If you ask us, there are only a handful of feelings that rival a fresh, crisp breeze blowing through your balls. With that in mind, t’s easy to see why you would want to ditch your undies for good and keep your boys liberated at all times throughout the day. Going commando is a pretty appealing option, especially during the warm, sticky summer months when your family jewels feel squashed and sweaty in the confines of your skivvies. However, believe it or not, freeballing can create more problems than it solves. 

Thankfully, Culprit Underwear is here to save the day! Read on to learn everything you need to know about going commando and making the switch to Culprit. 

But, first things first, what’s the meaning behind “going commando” anyway?

We’ll tell you. 

Going Commando: Everything You Need To Know

The term “going commando” was coined in the ’70s when soldiers returned from the Vietnam war. Apparently, wearing underwear in the humid jungles of Vietnam would sometimes lead to a fungal injection, which affects the sensitive skin of your junk, inner thighs, and bum. Rather than washing their knickers every day to avoid chafing and the notorious swamp ass, the troops had a better idea—just ditch them altogether. Ironically, going commando actually goes against military dress code, but the phrase still caught on pretty quickly for individuals who just wanted to let it allll hang loose. 

Although “going commando” sounds undeniably macho, it’s actually much more advantageous for the ladies. How, might you ask? Well, for starters, it’s the easiest and quickest way to prevent pervs from staring at their unavoidable panty lines through their leggings. But apparently, women go commando for health reasons more than anything. According to experts, thongs can lead to all sorts of unfavorable women’s health issues—like painful UTIs and uncomfortable yeast infections—yikes!

So, should dudes ditch their undies too? Or is there a valid reason to add an extra layer of clothing between your balls and, well, the world?  

Let’s go over some of the benefits of going commando.

Benefits of Going Commando

It’s estimated that somewhere between 5 percent and 7 percent of guys say no to undies of any kind—are they on to something? If you are considering freeing your balls, here are a few reasons to support your choice:


According to a general survey, comfort is the number one reason people opt out of wearing underwear. And it makes perfect sense because no butt-huggers means no restriction, which can be pretty magical if you’re stuck in class or at the office all day. 

Spare Your Little Swimmers

Believe it or not, research supports that guys who rock tight-fitting undies have a whopping 25 percent lower sperm count compared to those who wear loose-fitting boxers. This happens because sperm are fragile and sensitive to heat. Your body naturally wants your testes to hang loose to stay as cool as possible. Stuffing your package into a pair of crisp, white, tighty-whities in the summertime isn’t ideal if you want to avoid fertility issues. 

Let Your Boys Breathe

“I love when my junk is warm, wet, and sticky!”—Said no man ever. 

A warm, sweaty crotch is a breeding ground for nasty germs and bacteria as well as yummy fungal infections like crotch rot or jock itch—ekk! Think athlete’s foot but on your nuts. This is caused by excessive sweating and chafing in a tight, enclosed area. 

Soggy undies can also lead to the dreaded swamp ass, caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast in moist environments.

When Going Commando Takes a Turn For The Worse

If you’re working from home, lounging around the house, or simply having a lazy day not doing very much, going commando is great! But there’s a reason—actually multiple reasons—why over 90% of guys are on team underwear. 

No Skivvies, No Hygiene

Your junk carries a lot of germs. Whether it’s a little dribble of pee or, err, poop residue, it’s best to have that stuff absorbed by a pair of good quality undies that you wear once rather than festering all day in a pair of stinky pants that you wear multiple times before tossing into the wash.  

Left unattended, a smelly buildup of bad bacteria in your pants can lead to jock itch, swamp ass, and not to mention chafing—the very problems you tried to kick to the curb by going commando. 

Sweat Stains and Junk Prints

Without an extra layer of clothing between your sexy parts and your pants, onlookers have front-row seating to check out what’s going on below your belt.

Let’s get one thing straight: nobody wants to see your junk print—especially if you happen to get a little excited at random times throughout the day (hey, we’ve all been there). There’s also the infamous butt crack sweat spot, which becomes extra visible right between the cheeks on tight clothing or lighter fabric colors like tan pants and khakis. 

Do your fellow humans a favor and simply wear underwear when you’re out and about. 

Accidental Flashings

Speaking of embarrassing accidents such as dick prints and sweat stains, how many times have you ever accidentally left your fly open? Probably more than you’d like to admit. If you always wear knickers with your outfit, you won’t unwittingly leave Junior exposed if you forget to zip up or if your zipper breaks. So, avoid the humiliation and just say no to going commando!

No Support

Whether you are pumping iron at the gym or running a 5k, it’s a huge hassle when your bits and pieces are bouncing all over the place like they own the joint. Going commando during a workout can also give you the wrong kind of burn if you don’t have an extra layer of protection between your skin and your gym shorts. 

The solution? Slide into Culprit’s moisture-wicking boxer briefs to give your boys the support they need while also keeping stank at bay. 

Not Sexy

If you ask us, wearing cool boxer briefs is sexy! And going commando leaves you with nothing but your own devices for seduction—if you get lucky. No matter how hot you are, you could offend your partner if you come to the party with no drawers, as some people tend to think it’s a bit creepy. 

There are also awesome companies like Culprit Underwear that creates top-notch undies designed to contour to your body to enhance your look. You can’t enjoy the benefits of such pantaloons if you decide to stop wearing underwear.  

How Culprit Underwear Can Convert Even The Die Hard “Going Commando” Fans

We get it: you’ve been freeballing for quite some time now, and the thought of slipping on a pair of restricting undies is like punishing your most favorite body part—your junk. They don’t deserve that, right? 

Well, if going commando is your thing, but you’re sick of battling jock itch, chafing, swamp ass, and all the other lovely things that come from not wearing underwear, it’s time to switch things up and check out Culprit Underwear—the game changer to men’s undies. 

Culprit comes in one cut—the perfect form-fitting boxer brief. Using the highest quality micro-modal fabric, made in the beautiful USA, and eco-friendly. Culprit is your lucky pair engineered for everyday use. The fabric is ultra-breathable to ensure you stay cool where it matters most—your balls. Oh, and the best part? Culprit Underwear is the only brand in the world with a left side fly—want to know why? Because it’s easier access for righties reaching across their body, and it gives lefties something to, well, pretend to be happy about.

Culprit Underwear has been converting free-ballers ever since they hit the market—and it’s easy to see why. With Culprit, you can finally feel as if you’re going commando without actually going commando. This means no more sweaty balls, no more jock-itch, and no more funky smells—can we get a hallelujah?!

A Final Word

Even though going commando doesn’t actually harm anybody, the fact there’s so little standing between them and your twigs and berries can be mildly disturbing when you really think about it—not to mention all the not-so-wonderful side effects that come with not wearing skivvies. 

Do your “best friend” some good and support them with an amazing pair of undies from Culprittrust us, both you and your balls will be glad you did!