These days, choosing the right home for your hoo-hah can be harder than choosing an actual home. Hit up your BFF Google and you’ll get bombarded with literally billions of results for women’s underwear, all of which promise to help your booty breathe and show off your ass-ets.

From granny panties to G-strings, there are countless types of women’s underwear to choose from (thanks, capitalism!). But you can’t just snag any six-pack of panties and hope for the best. You have to worry about panty lines, camel toe, and staying cool where it counts the most.

Get comfy, ‘cause we’re breaking down five essential types of women’s underwear so you can choose the best home for your hoo-hah.

1. Thongs

Coverage: Minimal 😏

Wear them with: Dresses, tight leggings, jeans, workout shorts, or any other bottoms where you can’t afford to have panty lines

Just like really bad insurance, thongs give you minimal coverage (for your butt). That’s a good thing. Thongs have a T-string in the back to eliminate visible panty lines and typically sit a few inches below your waist, with the sides resting right around your hip bone.

Thongs come in cotton, lace, and spandex—there are even edible thongs for the freaks out there. But they all pale in comparison to micromdal thongs, a fabric so f*cking soft you might as well be naked.

culprit thong

A lot of ladies lump thongs and G-strings into the same category, but there’s a key difference. Thongs have more fabric, covering a small strip of your backside, while G-strings only put a thin sliver of fabric between your cheeks.

Thongs are often chosen for a balance of comfort and minimal panty lines, while G-strings are the go-to when you want to eliminate those lines altogether and embrace a more daring look.

2. Booty Shorts

Coverage: Medium

Wear them with: Skirts, dresses, loungewear, or by themselves to the gym (be prepared for a lot of compliments on your ass)

As the name implies, booty shorts are built to show off what your mama gave ya. They’re form-fitting with a low waistline and a cheeky one-inch inseam. 

Booty shorts are like boy shorts’ sexier sister: they have a similar rectangular fit, but the higher cut in the rear shows off more of your ass-ets.

booty shorts

3. Lady Boxers

Coverage: Medium

Wear them with: Loose skirts, roomy jeans, sweatpants, and loungewear

Billions of dudes rock boxer briefs—and for good reason. Now girls can get in on the action. Lady boxers are inspired by men’s briefs. They’re form-fitting with an inseam of 3-5 inches, giving you coverage from your lower stomach to your mid-thigh.

The extra coverage gives you insurance against thigh chafing and butt chafing. Not to mention LadyBoxers are perfect for lazy wine nights when you literally can’t be bothered to put on pants.

womens boxers

4. Bikini Underwear

Coverage: Medium to full butt coverage

Wear them with: Loose-fitting sweats, jeans, or dresses (beware of panty lines)

Bikinis are like the vanilla ice cream of women’s underwear: they get the job done, but won’t win you many compliments. Bikini-cut underwear has a moderate rise on the hips and covers most of your butt cheeks. Think of it as the safe, practical middle ground between boxers and a thong.

Bikini underwear is comfortable and practical, but panty lines can become an issue if you wear them with tight-fitting pants or dresses.

5. Briefs (AKA Granny Panties)

Coverage: Maximum 

Wear them with: Nightgowns, mom jeans, and khaki capris

Granny panties give you maximum coverage with minimal sexiness. Their characteristic traits are a high waistline and low-cut legs, giving a diaper-like appearance. Granny panties conceal pretty much everything from your belly button to well below your butt cheeks. 

Granny panties might seem cozy or practical. But if you’re even remotely active, they’ll bunch up and trap heat around your lady parts, creating the perfect storm for rashes, infections, and a stench that will scare away everyone within a one-mile radius.

Cut the BS: Culprit Is the Best Women’s Underwear 

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