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Booty Shorts: How to Choose the Best Pair

Booty Shorts: How to Choose the Best Pair

Bums are this season’s hottest asset, thanks to the likes of Kim K and Nicki Minaj, so it’s no wonder ladies all around the globe are putting time and a half into ensuring their derrieres are nice and pert. And you should too -- especially since booty shorts are back for another bootylicious summer of love. 

Booty shorts have been around for quite some time, but they’re going to be your summer staple. It’s been over fifteen years since Kate Moss rocked the tiny short-shorts at Glasto -- and you can bet your bottom dollar she’ll be working them this year too. 

Ready to show off all that junk in your trunk with an awesome pair of booty shorts but don’t know where to start? We can help. Read on to learn how to choose the best pair. 

But First, Who Can Rock Booty Shorts? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 22 -- anyone and everyone can rock booty shorts. Long gone are the days where we acted like only people with certain body types couldn’t wear teeny-weeny shorts. They’re officially for all people of all shapes and sizes. If you want to wear booty shorts- put them on!

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dive into some great tips to wear them right 

Do Your Squats

A glimpse of booty-cheek is sexy as all hell, and this trend is all about celebrating your beautiful behind. But let’s face facts -- you don’t want to have a flat bum poking out of your short shorts, so you’re going to have to put some work in to keep it firm and fabulous. 

Squats will be your savior this summer, and the best part about them is that you literally do them anywhere. Seriously! You can squat in your living room, at your desk, in the shower -- wherever. 

To do them correctly, keep your weight back, hips tight, back tight (everything tight), and squeeze through your butt like you’re trying to push planet earth out of orbit. Do a few reps adding more each day. 

Denim is Back, Baby!

In case you hadn’t noticed, denim is making a huge comeback, and it’s the perfect material for your booty shorts. But the catwalks are kind this year, and there are so many different materials you can play around with if you’re bored of the 90s classic. 

Fashionistas can go for something a little more adventurous if they’d like, opting for a perennially chic pair of distressed denims-- especially if you want to play it safe. For extra brownie points, take note of the latest trends and snap up a pair of khaki green, tan suede, or even white shorts. But don’t get too distressed -- there’s definitely enough on show with your bum out, let alone giving everyone a cheeky peek of your knickers. Keep it classy by sticking to an acid wash if you want to mix the denim up.

Layer With Kimono

If you want to rock your favorite booty shorts without baring it all to the world, why not pair them with a long kimono? A kimono in a bold pattern or hue will instantly update your summer look.

Keep Them High Waisted

Elongate your beautiful legs by snapping up a high-waisted pair of booty shorts, which sit at the small of your waist. By hugging the smallest bit of you, your curves will be accentuated, and suddenly -- baby got back! 

Crop Tops Are a Big NO

Your butt is taking center stage, so cover up your midriff and stay away from crop tops. You can tease with a little bit of cleavage, but nothing more than a scoop neck. You’re trying to work this style like Beyonce -- not Jodie Marsh circa 2004 (although if that’s your vibe, go you).

Consider teaming your short-shorts with a blouse for an elegant twist. One of the ways to wear booty shorts without looking too tacky is to stick to tailored styles. Sure, they may be super short, but a fitted waistband or turned-up cuff can make all the difference. 

They’re Not Just For Raves

Why should something so deliciously sexy be reserved for boozers at raves who can’t even appreciate them? This year, booty shorts are acceptable anywhere, any time. Dress them down in the day with an undeniably cute pair of Hi-Tops or sandals, then take them from day to night with your favorite pair of wedges.

Confidence is Key

It’s a given if you’re rocking booty shorts that there might be a wee bit more on display than what you’re used to -- but work it. Don’t spend the night adjusting your camel toe, pulling out a wedgie, or anxiously looking around, wondering if people are staring at your booty. Because guess what, they are. A surefire way to kill your sex appeal is not having the confidence to pull it off, so just hold your head up high, darlin’, and let everyone enjoy your cheeky cheeks!

Remember: booty shorts are a state of mind -- not just a piece of clothing.  

How To Find The Perfect Pair

So now you know how to rock booty shorts and are fully equipped with all the best tips and tricks to look nothing short of flawless -- but how do you find the perfect pair? 

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Before even putting them on, feel them. Is the material something you’re looking for? No? Move along. 

  • If you like the fabric, go ahead and slip them on. Play with the waistband a little to make sure it feels comfortable on your hips. 

  • Move in them. Perform a few lunges, squats, or burpees -- do they stay in place or ride up? Some movement is perfectly normal on booty shorts, but you need to make sure you’re comfortable with that movement (if any). 

  • Turn to the side. Do the shorts squish your booty or support it? With how hard we work for our bums, we most definitely don’t want it to get squished in a pair of shorts! A good pair of booty shorts will be snug enough to stay in place but not at the risk of squishing the goods. 

Keep in mind that we all have different bodies -- each and every one of us. So don’t get discouraged if one brand of shorty-shorts fits great on your bestie but not so great on you. That’s totally normal! Do some research, try on more booty shorts, and find the one that is perfect for you.

Booty Shorts From Culprit 

Not sure where to find an amazing pair of booty shorts? Head on over to Culprit

Using the highest quality micro-modal fabric, made in the beautiful U.S.A, and eco-friendly, the booty shorts from Culprit are truly one-of-a-kind. Not only will the ultra-breathable micromodal help to keep your lady bits cool, but these booty shorts will seriously help to make your tush look fierce. Oh, and the best part? They come in a ton of different prints to tickle just about anyone’s fancy! From ultra-violent, ultra-cute ax-wielding Cupids and martini-drinking monkeys to stealth black and pink ribbed -- take your pick!

Show your bum some love and check out Culprit Underwear today -- trust us, you’ll be glad you did! 



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