumping iron at the gym or gettin' jiggy in the sheets, American-made and eco-friendly, Culprit Underwear sets the new standard for men's undies

Check out Culprit Underwear today -- your balls will thank you later. 



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