Career Opportunities

Underwear Black Market Dealer
  • Role: Sell rare underwear to shady characters in dark alleys.
  • Requirement: Stealth, comfort with illegal activities.
  • Compensation: Bags of unmarked bills, a sense of danger.
Covert Underwear Agent
  • Role: Covertly wear competitor’s underwear and report on their lackluster comfort levels.
  • Requirement: Stealth, a flair for espionage.
  • Compensation: A closet full of enemy underwear.
Chief Underwear Elastic Tester
  • Role: Stretch and test the elasticity of underwear bands for hours.
  • Requirement: Strong arms and a monotonous life outlook.
  • Compensation: Fish heads fed to you hourly through rusty slot in the door.
Underwear Vengeance Planner
  • Role: Devise schemes against those who conspire against Culprit Underwear.
  • Requirement: Creativity in revenge tactics, grudge holding.
  • Compensation: Sweet, sweet revenge.