Pop quiz: What’s the most important part of working out? Is it guzzling sketchy pre-workout stimulants that may or may not cause heart palpitations? Warming up so you don’t throw your back out (again)? Strategically doing curls next to the girl you’re afraid to talk to?

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. The correct answer is choosing the best workout underwear. If your nuts and butt aren’t comfortable, the rest of your workout experience is going to be a disaster.

Maybe you’re hitting the gym for the first time in years. Or maybe you’re a verified fitness #influencer with biceps the size of basketballs. Either way, you need workout underwear that secures your nut sack, wicks away sweat, and keeps you comfortable while you blast those glutes.

Keep reading to discover the best workout underwear a man can grace his sore-yet-sculpted thighs with.

What’s the Best Workout Underwear for Men?

Whether you’re a bootcamp bro, a crossfit nut, or a strict bench and curl kinda guy, there are three things you should care about when it comes to choosing the best workout underwear:

  1. Support: You can’t have your family jewels flopping around when you’re trying to get shredded
  2. Breathability: Your balls need to breathe, especially when you start churning out sweat
  3. Comfort: You should be able to bend, jump, lunge, and squat without even realizing you’re wearing underwear
  4. Odor Resistance: Body odor is inevitable, but having underwear that stinks every time you sweat is optional
  5. Moisture Wicking Ability: Workout underwear should pull moisture away from your skin, not trap it

Taking all of those factors into consideration, the best workout underwear for men is a pair of boxer briefs.

“But wait!” you’re saying, “My buddy told me to wear skin-tight compression shorts.”

Well guess what, your buddy probably also washes his face with 3-in-1 shampoo and gets his investing advice from TikTok. But even if he’s a well-adjusted genius, he doesn’t know more about underwear than we do.

Let’s break down five reasons micromodal boxers are the ultimate workout undies for dudes.

5 Reasons Micromodal Boxer Briefs Are the Best Workout Underwear for Men

Between being softer than a cloud and more flexible than a yoga instructor, here’s why you need to wear micromodal boxer briefs for your next workout.

1. They Wick Moisture

Micromodal is 50% more absorbent than cotton, making it the ideal fabric for soaking up all that sweat your nether regions churn out. 

When you sweat, the fibers attract moisture and spread it across the surface of the fabric. Once the moisture is spread out, the larger surface area allows it to evaporate fast AF to keep you cool and dry.

It's basically like having a built-in moisture management system around your crotch.

2. They’re Stretchy

Micromodal boxers are absurdly stretchy and flexible. Whether you’re running, cycling, squatting, deadlifting, or doing yoga, they move with you to give you a full range of motion with no restrictions.

3. They’re Breathable

When you exercise, your body cranks up your internal temperature. If your underwear has poor airflow, it’s going to turn your crotch into a sweaty sauna…and that’s a recipe for chafing.

Micromodal boxers are naturally breathable, thanks to their super-fine fibers. The extra ventilation keeps your package cool, even when things heat up down below.

4. They Secure Your Package

Micromodal boxer briefs cradle your junk to prevent bouncing and flopping mid-workout. The snug fit also prevents them from riding up your legs and causing wedgies.

When you’re trying to impress your gym crush, the last thing you want is her watching you constantly pick your underwear out of your ass crack in the squat rack.

5. They Fight Odor

Micromodal has natural antibacterial properties. Translation: It prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. When you sweat, bacteria on your skin break down the moisture, leading to brutal body odor. Micromodal keeps bacteria at bay, preventing them from multiplying and causing stank.

The 4 Worst Types of Underwear to Work Out In

Unless you want to deal with swamp ass and wedgies during your next workout, avoid these types of underwear like the plague.

Tighty Whities

As if wearing the same style of underwear as your grandpa wasn’t bad enough, tighty whities are terrible for working out. They’re stiff and way too snug, creating the perfect storm for wedgies.

Boxer Shorts

Leave those loose boxer shorts back in your middle school days where they belong. They’re notorious for riding up your ass, not to mention they’re made of cotton which doesn’t wick moisture as well as micromodal.

Silk Underwear

Silk might be luxurious, but it’s not built for a sweat fest at the gym. It doesn’t breathe well and can’t wick moisture, so stay away unless you want to turn your groin into a Slip N Slide.


We don’t judge what consenting adults wear in the bedroom for sexy time, but we will judge you for wearing a thong to the gym (if you’re a dude). It’s a one-way ticket to wedgie city and there’s nothing there to soak up all your disgusting butt sweat.

Culprit Boxers: Built to Crush Workouts (Without Crushing Your Nuts)

Finding underwear that doesn’t suck is hard enough. But finding underwear that can handle the rigors of an intense workout without causing wedgies, sweat stains, or excessive flopping is harder than hitting on your gym crush without feeling like a pervert.

Luckily, we did all the hard work for you by creating Boxer Briefs. They’re designed to give you more airflow than an AC unit with more support than a group chat with your boys from back home. Oh, and did we mention they come in 25+ colors and prints that flatter your 🐓?

Buy ‘em now and thank us later when your balls aren’t begging for sweet relief midway through your next gym session.