Whether you’re a gym rat, a fashionista, or just a chick who’s caked up and isn’t afraid to show it off, booty shorts need to be a staple in your wardrobe. Ridiculously comfy, insanely versatile, and sexy AF, you’re making a big mistake if you don’t rock these babies on a regular basis.

If you’ve never graced your cheeks with a pair of booty shorts, you’re probably wondering what the hype is about. Well today’s your lucky day, sis, because we’re about to drop some bootylicious knowledge on you. 

Keep reading to learn how booty shorts became a thing, why so many people are obsessed with them, and get some essential outfit inspo.

Warning: Wearing booty shorts may result in a ridiculous amount of compliments about how amazing your ass looks.

What Are Booty Shorts?

Booty shorts are snug-fitting, low-rise bottoms with a super short inseam—we’re talking one inch. As the name suggests, booty shorts are built to showcase the curves of your butt. They’re made of stretchy, breathable fabric like micromodal that hugs your hips and highlights your assets.

It’s easy to mix up booty shorts with biker shorts—and while both are solid options if you want to put your derriere on display, there are some differences. 

For starters, booty shorts reveal a lot more skin. While biker shorts extend to mid-thigh and have an inseam of about 8.5 inches, booty shorts have a one-inch inseam. Booty shorts also have a lower waistline that sits lower on your hips to create a more cheeky look. Biker shorts have a higher waistline that sits above the waist for more support while you crush that SoulCycle class.

A Brief History of Booty Shorts

You might have thought your grandma’s generation was a bunch of prudes, but it turns out they were the ones who brought booty shorts to life. Starting in the 1930s, women in Hollywood decided they were done hiding their butts and started wearing shorts that showcased their booties.

But it wasn’t until the 70s when these butt-flattering cuts became socially acceptable. They were originally called “hotpants,” a term coined in a 1970 issue of Women’s Wear Daily. By the time the 2000s rolled around, the term hotpants gave way to “booty shorts.” Cities like Miami and Los Angeles are often credited for booty shorts going mainstream, thanks to their beach-to-bar culture.

Today you’ll find ladies rocking booty shorts at the gym, on the couch, and everywhere in between. 

4 Reasons to Rock Booty Short

From flattering your assets to cooling off your crotch, here are four reasons you add booty shorts into your daily rotation.

1. They Make Your Butt Look Irresistible

Whether you’re petite or extra thiccc, booty shorts make your butt look downright irresistible. Between the snug fit, short inseam, and low waistline, your booty will be popping like never before. 

Your ass is one of your most valuable assets—don’t hide it under a pair of baggy shorts or sweatpants.

2. They’re Insanely Comfortable

Booty shorts are so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing anything at all. The soft, stretchy, form-fitting fabric means no wedgies and no riding up your thighs. Real talk: booty shorts are as close to walking around naked in public as you’re going to get.

3. They Keep You Cool

Booty shorts keep you cool where it counts. Whether you’re suffering through a workout class or polishing off a pint of ice cream in bed, your lady parts will feel fresh and breezy down below.

4. They’re Versatile

Between their breathability, absurd comfort, and form-fitting shape, booty shorts are excellent multitaskers. You can wear them to your yoga class, under a dress for date night, around the house, between the sheets, on a Hot Girl Walk to your overpriced coffee shop…you get the point.

4 Ways to Wear Booty Shorts

Whether you’re lazy AF, a girl boss, or something in between, here are four ways to add booty shorts into your wardrobe rotation.

1. With a Sports Bra

Trying to make your gym crush drool? Want to inspect the results of those squats you’ve been doing? Rocking booty shorts with a sports bra will turn you into a walking thirst trap. 

2. With a Sweatshirt

Pairing booty shorts with a baggy sweatshirt or hoodie is the ultimate cozy combo. Honestly, it should be the official uniform for Netflix and Chill.

3. Under a Dress

If you’re worried about panty lines showing through your dress, booty shorts are the way to go. Since they have a seamless, form fitting design, nobody will be able to tell what you’re wearing.

Not to mention, booty shorts provide more coverage than a thong, so you won’t have to worry about any accidental exposure when you’re busting moves on the dance floor.

4. Under Your Pants

Booty shorts can easily replace traditional underwear if you’re wearing pants or high-waisted jeans. Specifically, micromodal booty shorts wick away extra moisture so nobody will notice if your cheeks get sweaty.

The snug, seamless fit of booty shorts will also reduce the chances of people seeing panty lines.

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