Exploring the 'Different Types of Men’s Underwear' is something you want to dedicate significant effort to undertaking, because choosing the right underwear is akin to finding the perfect dugout for your bat and balls, slugger. Whether you're stuck in another mind-numbing Zoom meeting, tackling a mountain trail, or gearing up for a night of hot action, the right pair of undies can make all the difference. Your crown jewels are of royal blood and deserve way better than those boring, plastic-wrapped multi-packs from the underwear drawer that the serfs wear. And let’s be honest, navigating the endless maze of underwear shapes, lengths, styles and fabrics can feel like trying to solve a damn Rubik's cube.

But have no fear, because we’ve done the heavy lifting to make sure your genitals are housed in the best digs. From the classic, airy boxers that let your balls breathe to the daring G-strings that leave almost nothing to the imagination, we’re giving you the lowdown on eleven types of men’s underwear. It’s time to do away with the discomfort, secure the scrotal support you need, and lock in on the perfect pair for your prized package. Let’s explore the wild, wonderful and sometimes wacky world of men’s underwear types, to equip you with the knowledge to ensure your assets are always dressed to impress. 

1. Boxer Shorts

Boxers are like the Bud Light of men’s underwear: basic, cheap, and the stuff you buy as an impressionable adolescent. They’re basically thin, baggy shorts that extend halfway down your thigh and have an elastic waistband.

Fun fact: The first boxer shorts were made in 1925 by the founder of boxing outfitters Everlast.

The main selling point for boxers is the loosey-goosey fit. However, that can create more problems than it solves. All the extra leg room lets your nuts rumble around like a rodeo. Not to mention boxer shorts are notorious for riding up your legs, causing wedgies.

Ideal For: Guys who want to air out their junk and don’t mind their family jewels flopping around

Wear With: Your comfiest jeans or those lounge pants you’d never wear outside but love too much to throw away.

2. Boxer Briefs

Raptor Vice Themed Boxer Briefs by Culprit

Boxers briefs give you the same coverage as OG boxers with a snug fit that caresses your nether regions. Think of them like a really comfortable seatbelt for your twig and berries. The streamlined fit of boxer briefs makes them virtually wedgie-proof, plus they won’t show through your pants or shorts.

The best boxer briefs have a fly so you (or your partner) can get easy access to your wang. Of all the types of men’s underwear, supportive underwear like boxer briefs give you the best balance of comfort, support, aesthetics, and versatility.

If you really want to pamper your privates, slip into a pair of Culprit Boxer Briefs. They’re made with ultra breathable, soft AF micromodal to keep you sweat-free from the couch to the club and everywhere in between. Not to mention we’ve got a shit ton of epic patterns that will keep your package lookin’ prime like Amazon.

Ideal For: Literally anything—working out, binge-watching football, chopping down firewood, etc.

Wear With: Pretty much anything – from suits to long pants to shorts to workout gear. They truly are the Swiss Army knife of underwear.

3. Trunks

White Hot Ribbed Themed Trunk Cut Underwear by Culprit

Trunk-cut underwear is basically the same as boxer briefs, except with shorter legs—usually about 3 inches. If you’ve been hitting leg day consistently and want to show off those tree trunk thighs, trunks are your best bet.

Trunks are also a great option if you’re wearing shorts, since they won’t poke out from underneath. Just make sure you go with micromodal fabric to stay dry down below.

Ideal For: Showing off those power thighs you’ve been sculpting

Wear With: Slim-fit pants or shorts. They keep everything in place and prevent your freaky pieces from peeking out.

4. Long Briefs

Spooky Nights Themed Long Briefs by Culprit

Much like your group chat with the boys, long briefs give you lots of support. You get the same snug fit as regular boxer briefs, with a longer inseam that extends down to your lower thigh. 

If you’re rocking jeans or dress pants, this extra-long inseam will protect you from thigh chafing so you can walk, run, moonwalk, and bust moves in max comfort.

Ideal For: Fellas who want a little extra insurance against thigh chafing

Wear With: Ideal for mild or slightly chilly weather, as well as intense outdoor workouts and long days when you need that extra support and coverage.

5. Briefs, Jockeys, and Tighty Whities

This is the type of underwear your dad and grandpa wore back when they could buy a house and car on a measly salary. They go by many names—briefs, jockeys, tighty whities. Either way, these are tighter and shorter than boxers, cutting off where your leg and hip meet. 

Sure, briefs show off your thighs and flatter your pecker. But the lack of airflow creates the perfect storm for jock itch, swamp ass, and chafing. Not to mention they smother your nuts to the point that they can lower your sperm count.

Ideal For: The elderly or anybody who wants to kill their sperm count

Wear With: Dress pants, slacks or any situation where you want no bunching or lines showing through.

6. Thongs

Stealth Black Themed Thongs Underwear by Culprit

We tracked down a 2017 study which found that only 1% of American dudes wore thongs on a weekly basis, and not a single guy wore one daily. However, if you find yourself tempted to rock out with your cock (almost) out, there are a few caveats to consider…

The main issue is that your bare ass will be exposed to whatever pants you’re wearing, thereby increasing the risk of butt chafing and sweat stains. Most man thongs leave a little room for your dick and balls, but it’s still going to be more cramped than an airplane lavatory down there.

You do you—we’re not here to kink shame. But don’t blame us if you wind up with chafed balls and butt at the end of the day.

Ideal For: Feeling sexy AF but still hiding your hog

Wear With: Slim-fit suits, Halloween costume tights, fabulous spandex stretchy pants or whenever you want to avoid visible underwear lines.

7. Long Johns

Long johns (AKA thermal underwear) are designed to insulate your legs when the temps dip down. They’re usually made from snug, stretchy fabrics like cotton or polyester and cover your whole leg, from ass to ankle.

Long johns aren’t exactly practical for everyday use, unless you chop lumber in Alaska for a living. But you might want to have a pair if you plan on going skiing, snowboarding, or hiking—otherwise your twig and berries might freeze.

Ideal for: Keeping your legs warm...and preventing your popsicle sticks from turning into freezer-burned popsicles.

Wear With: Winter outfits, under jeans, or inside snowboarding gear. Your legs will thank you.

8. Jockstrap

The jockstrap is an athletic essential that keeps the goods snug and secure while leaving that booty out there for all to see. It’s designed for high-impact sports, ensuring your family jewels stay in place no matter how intense the action gets. Whether you're beasting at the gym, dominating on the football or lacrosse gridiron, or just on a non-athletic mission to feel a bit more liberated, the jockstrap has got you covered—well, partially.

Ideal for: Guys who work hard, play harder, and aren't afraid to show a little skin (while keeping things secure down under). Players gonna play….

Wear With: Sports uniforms or gym kit when you need that extra support. Perfect for when you're pumping iron or sprinting towards victory.

9. G-String

G-String is all about pushing boundaries. Taking minimalism to a new level, this hardly-present, cheeky undergarment is for those who dare to bare. This scanty piece of fabric leaves almost nothing to the imagination and makes a bold, if not humorous, statement. The supremely flirtatious G-string is surprisingly comfortable and for better or for worse flaunts ALL of your assets. Its sleek thong-like design showcases (almost) everything from front to back to in between the crack. Whether for high-performance or everyday wear, it’s an adventure worth remembering!

Ideal for: Taking your comfort to the next level and taking your special someone on a roller coaster adventure in the bedroom. G-strings: because sometimes, less really is more.👌

Wear With: Special occasions or whenever you’re feeling adventurous. Wear it whenever you feel like adding extra spice to your day.

10. Compression Underwear

Compression underwear is like a firm handshake grip for all of your lower half! These tight pals cling to your curves closer than your most awkward relatives at the family holiday party, cranking up circulation and keeping your bits shipshape. They’re your superhero suit under your clothes—perfect for turning any activity into an epic adventure. Whether you’re hitting the squat rack or tackling a marathon conference room meeting, these stealthy snugsters are your undercover allies against the sinister forces of gravity and grogginess!

Ideal For: Keeping your bits and bobs from bouncing during the bumpy ride of life!

Wear With: Athletic wear, especially for high-intensity training sessions requiring range of motion support. They’re your best ally in the gym.

11. Bikini Cut

The bikini cut is where sexy meets sensible, offering you a sizzling look that's more covered up than a thong but more exposed than traditional briefs. It’s perfect for those who want to feel flirty and comfortable. The bikini cut hugs your hips and accentuates your assets, making you feel irresistible no matter what you’re wearing.

Ideal For: Striking a pose at impromptu photo shoots or sashaying through your day with that secret "I’m too sexy for my pants" vibe.

Wear With: Low-rise / sagging jeans or any outfit where you want to feel a bit flirty. It’s the go-to option for adding a touch of seduction to your everyday look.

How to Choose the Right Men's Underwear Types

Shirtless man holding a ball with an extended arm, showcasing his back and Culprit underwear.

Traversing the treacherous waters of men’s underwear selections doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems. Wanna know the secret to not drowning in information and feeling confident all day? All aboard, seaman: we’re guiding your dinghy through the options - they’ll have you feeling like Captain Ahab finding Moby Dick when you find the perfect pair!

Your Body Shape

When picking out your tighty-whities, you gotta think about your body type, bro. Like, if you're a total gym rat then those super tight briefs might be your vibe. But if you're more of a laid-back dude, some comfy boxers could be the way to go. The key is trying on different styles until you find what makes you feel awesome.

Activity-Focused Fit

Your everyday hustle should also play a role in your underwear game. If you're always on the move, you'll want something that won't hold you back. Look for undies made with stretchy, breathable materials that won't make you feel all restricted, you know what I’m saying? Sweat-wicking material is a total plus, too.

Start with the Classic Colors

When building up your collection of skivvies, it's smart to start with the OG colors—black, white, and gray. These timeless shades are the foundation that go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, so you can't go wrong. But once you have those basics adequately covered, feel free to get a little wild with brighter hues or funky patterns. Mix it up and have some fun with it!

Choosing the Perfect Color: What Works Best for You?

Color isn't just about aesthetics; it's about style and personality, my dude. When you're building up your underwear collection, you gotta give a bit of thought about what vibe you're going for.

1. Black

These are the underwear legends that never go out of style. They're sleek, badass, and work full-time and overtime no matter what you throw at them. Boardroom meeting? Done. Netflix and chill? You bet. Black briefs or boxer briefs are the ultimate no-nonsense power move. Don't be a fool, get some.

2. White

That's adulting at its finest, a statement that you’re all business today. It's clean, it's sharp, but it ain't for the faint of heart. One wrong move, one spilled coffee, one rogue ketchup squirt (or God forbid, hershey squirt?!) and it's game over. You gotta be in total control and the master of your domain. If that sounds like you, then rock that white today. But be prepared to put in the work, keeping those pearly whites pristine is a job in and of itself.

3. Gray

They're the ultimate stealth mode. Super smooth, goes with anything, and lets you blend in like a ninja. No flashy statements here, just pure, understated confidence. Wear them every damn day, nobody will bat an eyelash. Just remember, great power comes with great responsibility. Keep it fresh buddy, keep it fresh.

4. Navy

Navy is the upgrade you need, a modern twist on a dark classic. It's got that cool, mysterious vibe, a bit more chill than the in-your-face black. These undies are a style power move, a subtle flex that screams confidence. It's a statement piece for the guy who knows what he wants, a man who doesn't settle for the ordinary.

5. Other Colors

If you're ready to take it to the next level, toss the basics and free your inner rebel. We're talking eye-popping reds, electric blues, neon greens – even wild-ass patterns like stripes or polka dots. These aren't your nonno's undies, they're an artist’s communique, and a middle finger to the mundane. It's time to shine, so embrace the chaos and let your personality explode.

6. Pattern

Feeling a bit vanilla with plain patterns? Let's spice things up, kinfolk. We're talking classic stripes, funky animal prints, and all sorts of motley designs…. These are what your bros here at Culprit specialize in spinning up. These ain't your boring boomer-era bloomers, these are modern artworks, conversation starters and attention grabbers. So fling the basics and embrace the chaos, let your inner freak flag fly!

Shop Like a Pro: Insider Tips for Buying Men's Underwear

Close-up of a woman’s legs wrapped around a man's waist, showing his Culprit underwear.

Ready to upgrade your underwear game? Don't be a rookie, learn the secrets of the pros. We're talking insider tips, the kind of intel that separates the men from the boys. Fit, fabric, style – we're breaking it all down. This is the ultimate guide to mastering the art of underwear shopping, so keep reading to find out how to conquer the world, one pair of briefs at a time.


Finding the perfect pair of underwear is like finding your soulmate – it's gotta be the right fit for your body and speak harmoniously to your lifestyle. Whether you're a classic briefs kinda guy or more in tune with rockin' the modern trunks vibe, there's a style out there screaming your name. Don't settle for mediocre, find the underwear that makes you feel like a goddamn rockstar!

Closed vs. Open Fly

Open or closed fly? The eternal question, a battle as old as time itself. It's a matter of personal taste. Some cats dig the convenience of a quick-access fly, while others prefer the smooth, uninterrupted style of a closed front. It's all about you, your comfort needs and your preferences. So think about your daily hustle and moves, and choose the fly to keep you confident and comfortable all day.


These days fabric ain't just fabric, homie. It's not just a covering layer but a performance game-changer, the difference between feeling fresh and feeling like a swamp monster. Everyday chillin'? Go for breathable, moisture-wicking materials. But if you're a beast in the gym, we recommend nothing less than micromodal fabrics. That's the stuff that'll keep you cool, dry, and ready to conquer any TikTok fitness challenge that comes your way.


Forget about basics! Step up your underwear game and go for those extra features that'll blow your mind. Anti-chafing seams and extra support panels – these are the secret weapons that'll keep you feeling comfortable and confident all day long. Willing to spend a bit more for the best? Don't settle for mediocre when you can have the ultimate underwear experience. Upgrade your arsenal and feel the difference.

Keep Your Cannoli Comfy AF

Your dick and balls are arguably the two most sensitive things on your body. Do you really want to encase them with stiff, scratchy cotton—even if it means saving a few bucks? 

If the answer is yes, you’re an absolute psychopath who needs help immediately. But if you’re a sane, rational person, you’ll spend your hard-earned money on Culprit Boxers because they f*cking rule. 

If these aren’t the most comfortable men’s underwear you’ve ever worn, we’ll give you your money back.

Types of Men's Underwear FAQs

Which type of underwear is best for men's health?

The best underwear for men's health features breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics like micromodal, which helps regulate temperature and prevent irritation. Loose-fitting styles made of micromodal are ideal, as they provide comfort and support without restricting blood flow or impacting male reproductive health.

What are the three types of briefs?

The three main types of men's briefs are:

  • Classic Briefs: The original style that offers full coverage with a low-rise, snug fit.
  • Trunks: A modern take featuring a slightly longer leg and a more tailored silhouette.
  • Boxer Briefs: Combining the support of a brief with the longer leg of a boxer short.

Which type of underwear is best for testicle support?

If you're looking for some serious testicular support, boxer briefs are your best bet. They're snug and supportive and keep your boys in place like a well-trained army. Loosey-goosey boxers? Nah, they're slacking on the job.

Should I wear boxers or briefs or boxer briefs?

If you want maximum support and comfort down there, boxer briefs are where it's at. Boxers are just too damn loose and flappy, while tight-ass briefs can be a real ball buster. Boxer briefs strike the perfect balance - they keep everything in check without cramping or suffocating the family jewels. Trust me, your scrotum soldiers will salute you.

Is it healthier to free ball or wear underwear?

Freeballing may seem liberating, but going commando isn't necessarily doing your little guys any favors. Wearing breathable, supportive underwear helps regulate temperature and prevent irritation for optimal testicular health. It's generally healthier to wear the right pair of underwear unless you have a medical reason not to.

What is the fly in men's underwear for?

The fly in men's underwear is your pee-pee's escape hatch. It's a quick-access door for those emergency bathroom breaks when you gotta go fast. Some dudes prefer the smooth look of a closed fly, but for pure functionality, the open fly reigns supreme.