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What's The Culprit Difference?

Every underwear we tried (and we tried them all) had its strengths and shortcomings. We set out to design the perfect pair, one with no shortcomings, and we spent two years designing them to be truly flawless, from the stretch of the elastic, to the durability in the wash, including colors that won't run, and fabric that won't pill. So we designed Culprits to be worn for every occasion, to gave you the feeling of your lucky pair everyday. Underwear that keeps you supported for sports, cool on a hot day, that are stylish to go out, original works of art you can wear, and flattering for when the pants come off and the lights turn low. And they needed to be supremely comfortable, so we used the softest, most breathable micro modal / lycra blend you'll ever feel in your life, paired with flattering construction to make you stay cool and look good with your pants off.

Other notable features include:

Bold Waistband (so you can stop repping another man's name above your junk!)

Cooling Mesh Gusset (in addition to the breathable fabric, underneath we put mesh wrappage to keep you with a fresh package) 

Quick Draw Fly (The first ever left side fly for the easiest access ever, never lose a pissing contest!) 

Tagless Construction (no itchy tags ever!)

Original Designs (you won't find these patterns anywhere else)

Fuck They're So So Soft (self explanatory, you gotta feel em to believe em -- also they get softer in the wash, like wtf? how? we don't even know)

Where is Culprit Underwear made?

Right here in sunny Southern California. We pay a premium to make it premium with direct oversight on all designing, printing, and manufacturing. We use eco friendly processes and dyes, adhering to strict US environmental policies. 

How often do you release new designs?

Sign up for our newsletter, we'll let you know. We will eventually work our way up to monthly drops, we've got some growing to do until then, thank you for supporting us!

Do you have a Loyalty Program / Membership / Subscription?

Yes we do! You'll get first dibs on Exclusive Drops, You'll never miss an underwear pattern, and you'll get our Best Deal Ever: Only $19 A Pair. Best of all you'll have new underwear every month and people will like and respect you.

How do I make a Return/Exchange?

Just click the Contact button at the bottom of the page and we'll instruct you :)

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Fuck yeah, it costs a bit more though.