We all know a guy like this who has it all. Every time you see something cool, it turns out he’s already had it for weeks. This guy has it made and never seems to want anything. And that’s where the problem lies—coming up with gift ideas for men who have it all is such a challenge. You want to get him something unique, something cool, something that will rock his world; you want to get him something that you know there is no chance in hell he already has. 

Well, for those types of gifts, you’re in luck! Cuz’ we’ve put together some of the best gifts for men who have everything. This way, you can finally surprise him with something cool he never knew he wanted. 

So grab your cup of java and get comfy—let’s talk about gift ideas for the guys who have everything. 

Personalized Messages From His Favorite Athlete or Celebrity 

Is your fella having a little bit of a difficult time with something? Could he benefit from some advice? Head on over to cameo.com, sign up for an account, track down his most fav celeb or athlete, and write out a little message about what’s troubling him.

The superstar has one week to put together a unique, personalized message, and you will even get a notification that your message has been recorded. Sit him down in front of the screen and watch his face light up when he gets the message—priceless. 

Whiskey Decanter Set 

Everyone knows that the very best liquor is the one served in a custom-made decanter. For the guys who have everything, personalizing a whiskey decanter set can be the greatest gift they’ve ever received.

Go for liquor decanters that are durable and heavy so they won’t crack if they fall over, and a tight glass stopper to seal in the freshness. On the front of the bottle, you can put your man’s name and a personalized message on the back. These are likely to become the center of their home bar. 

Underwear Subscription 

For whatever weird reason, guys seem to have the most difficult time buying underwear. It’s like they’ll live in the same pair of torn, tattered, tighty-whities until forced to throw them out. And who knows, it could be because they’re lazy, hate shopping, or simply because they don’t care. But thankfully, Culprit Underwear makes it easier than ever to deliver a fresh pair of undies directly to their door with one affordable monthly subscription—hallelujah!

We know what you’re thinking: What’s so cool about gifting my fella undies? 

Well, if you haven’t checked out what Culprit Underwear has to offer, you should, because these are seriously some of the coolest undies around. With Culprit Underwear, your man will find every excuse under the sun to strip down to his drawers (Uhh, did it just get hot in here, or is it just us?). 

From cybernetic samurais to monkeys fighting to the death, your man is going to look forward to his fresh new pair of drawers from Culprit every month. Guaranteed. 

Leather Pocket Journal 

Is the guy you’re painstakingly shopping for a writer, planner, or notetaker? If he is, get him a cool personalized leather journal so he can take your message with him where ever he goes. 

You can include his initials on the front and a custom message on the inside for only him to see… wink wink. For the man who has it all, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most, and a high-quality journal will make him feel the love. 

Cigar Box 

You may think there's nothing for the lad who has everything and wants nothing, but that isn’t exactly true. You know he loves a good stogie from time to time—however, the worst thing is when he goes to relax with a quality cigar that he’s been saving only to find it dried out and is now unusable. 

Make sure each time he wants to celebrate or pair his favorite whiskey with a stogie, he's guaranteed to have a cigar as fresh as the day it was rolled with his very own cigar box. Now, he can keep his favorite vice for as long as he wants without worrying about it spoiling. 

Cool Swim Trunks 

Summer is right around the corner, meaning—drum roll please—it’s swimsuit season! Gift your guy the best gift of the season with totally cool and perfectly unique swim trunks from Culprit. These fast-drying trunks are like no other, featuring Culprit’s patented removable liner so your favorite man will get all the support of traditional trunks while skipping the itching, chafing, and annoyance of a wet liner. These luxurious swim trunks are sure to blow his mind—not your wallet.  

3D Printer 

Do you remember when 3D printers were first invented? They cost thousands of dollars literally and were a rare commodity, typically found only in universities for scientific purposes. Thankfully, this is no longer the case because today, 3D printers are really quite affordable! 

Your man can print all kinds of stuff, such as extra parts for things that need to get fixed around the house to his own custom figurines and everything in between. He will love bringing physical manifestations of his imagination to life with this incredible piece of technology. Even the man who has everything and wants nothing will be over the moon to get a 3D printer. 

Mesh Zipper Shorts 

Shopping for shorts can be tough for men, hence why they often recycle the same pair many times throughout the week. Gift your man with the most deliciously soft, uber comfy, mesh zipper shorts from Culprit, and you are sure to avoid disappointment. 

These breathable mesh shorts are insanely comfortable with a soft antimicrobial jersey liner to keep the stank at bay during sports or workouts. The zipper pockets on these bad boys will make sure that your man never loses his phone, keys, wallet, or his emergency pocket-snacks. The zippers zip down instead of up, so it’s much easier to close the pockets with gravity (seriously, zip down pockets are a game-changer). These moisture-wicking super shorts are the bee’s knees.   

Local Personal Trainer 

Has this whole COVID pandemic thing sweeping over the nation put a damper in your man’s workout game, leaving him unable to social distance from, say, the fridge? Has he been complaining about how he needs to “get back to the gym”? Gift him a package of sessions with a local personal trainer so he can get back to feelin’ fine. 

A Final Word 

Tracking down the perfect gift for the men who have everything is never an easy task. There are so many different occasions to cater to, and not every single man in your life wants the same thing. If you’re searching for a totally rad, out-of-this-world gift option that he’s sure to love, head on over to Culprit Underwear.

From the most comfortable butt-huggers on the market featuring spliff-smoking monkeys and cowboys riding dinosaurs to versatile mesh zipper shorts with anti-pickpocketing pockets, Culprit is the place to go for the best gifts on the market. Check it out today and surprise your fella with something he’ll love!