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Get ready to experience undies wonders! With wit in our stitches and humor in our hems, we’ve created LadyBoxers—macho comfort unleashed with fashionable feminine ferocity.

With unforgettable names ranging from 'A Very Culprit Christmas' to 'Walk Like an Egyptian' and pun-ny designs to match, boxers won't be missing out on the fun!

Booty Shorts? Pfft! More like Booty Adventures! Slip your buns into 'Chill Bill', 'Don’t Care Bears', or 'Space Pirates' and let those cargo ships sail smoothly through the day with style. But below the deck is just the beginning of your comfort cruise.

On the upper deck, our ComfyBra line captains suppleness and support, not to mention a high-energy fashion party for 'Party Animals,' ‘Zombie Bunnies,’ ‘Samurai Cats.’ and other colorful characters. Looking out onto the horizon, the glassy, rolling ocean deep inspires ComfyBra’s relaxed fit, not to mention nautical styles like the 'Get it Kraken,’ the 'Stealth Black Ribbed, 'and the Incognito Mode pack. And speaking of deep, how about diving into our Thongs collection? Perfect for when you’re feeling less like a sailor and more like a rebellious treasure pirate looking for more booty.

Finally, when your anchor drops at the port, grab your BAEthing Suit, hop on your LadyBikerz, and slip your fins into the world’s comfiest socks with landlubbing styles like 'Raptor Vice' and 'Le Tigre'. Ahoy matey, let Culprit be yer captain for your daily cruise…. because even when life brings you stormy seas, your underwear should always feel like an ocean breeze.

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