Men’s Underwear Types: Full List and Descriptions – Culprit Underwear
Men’s Underwear Types: Full List and Descriptions

Men’s Underwear Types: Full List and Descriptions

No one tells you this, but the wrong pair of undies can ruin your entire day. An awkward fabric and lack of support for the boys will distract you and challenge your ability to focus no matter what. Unfortunately, men don’t really pay too much mind to their skivvies-- but they should. Why? Because choosing the best undies can make a whole world of a difference on your day (and your manly bits). What’s more, is choosing the best butt-huggers is really not all that difficult.

In this post, we’ll go over all the different types of men’s underwear and which ones are best for what you’re looking for. 

A Brief History Of Men’s Underwear (Haha, Get It?)

Believe it or not, underwear has been around since prehistoric times. Well, maybe not the tighty-whities and banana hammocks that we all know and love today. Back then, men rocked loincloths (sexy, right?). Not far removed from a nappy --men’s underwear evolved around the 13th century into a style we are more familiar (and love) with today. 

Slip-on undershorts that finished at the calf became the number-one choice for gents everywhere. Soon came the Renaissance period, which saw men’s underwear becoming a bit shorter and tighter -- it was knee length now! The following centuries saw minimal change until the good ol’ 1930s when the beloved brief first took the spotlight. 

For the rest of the 20th century, the debate was always centered around briefs vs. boxers, which led to the birth of the boxer brief --surely a way to end the debate for good. Yeah, that didn’t quite work. 

The late 80s and early 90s saw the rise of brand names being proudly displayed on the waistband of men’s butt-huggers everywhere. The idea of becoming loyal to a brand and swapping out all the other pairs in your top drawer became a thing -- which brings us to today. The battle of whether you prefer boxers or briefs rages on, but the importance of comfort, quality, and sustainability are more vital than ever. 

Choosing The Right Style Of Undies For You 

Among all the difficult decisions a man has to make in his life, picking the best men’s underwear for you is definitely up there. (Maybe it’s not as tough of a decision as getting married or whether or not to have kids, but it’s top three for sure.) What worked for you as a teen won’t necessarily work for you as a grown adult. And what you think suits you best might not actually work for you practically. Why? Because you have to consider your unique body shape, the best support for your meat and potatoes, and of course, the best fit. 

So, without further ado, here are the different men’s underwear types decoded:


Needless to say, boxer shorts are loose-fitting undies. They might not really offer any amount of support, but boy, do they certainly deliver on breathability! In fact, these babies are the more breathable form of undies for men. 

A pair of boxer shorts features this thing called a “fly.” It’s like an easy exit route for your noodle when you want to go to the bathroom. Boxers are ideal for casual or daily wear. And that’s because they provide an undeniably relaxed fit. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, and even tailored formal pants. 


We’ll keep this brief -- briefs are a staple in many men’s underwear drawers. They go with just about everything you wear -- and that’s not even the best part about them! The most alluring aspect of these beloved butt-huggers is that they come in a broad range of styles, rises, and colors. 

You can expect a quality pair of briefs to cover your entire nether regions. But it leaves your upper thigh exposed -- unlike boxers. Even so, briefs are extremely comfortable, no matter the occasion. 

That being said, if there’s one thing briefs are super popular for, then it’s support. The kind of support briefs offer your most favorite body part (don’t deny it) is unparalleled to any other type of undie. This explains why so many guys choose to rock briefs for athletic activities. The fit, in this case, is perfect for fast-paced, intense movements. 

Boxer Briefs 

Ah, the coveted boxer brief! These undies represent the best qualities of both boxers and briefs -- the support of briefs and the comfort of boxers. Boxer briefs are structures to resemble the tapered shape of boxers but with a snug fit. Much like the beloved brief, boxer briefs are incredibly comfortable. You can wear them from sun up to sun down without feeling any sort of discomfort or irritation.

Unlike boxers, you get to wear boxer briefs when performing physical activities too. Since they reach your mid-thigh region with an average waist rise, boxer briefs are good to go with most types of fabrics. 

Want to show your cannoli some love? Try on a pair of Culprit Boxer Briefs. These undies are so unbelievably comfortable, it’s like the ultra-breathable micromodal fabric welcomes your boys in a sweet embrace that’s like no other. Need we say more? 


OK, so trunks might not be a classic form of skivvies, like briefs. Nevertheless, they are very popular. And this is mostly due to the fact that trunks resemble both briefs and boxer briefs. In fact, many guys refer to boxer briefs as trunks -- but with shorter legs. 

Trunks feature a perfect square shape. They are a really good option for those who love briefs and want to try different styles. A pair of quality trunks go with all kinds of great attire. Be it casual or athletic, or even everyday wear. Men’s trunks are also very popular for swimming. However, if you ask us, we prefer the comfort of quick-drying swim trunks like the ones from Culprit when we’re taking a dip in the pool -- but to each his own.     

Types Of Underwear Based On Body Shape

Underwear is an essential item of clothing (most) men wear on a daily basis. So it’s of the utmost importance to pick the perfect pair from a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many guys base their selections on factors like color and print, hardly taking into consideration essential aspects like the natural shape of their body. In reality, you need to be thinking about both!

Skivvies should always be chosen depending on what the shape of your body is -- so let’s get that cleared out too!

For Giants 

If you’re tall -- and we mean over six feet -- then your best bet is boxer briefs. Anything shorter, and you’ll end up looking like a giraffe with an itty bitty piece of fabric covering Johnson (not a cute look). So it’s highly advisable to cover up as much of those long legs as possible with underwear. 

For Shorties 

Bad news for shorter men. When purchasing undies, you have to be very careful. Even normal butt-huggers might seem too lengthy. So avoid deliberately longer lengths, because they make you look shorter. 

In that case, briefs are your best friends. With their shorter leg length, you can flash more leg skin. Boxer briefs can sometimes be suitable for shorties, as well. Just look for a snug fit that isn’t too long -- like the ones from Culprit!

For Slim Physiques 

If your physique is on the slimmer side, then it’s best to go for tighter undies. Baggy underwear is only going to make you appear to be skinnier or bonier (and not the good kind of bonier ;). That said, trunks and boxer briefs are the best choice. They are longer in length than briefs and, at the same time, not very tight to wear. Also, with trunks and boxer briefs on, your legs don’t look so thin. 

For Big Boys 

For the boys with a little extra fluff in the middle, boxer briefs come out on top. They are super comfortable, undeniably supportive, and offer just the right amount of coverage. Look for a pair that are baby-soft and ultra-breathable -- like the ones found at Culprit

A Final Word 

And there you have it -- the different men’s underwear types and their descriptions. 

When it boils down to underwear, the piece of clothing that gets up real close and personal with your unmentionables, comfort is KEY. Look for supportive undies made with breathable fabric like micromodal to keep your junk sweat-free and happy. Not sure where to look? Head on over to Culprit Underwear

Culprit offers flattering comfort that is on a completely different level than anything else on the market. Never will your manhood feel so good in luxurious fabric, merging the perfect cut with breathability and smooth, silky elegance. 

Check out Culprit Underwear today for happy balls tomorrow!



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