Have you heard of the horizontal fly? No? Well, it’s about time you do. No matter how you shop for your favorite butt-huggers, whether by style, color, or fabric, you’ll always face the fly factor. You see, men’s undies generally are constructed with one of three pouches: the first two are the most common: traditional (a.k.a. vertical fly) and no fly, the latter shaped to form a pouch. The third is the horizontal fly -- genius by design as well as function; it’s no wonder why the horizontal fly is so popular. 

Interested in learning more about this super-fly horizontal fly? We can help! Read on to learn everything you need to know about this innovative fly, including the pros and cons.  

The Horizontal Fly: Everything You Need To Know 

Just like the ladies, men have dozens of choices when it comes to their undies. For a guy, one of the primary features that can make or break a skivvies purchase is the fly. The horizontal fly -- sometimes known as the Quick Draw Fly or H-Fly -- has been in existence since the 1950s. However, the fly recently became popular again over the last decade and has been used by luxury brands for men’s butt-huggers all over the globe. 

Here Are the Pros of Rocking a Horizontal Fly

Effortless Access

One of the best benefits of the horizontal fly is the top flap that keeps the opening closed. You surely won’t find this feature with the vertical fly! Sure, some vertical fly fans might bring out the fact that their beloved vertical fly has overlapping laps to keep the opening closed. And yes, that’s a solid point. But for some odd reason, the laps have a tendency to open up, which can be pretty embarrassing, to say the least. Plus, an escaped member is much more likely to get caught in a zipper which makes us cringe just thinking about it. 

Many guys who would rather don undies with a horizontal fly do so to correct that issue. They have found that the horizontal fly stays permanently closed, keeping their junk firmly in place, yet, it stretches open quickly, allowing them to reach in and pull their pickle out in a pinch.

Taking a whiz just became a lot simpler. With this idiot-proof design, your junk can come out and get back in with no hassle and minimum effort.  

Another great benefit is that the horizontal fly’s construction works for lefties as well as it does for righties. This equal opportunity innovative design is unlike a traditional vertical front fly that tends to favor righties. You may have found that swim trunks and boxer shorts also have an opening that’s biased to right-handed men. However, the horizontal fly gives equal access to all sausages-- so lefties rejoice!

Comfortable Construction

Another solid perk of the horizontal fly is that it keeps the boys nice, dry and cool. Heat quickly escapes from the top of the fly so you can experience comfort all day long. 

If you’ve worn vertical fly butt-huggers, you know firsthand that the flimsy fabric in the front tends to get a little damp from sweat throughout the day. Undies with a horizontal fly prevents this pesky problem from taking place, so you can avoid sticky situations that leave you feeling like a hot mess. 

Additionally, the ridges and seams are positioned to avoid irritation, chafing, and rubbing. They run across the man goods, leaving the area less likely to be aggravated by friction. If you’re a pretty active dude who enjoys playing sports, working out, and moving around in general -- this can feel like a life-saving feature. Seriously.  

Uniform Friendly

In most cases, when you’re not rocking a belt and your shirt isn’t tucked in, it’s much easier to go “over the top.” But wearing a nice belt is a necessary accessory with many military uniforms since being structured is a huge part of military life. 

Military uniforms typically require that several things all come together at the belt buckle. The buckle and the tip of the belt have to match up in a precise way. Also, the button placket of the shirt has to line up exactly with the fly of the trousers and the belt buckle. 

To be seen as properly dressed from head to toe, the seam of the uniform shirt, belt buckle, and uniform trouser fly-seam should alight to form a straight line down the front of a person’s body -- this is called the gig line

If you’re in the military, it’s much easier to use the fly of both the trousers and undies and leave the belt and trouser button fastened and undisturbed. You’ll be able to reach right through the fly of the trousers and pull your front shirt tails down tight to present a much neater appearance before you zip up your fly. 

Definition for Days

A horizontal fly has a lower pouch that’s contoured to give you a well-defined look (wink, wink) while also providing the support you need. The vertical fly, on the other hand, doesn’t come close to offering the same level of reinforcement. 

The horizontal fly’s pouch is superior in the way it supports your junk. It gives a gentleman the definition and, therefore, the confidence he craves.


Sometimes, the vertical fly gapes way too much, leading to embarrassing peek-a-boo moments. With the horizontal fly, you get a level of privacy that makes you feel secure because it gives you total control of how your pouch opens and closes.

Additionally, gravity does a great job of holding the top flap in place over the under flap so you can kiss those embarrassing moments of exposing yourself at the wrong time goodbye. Plus, you’ll love how the contoured pouch at the bottom of the fly will keep things smooth and show-free. 

Here Are the Cons of a Horizontal Fly 


Some guys find that the horizontal fly can be a bit too restrictive on their junk or worry that their male genitalia may get entangled somehow (ouch). Another con to the horizontal fly is that it takes some time to get used to. And many guys find it weird having to navigate the vertical fly of their pants and then a horizontal fly for their butt-huggers. Plus, it can be a little tedious to access with tucked-in shirts, and it also lacks a smooth front. 


Let’s say you’re minding your own business, relaxing at the house in your favorite undies, and somehow manage to drop something. You look all over for that missing item in complete confusion as to where it could have gone. Now you’re frustrated and annoyed that you can’t find it to save your life, absolutely mystified as to where it could have disappeared to. Then, lo and behold, later that day, probably after giving Johnson a good tug, you find it.  

And where did you find it?

Somehow, it ended up in the front pouch of your undies without you even realizing it. Given that there are two layers of fabric involved in fashioning the horizontal fly, the front pouch it creates could accidentally turn into a little storage compartment. But then again, that may not be such a horrible thing -- you’ll always have a secure place to put your spare key! 

Final Word 

And there you go, ladies and gents, all the pros and cons of the horizontal fly! At the end of the day, the fly is all about preference, but as you can see, the horizontal fly comes with quite a few pros. However, regardless of how beneficial the horizontal fly may be, men are still terrified that their junk will get entangled with the innovative design -- ouch!

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Trust us; you’ll be glad you did!


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