There are few feelings that rival ripping your underwear off, whether it’s after a long day of soulless Zoom meetings or before doing the nasty in bed. Freeing your genitals from the confines of clothes is a liberating, almost primal, experience.

This leads to a controversial question: Why not ditch underwear altogether, AKA go commando?

Even though we sell underwear for a living, we can’t sit here and deny the fact that going commando totally rules (sometimes). But there’s also some serious risks associated with living life sans underwear.

In this article, we’ll explore the history of going commando and do an honest assessment of the pros and cons. Soon, you’ll be ready to make the proper decision for your privates.

What Does ‘Going Commando’ Mean?

“Going commando” is a slang term for not wearing any underwear. It’s also known as “free-balling.” For some people, going commando is a last resort if they don’t have any clean underwear. But most of the time, people go commando for comfort and breathability. 

Not wearing underwear might sound repulsive if you’re a germaphobe (or a prude). But according to a survey by Cottonelle, 62% of Americans would be down to go commando, as long as they felt clean…down there.

It’s human nature to want your genitals to have breathing room.

Where Did the Term ‘Going Commando’ Come From?

The term “going commando” dates back to the 70s during the Vietnam War. The humid jungles were notorious for giving soldiers fungal infections on their groin, balls, and butt cheeks. So rather than sanitizing their skivvies every day, the troops just let it all hang loose down there.

Once the troops came back to the states, going commando caught on with civilians who wanted to avoid swamp ass and chafing from their tighty whities.

What’s the Point of Going Commando?

Let’s unpack five reasons guys and girls alike go commando.

1. Comfort

Comfort is far and away the top reason people go commando. If you normally wear cotton underwear, going commando can reduce the risk of wedgies and keep your crotch cool. 

As one guy on Reddit notes, “Feeling the fresh breeze on your nutsack through mesh basketball shorts on a 70° day is the best possible feeling.”

2. Less Laundry

If you go commando, you don’t have to wash, dry, and fold your underwear on laundry day. That might sound genius, until you realize you have to wash your pants and shorts because they were rubbing against your genitals all day.

3. Boosting Sperm Count

A lot of guys are convinced that tight underwear will lower their sperm count and make them infertile, hence the decision to go commando. It’s true that sperm are sensitive to heat, and cramming your nuts into a pair of tighty whities will raise the temps around your testes. 

However, the nerds at Harvard note that studies on how different types of underwear affect sperm production have been inconsistent.

4. It’s Kinky

Let’s get real: If you see a text from your crush saying “I’m not wearing underwear,” you’re gonna get horny AF. Going commando also provides easy access to your fun-zone when things get heated between you and your lover.

5. No Underwear Lines

Having your underwear show through your pants is tacky AF. If you’re a dude, nobody wants to see your bunched up boxers under your pants. If you’re a chick, panty lines are a pain in the ass if you wear tight dresses or leggings. Going commando eliminates that issue, but you pay the price with less comfort and support.

4 Downsides of Going Commando

Going commando is all fun and games until you have to deal with these problems.

1. Dick Prints and Camel Toes

When you eliminate the extra layer of fabric between your skin and pants, you give everyone a front row seat to check out your genitals.

Fellas, you might be eager to show off your dick print, especially if you’re packing down there. But if you pop a random boner in public, that’s a major issue.

Ladies, going commando is a one-way ticket to camel toe city if you’re wearing leggings, biker shorts, or booty shorts. Unless you’re cool with putting your hoo-ha on display, wear a thong.

2. Personal Hygiene Nightmare

Spoiler alert: The bodily fluids from your genitals create a breeding ground for germs and bacteria in your crotch. You’re better off having that stuff absorbed by your underwear that you wash after one use, rather than letting it fester in your favorite pair of pants.

Going commando can easily increase your risk of rashes, chafing, swamp ass, and jock itch. You know—all the problems you wanted to avoid in the first place.

3. Sweat Stains

One of underwear’s main jobs is soaking up the sweat you churn out down below. If you go commando, be ready to show everyone the sweat stains on your butt crack and crotch, which are especially noticeable on tight-fitting clothes or light-colored fabrics.

4. No Support for Your Junk

This one is for the fellas. Whether you’re playing pickup hoops or just hitting the farmer’s market to scout babes, you can’t afford to have your family jewels flopping around. Much like an impressionable teenager, your balls need all the support they can get—especially if you’re active—and going commando simply won’t cut it.

Culprit Underwear Is Basically Like Going Commando

Most people think you have to choose between the oppression of underwear and the freedom of going commando. That might have been true in the 70s. But it’s a new day in America, and Culprit Underwear is here to deliver commando-esque comfort with more support than your group chat.

Our underwear is so f*cking soft and stretchy you’ll forget you even put it on. Made from absurdly soft micromodal, you get the breathability of going commando without the disgusting downsides like sweat stains, bulges, and bacteria buildup.

If these boxers, booty shorts, bikers, and thongs aren’t the most amazing things to grace your privates, we’ll give your money back.