Just to make sure we’re all on the same page -- we established long ago that leggings are pants, right? So really, the only thing left to consider is what undies to wear with leggings that won’t give you major panty lines or painful chafing. Sure, going commando is definitely an option, but the risk of getting an icky infection increases, which, if you ask us, is way worse than panty lines. That said, the right type of undies can make a huge difference. 

Interested in learning more? We can help! Read on to learn about the best undies to wear with leggings. We’ll cover the type, material, and visibility to help you feel nothing short of amazing. 

But First, Why Wear Undies In The First Place? 

Before you get all up in arms about going commando with your leggings (we know, we know, there are health benefits to “letting the cat out of her bag”), you might be interested in knowing some of the benefits of wearing panties. Here are a few of them: 

It Protects Your Lady Bits

Yup, it’s true. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, underwear protects the nether regions from rubbing against fabric, which can cause sores or abrasions to basic discomfort. Having an extra layer between your most delicate body part and your outer garments can help meet your sensitive skin with softer fabrics that aren’t as abrasive. 

It Can Provide Comfort 

Some ladies prefer rocking undies simply because they are comfortable. Again, this could be comfort from a physical standpoint but also comfort from a psychological or emotional standpoint. Feeling less vulnerable to the elements -- or even other people -- is the motivation behind underpants. 

It Combats Less Than Favorable Odors 

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your desk or laying in bed, and all of a sudden, you get a whiff of something… off. You could be wearing your thickest pair of pants, but still, that unpleasant odor somehow makes its way up to your nose. For the most part, typical discharge and other secretions shouldn’t be too strong of an odor, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Thankfully, much of it can be contained within the gentle compression of -- you guessed it -- underwear.  

It Keeps Your Clothes Clean 

Speaking of discharge…

Another great benefit of underwear is that it can help to keep your leggings clean by absorbing vaginal discharge. 

‘Nuff said on this topic. Moving on!

Panties Help Keep Feminine Products In Place

Pads, pantyliners… these feminine care products would have a really difficult time doing their job if you weren’t wearing any undies. Placing them on the seams of your shorts or leggings wouldn’t hold them in place. And, of course, a skirt or dress would require some kind of magical hovering device to keep them from falling down. 

Additionally, underwear can serve as backup protection to your feminine product of choice when having a heavy flow or whatever sort of mishap!

Leggings And Underwear: What To Look For 

Now that you’re totally convinced that you can’t live without wearing undies (too dramatic?), let’s discuss the best butt-huggers to rock with your favorite pair of leggings. 

Laser-Cut Panties 

The brilliance behind laser-cut underwear is that it has no seams and no folds at the edges that will show up under fitted clothes. Simply put -- no panty lines! You’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to pairing these babies under your leggings. And the best part? You can choose from a wide range of cuts like the hipster, high rise, or bikini bottoms -- all of which are extremely popular.

The only downside to these panties is that they are often made from paper-thin material, which is not really ideal for sweaty girls. And seeing that leggings are often worn as gym pants, they’re gonna have to take an L.  


Want to avoid even the tiniest chance of panty lines sneaking through your leggings? Then thongs are your best bet. Wear this zero-coverage style under any legging, and you have nothing to fear! 

Except for discomfort.  

While it’s true that thongs have evolved quite a bit over the years and are now made with soft fabrics, thongs can still be a little uncomfortable for all-day wear. Of course, everyone is different, so if rocking a thin piece of stringy fabric sandwiched in between your cheeks doesn’t bother you -- we say go for it! 


Is comfort your number one priority? Then don’t overlook the classic brief, which offers full coverage and a higher waistband that sits on your natural waist. Now, this definitely might not be the best undie for body-hugging clothes like your favorite pair of leggings, but it’s without a doubt a phenomenal fit for those who could care less about panty lines. 

Booty Shorts 

Ah, the coveted booty short! This beloved undie is a fan favorite because it can be worn seamlessly under your leggings or all on its own. Yup -- you can literally wear booty shorts without pants on, and no one would question you. All though you may get quite a few stares as these undies tend to draw attention to the junk in your trunk

When it boils down to leggings, booty shorts reign supreme because they offer full coverage, are undeniably comfortable, and comes with no panty lines. Why no panty lines, you ask? Because the edges end just at your upper thigh and are essentially snug shorts-- not panties. 

Not sure where to find booty shorts? Head on over to Culprit Underwear, where you’ll find a huge inventory of deliciously soft booty shorts made from micromodal fabric to keep your lady bits sweat-free and happy. 

Let’s Talk About Materials 

We’ve gone over the different types of underwear as well as visibility, but what material is best? Here are three of the most common panty fabrics and which one comes out on top:


Cotton is one of the most affordable natural fibers on the planet and is an excellent option for underwear because it’s oh-so-comfortable! However, 100 percent pure cotton has almost no stretch, which sometimes conflicts with activities requiring constant movement. You know, like working out, taking a stroll around the block, or doing yoga -- all of which are usually worn with leggings. 


Silk is perhaps the ultimate material for comfort and breathability -- hence its historical reputation as the most luxurious of fabrics for clothing! The downside? Silk is delicate and really tough to keep clean.


Leggings are by default tighter on your body and often result in a little more sweat or moisture ‘down under.’ Sweat-wicking fabric like micromodal is going to be your best bet when it comes to picking undies to wear with your leggings.

Micromodal is super breathable and wicks moisture arguably better than any other fabric. The combined experience of its unparalleled softness and cool fit against the body make it an excellent choice for ladies’ underwear -- especially when worn with leggings.  

Bottom Line 

So, what’s the best underwear to wear with your favorite pair of leggings, you ask?

Booty shorts made from micromodal fabric, period

For those looking for moisture-wicking undies that don’t lack comfort and provide a panty-line-free fit with their leggings, the booty shorts from Culprit are right up your alley. Not only are they buttery soft and undeniably comfortable, but they also come in a ton of different colors and designs to tickle just about anyone’s fancy!

Plus, you can also get a matching ComfyBra to support the girls. What’s not to love?

Check out Culprit Underwear today to find best underwear for women -- trust us, your lady bits will thank you!