Move over Christmas -- there’s a new holiday in town, and we just might say it’s our favorite one of the year. Any ideas what it might be? 

National Underwear Day. 

Yep, you read that right. We have a holiday dedicated to celebrating butt-huggers, tighty-whities, boxers, briefs, panties, thongs, banana hammocks, and more. Now, we know what you’re thinking -- why in the world would we celebrate underpants? -- and we’ll return the question with -- why in the world would we NOT celebrate underpants?!

Underwear is essential, and if you ask us, it doesn’t get enough credit for all the amazing things that it does. Like keeping our favorite shorts from getting pee dribble on them. And securing our third arm from flopping all around like a fish out of water. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing holiday -- read on. Here’s everything you need to know about National Underwear Day, including when it is and how to celebrate it. 

National Underwear Day 101: What You Need To Know

Who doesn’t love an excuse to say no to wearing pants? We couldn’t be more excited that the best holiday of the year, National Underwear Day, falls on August 5th -- one of the hottest times of the year in the U.S. In case you needed a national holiday to encourage walking around the house in your favorite undies: This. Is. Your. Moment. 

Forget National Pet Month and forget National Ice Cream Day -- National Underwear Day is the time for lingerie lovers to shine! It’s also a good time to think about the complex history behind our favorite butt-huggers…

Speaking of Which -- Here’s a Brief History Lesson on America’s Most Beloved Garment: the Undie 

Underwear has been essential for as long as we can remember. They are completely practical pieces of clothing to cover our modesty, keep us warm, although barely-there undies exist too, for different purposes altogether. Going by the literal meaning of the word ‘underwear’ and the conjecture that surrounds it -- they aren't’ meant to be seen and have to be worn under clothes. BUT, it hasn’t always been like that. 

Pantaloons have gone through years of evolution -- thankfully -- to be the comfortable little pieces of clothing we all know and love today. 

  • Back in 5000 BC, pharaohs and cavemen wore what was basically an ancient nappy, a.k.a. the loincloth. You can laugh, but it’s the longest existing style of underwear, still worn to this day

  • Moving on to the middle ages, ladies went commando till the 19th century, not bothering about bloomers and only wearing shirts under heavy dresses. Men, on the other hand, wore baggy linen breaches (sexy). 

  • If you think you love boxers, think again. Back in the good ol’ 1600s, King Charles II would rock 13-inch long silk boxers tightened around his waist with fancy ribbons -- ooh-la-la!

  • At the beginning of the 1800s, ladies still rocked a long nightie-like garment under their dresses, but it was now called a chemise

  • Have you ever wondered why you say pair of underwear? No, just us? Well, it’s because drawers were literally a pair of two separate legs to be pulled up in the early 19th century -- and now you know. So anyway, guys moved on to wearing ‘drawers,’ and soon enough, ladies slipped into them, which later evolved to become “risque pantalettes” that frilled decoratively around the calves. 

  • By the late 19th century, women’s drawers began to be decorated with frills and lace. The underwear was usually open between the legs, but in the 20th century, closed undies replaced them --and from then, the undie only grew shorter.

  • Men’s bloomers grew shorter, too, with the word drawers finally going out of existence to be replaced by underpants.  

  • By the 80s, the thong and G-string came to be-- a triangular piece of fabric and strings -- which is pretty similar to the loincloth when you really think about it. Perhaps underwear hasn’t changed that much after all!

And there you have it, folks -- a great conversation starter for your next get-together! Now let’s dive into all the awesome ways to celebrate National Underwear Day.

No Panty Party With Your S.O.

Obviously, you saw this one coming, right? When temps are in the 100s and climbing, pants seem awfully silly, don’t ya think? Underwear parties are all the rage in NYC -- so why not throw your own? 

If you’re chillin’ at home when August 5th comes around, throw a No Panty Party with your S.O. Shed the clothes, throw on a fun playlist, and dance around in your underpants all night long. 

Try (On) Something New

Spice things up for National Underwear Day this year by venturing out of your lingerie comfort zone. Just like you dress festively for Christmas and Halloween, you can dress the part for this majestic holiday, too! Some new things to try include:

  • Men’s novelty underwear
  • Crotchless panties
  • LadyBoxers   
  • Costumes for the bedroom (wink, wink)
  • Lingerie accessories and add-ons

Do A Drawer Overhaul

Out with the old to make room for the new. We all have those undies in our underwear drawer that have lived beautiful lives and now need to retire. Use National Underwear Day as your motivator to get rid of any old or tattered undergarments that are clogging up your intimated drawer.  

Treat Yourself To New Favorites

And once you finally break-up with your old, tattered undies that you’ve probably had way longer than what you’d actually like to admit, go ahead and treat yourself to new undies! Not sure where to find the best skivvies on the market? Head on over to Culprit -- the leader in luxury underwear! 

Culprit comes in one cut -- the perfect form-fitting boxer brief. Using the highest quality micro-modal fabric, eco-friendly and American-made, Culprit is your lucky pair engineered for everyday use. 

The ultra-breathable micromodal is super-soft, wicks away moisture, and keeps you cool where it matters most-- your balls. Oh, and the best part? You can get your favorite lady a pair of LadyBoxers to match your favorite Culprit boxer briefs for National Underwear Day (trust us, girls love to match -- thank us later).    

Pose in a Frisky Photoshoot

Boudoir photoshoots are a surefire way to get your loved ones’ heart racing. For National Underwear Day at home, you can take this exciting concept to many other levels!

Take turns playing photographer with your S.O. on August 5th. You can strip down to your skivvies in whichever way you want as he or she captures your sex appeal. Go wild with your home surroundings, and don’t forget to take sexy couple shots together, too!

Gift a Special Someone

What better way to tell someone you care about them than gifting them with a sweet pair of panties. Unexpected “I was thinking of you” gifts are arguably the best kind of gifts to receive -- especially when it’s something as intimate as a pair (of three) of undies. His and hers (or his and his, or hers and hers) pantaloons for National Underwear Day is a sexy and fun idea that’ll surprise and delight your loved one - guaranteed! 

Bottom Line 

National Underwear Day is right around the corner -- how will you celebrate? 

Will you throw an epic No Panty Party? Try on something new, perhaps a banana hammock or two? Maybe you and your S.O. will pose for a frisky photoshoot. Whatever you decide to do -- do it in your drawers and embrace not wearing pants!

For the best undies on the market, check out Culprit. Whether you’re looking for deliciously soft boxer briefs, the hottest LadyBoxers, or the comfiest thongs around, Culprit Underwear has your back.