We totally get it: some days, you just don’t feel like spending an hour grooming yourself before taking another twenty to thirty minutes to find the right outfit and then another ten minutes or so to pick out the right accessories. However, the truth is that this shows when you leave the house. 

Dressing to impress—no matter what the occasion might be—is a reflection of your inner drive, your self-worth, and your character. Taking the few extra minutes to look your absolute best, even if you’re not leaving the house, changes your way to productivity. Cuz’ when ya look good, you feel good. And when ya feel good, you perform well. 

Not sure how to dress to impress? We’ve got your back! From underwear to accessories, read on to learn everything you need to know about looking your best. 

Why You Should ALWAYS Dress To Impress

But first things first, why should you dress to impress for every occasion, anyway? 

We’ll tell you. 

Prepared for the unexpected 

Regardless of what you’re doing, you should always be prepared for the unexpected when you leave the house. Think about it—running into an old flame, high-school bestie, or meeting someone new can literally happen anywhere, and you should always look your best. Even if you’re just rocking a pair of jeans and your favorite tennis shoes running errands, make sure your outfit is on point and that you have a clean, neat appearance.

Additionally, a potential employer or talent scout may be in the area and on the lookout for a specific look. You could be approached for a potential career opportunity anywhere. Even if you’re not wearing your business attire, displaying confidence through a completed outfit and overall look shows the world that you took the time to ensure you look nothing short of amazing for the environment you’re in. 

Lifted Spirits 

When you put together a bangin’ look, you’ll feel a million times better about yourself. And a little dose of self-confidence on a day when you’re feeling less than stellar makes an exceptional impression. It shows that you understand the importance of always looking your very best and making a good impression wherever you are. 

A lifted spirit does wonders for the soul and accomplishing goals. You have confidence and a will to succeed and reach your goals no matter what the crazy day has thrown at you. And on the days when you’re feeling a little sluggish or down—we all have them—you can simply wear a happy color and accessorize using contrasting colors. Sometimes a little uplifting has to come from the outside, and always dressing to impress can help you to achieve just that. 

Career Advancement 

Believe it or not, a potential new employer interviewing you will know within the first ten seconds if you’re the correct person for the job. This opinion comes directly from your overall look. Improper attire and less-than-perfect grooming lead to a whopping 40% of rejections while searching for a new position. Sure, your credentials are definitely important—don’t get us wrong here—but when you look the part, you’re more likely to get the part. 

Completed Look 

Dressing to impress other individuals in any environment or situation takes a little more than just putting on the right clothes. Every part of your outfit, including your shoes and nails, are important details. Chipped nails and shoes ripped apart by Fido come off as you having lazy tendencies and are not putting your appearance in the forefront. 

Dress to Impress: Tips You Should Know

Now that you know exactly why it’s so important to dress to impress, you’re probably scratching your head wondering, “how the hell does one even do that?” And we don’t blame you! A quick search on Google brings up literally hundreds of pages on tips, tricks, advice, and recommendations to look your best—but let’s be real here, who has the time to sort through that many pages? 

Well, we do, actually, so you’re in luck because after scouring the internet, we’ve put together our favorite tips that we feel every rockstar should know. Whether you’re headed out on a hot date with that old flame you ran into or just running a few errands, here are the tips you should know:

Start Your Day With Some Awesome Undies

First things first, underwear. 

We all wear undies—well, most of us, that is. It’s the very first thing we slip on every morning and is the piece of clothing that sits nice and snug next to the most delicate and sensitive part of our bodies. Many people don’t really think twice when it comes to undies, but the truth is, they should. 

You see, there’s this thing called enclothed recognition, which is basically the idea that what you wear—including your undies—can affect your psychological process. So if you’re starting your day wearing bloomers that make you feel oh-so-good, then you’re gonna hold onto that sassy and sexy feeling all day long. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to undie-type so just run with your panty preference. Personally, we’re all about that comfort factor, so when it comes to underwear shopping, ultra-breathable micromodal fabric is key.  

Starting your day by wearing good-quality undies will boost your mood, and depending on what kind of fun print or panty type you choose—regardless of how silly or sexy they may be—is almost like an inner confidence booster that’s your own little secret. Well, that is until your pants come off… wink, wink. 

Don’t Force Yourself to Follow Trends 

See-through shoes, sandals with latex socks, bare-butt jeans—the list of weird trends is a long one. And just because it’s a current trend sweeping over the nation doesn’t mean you have to take part. Sure, it’s always good to have up-to-date knowledge on the latest and greatest fashion trends, but when you’re trying to dress to impress, avoid wearing anything just because it’s in vogue. Find the styles that suit you—your unique personality, your beautiful body, and your diverse lifestyle—above all else.  

Always Wear Clean Clothes

Okay, so this might be a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s important, so we’ve added it to the list. When trying to dress to impress, always make sure your clothes are properly laundered. This means wearing clothes that are stain and wrinkle-free. Showing up to a special event or a hot date with your lunch on your shirt is not a good look. Take the time to learn how to properly care for your clothes and accessories, so you’re always lookin’ fly, no matter the occasion. 

Comfort Above Everything

As we mentioned, when you feel good, you look good. Worrying about your skirt length, or a too-tight crop-top or skinny jeans, isn’t going to impress: fashion anxiety can be obvious, trust us on this one. 

To radiate impressiveness, keep an eye out for clothes that fit like a glove. Test-drive an outfit before wearing it to a special event, making sure it’s super comfy-cozy to sit, stand, and drop it like it’s hot. 

Widen Your Net 

Don’t always shop at the same ol’ stores; search for statement clothes(even undies!) in new and unexpected places like unique online shops or at independent boutiques. From the quintessential little black dress to the coolest underwear around, you can find a whole host of impressive pieces without stepping foot on the high street. 

A Final Word

So, how does one dress to impress, you ask? 

Simple. Start by slipping on an awesome pair of undies and wear what makes you feel good. Stay away from trying to fit in with the crowd by following weird trends, and always keep in mind that comfort is key. 

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