These days, choosing the right home for your hoo-hah can be harder than actual house-hunting IRL. Hit up your BFF Google, and you’ll get bombarded with literally billions of search results for women’s underwear, all of which promise to help your booty breathe and show off your ass-ets. From sultry little numbers that hug your curves to comfy-as-hell everyday essentials, the women's underwear universe is vast, wide and ever expanding, but with our help you can make it your oyster.

From granny panties to G-strings, there are countless types of women’s underwear to choose from. (Thanks, capitalism!) But you can’t just snag any six-pack of panties like you do seltzers at the liquor store and hope for the best. You have to worry about things like panty lines, camel toe and keeping cool where it counts the most. Whether you’re going for a smooth silhouette or maximum comfort, scandalous thong or cloud-soft brief, you’re going to slay in style.

Put your reading spectacles on, grab your favorite mug and beverage and get comfy, ‘cause we’re about to break down 13 types of women’s underwear in order from least to most body coverage, so that you can choose the best dwelling spot for your down-under daisy.

1. Thongs

Coverage: Minimal 😏

Wear them with: Dresses, tight leggings, jeans, workout shorts, or any other bottoms where you can’t afford to have panty lines

Just like really bad insurance, thongs give you minimal coverage (for your butt). That’s a good thing. Thongs have a T-string in the back to eliminate visible panty lines and typically sit a few inches below your waist, with the sides resting right around your hip bone.

Thongs come in cotton, lace, and spandex—there are even edible thongs for the freaks out there. But they all pale in comparison to micromdal thongs, a fabric so f*cking soft you might as well be naked.


culprit thong


A lot of ladies lump thongs and G-strings into the same category, but there’s a key difference. Thongs have more fabric, covering a small strip of your backside, while G-strings only put a thin sliver of fabric between your cheeks.

Thongs are often chosen for a balance of comfort and minimal panty lines, while G-strings are the go-to when you want to eliminate those lines altogether and embrace a more daring look.

  • Coverage: Minimal to non-existent 😏
  • Wear them with: Dresses, tight leggings, jeans, workout shorts, or any other bottoms where you can’t afford to have panty lines

Want to know more? Check out our best thongs review for more info.

2. Bikini Underwear

 Bikinis are like the vanilla ice cream of women’s underwear: they get the job done with a familiar hint of sweetness, but won’t win you many over-the-top compliments. Bikini-cut underwear has a moderate rise on the hips and covers most of your butt cheeks. Think of it as the safe, practical middle ground between boxers and thongs.

Bikini panties are known for their balance of coverage and sexiness. They often feature a low-rise fit and a high-cut leg opening. Bikini underwear is comfortable and practical, but panty lines can become an issue if you wear it with tight-fitting pants or dresses.

  • Coverage: Medium to full butt coverage
  • Wear them with: Loose-fitting sweats, jeans, or dresses (beware of panty lines)

3. Briefs (AKA Granny Panties)

Granny panties give you maximum coverage with minimal sexiness. Their characteristic traits are a high waistline and low-cut legs, giving a diaper-like appearance. Granny panties conceal pretty much everything from your belly button to well below your butt cheeks. 

Granny panties might seem cozy or practical. But if you’re even remotely active, they’ll bunch up and trap heat around your lady parts, creating the perfect storm for rashes, infections, and a stench that will scare away everyone within a one-mile radius.

  • Coverage: Maximum 
  • Wear them with: Nightgowns, mom jeans, and khaki capris

4. High-Cut / French-Cut

French-cut panties? These are the leg-elongating, hip-hugging mavericks of the panty world! Riding high on the hips, they show off those legs like they're ready for a run on the red carpet. They are the ideal underwear accessory under anything high-waisted—from serious jeans to flirty skirts. 

These aren't just old panties; they’re throwback retro cool with a sassy twist, serving vintage vibes with all the comfort you need to strut your stuff. French cut is perfect for those who rock their style with a devilish grin—these panties don’t just speak the language of fashion fluently, they roar with bold confidence! 

  • Coverage: Moderate to full
  • Wear them with: High-waisted skirts, dresses, and pants

5. Booty Shorts

 As the name implies, booty shorts are built to floss and (shake) what your mama gave ya. They’re form-fitting with a low waistline and a cheeky one-inch inseam, bringing a sexy, revealing look but with more skin coverage than thongs.

Booty shorts are like the sexier sister of boy shorts: they have a similar rectangular fit, but the higher cut in the rear shows off more of your backside. It's a versatile AF look that balances comfort and sex appeal, while adding a playful vibe.

  • Coverage: Medium
  • Wear them with: Skirts, dresses, loungewear, or by themselves for a trip to the gym (be prepared for a lot of stolen looks and maybe a few compliments on your ass)

booty shorts

6. Mid-Rise

Mid-rise panties: the ultimate middle ground in the center of the undie universe! They nestle right between the hips and waist, hitting that sweet coverage spot without venturing into granny territory or dipping into risqué realms. 

This style goes great with practically any body type and is versatile enough to slide under any outfit. It’s an optimal choice for the ladies who demand comfort without high-rise hassles or low-rise dramas. Just right for feeling great all day, every day.

  • Coverage: Full
  • Wear them with: Mid-rise jeans, skirts, and trousers

7. G-String

G-strings are the sly, surreptitious ninjas of the underwear world! These minimalist marvels take "less is more" to an audacious extreme, sporting less fabric than a thong at a budget beach party. They're your undercover ally against the dreaded panty line when your secret agent plan is to slip into those scandalously tight dresses or figure-hugging jeans. 

 For the bold souls who revel in near-naked freedom while ensuring their outfit stays as sleek as a Navy Seal, G-strings are the optimal weapon to brandish from among your underwear arsenal.. With a G-string tucked onto your hop, you're armed and ready to tackle anything from a high-stakes date night to a silent disco dance-off.

  • Coverage: Minimal
  • Wear them with: Tight dresses, skirts, and leggings

8. Tanga Brief

Step into the playful allure of tanga briefs, where comfort meets a hint of international intrigue. Situated on the coverage spectrum between the modest bikini and the bold thong, tangas offer a teasing glimpse of skin while still keeping enough under wraps to maintain an air of mystery. 

They're the ideal choice for those teetering between wanting a touch of sexiness and needing sensible coverage, especially ladies with bigger hips and/or rounder, curvier backsides. If you're aiming for a look that's subtly provocative without crossing into thong territory, these are your go-to. 

  • Coverage: Minimal to moderate
  • Wear them with: Fitted dresses, skirts, and shorts

9. Lady Boxers

Coverage: Medium

Wear them with: Loose skirts, roomy jeans, sweatpants, and loungewear

Billions of dudes rock boxer briefs… and for good reason. Now, girls can get in on the action with “Lady boxers” which are inspired by the men’s version. They’re form-fitting with an inseam of 3-5 inches, giving you coverage from your lower stomach to your mid-thigh. Forget those stiff, restrictive undies of yesterday - lady boxers are today’s high-security safe room: where you want to place your assets for safeguarding.

The extra coverage provided by LadyBoxers gives you insurance against thigh chafing and butt chafing. Not to mention, they are perfect for lazy nights on the couch with a remote in one hand and wine glass in the other, when you literally can’t be bothered to put on pants. They’ve got that relaxed fit and breathable material to keep your feelin’ fresh.

  • Coverage: Medium
  • Wear them with: Loose skirts, roomy jeans, sweatpants and loungewear


womens boxers

10. Hipster and Cheeky

Hipster panties are your cheeky partners in crime. They are tighter-fitting and sit low on the hips for that semi-retro look and oh-so-comfy fit. Opt for the cheeky styles if you’re feeling a bit bold—these show off a little more skin on the backside, perfect for flaunting under low-rise jeans or that flirty skirt. 

They're the ultimate blend of comfort and coy, making them the go-to choice for anyone who loves to mix an easygoing demeanor with a hint of “Did she just say that?!” flirtiness. 

  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Wear them with: Low-rise jeans, shorts, and casual wear

11. Seamless or No-Show

Seamless panties are your stealthy sidekicks, crafted to vanish under even the tightest dresses and slinkiest pants. Perfect for those occasions when panty lines are a total no-go, these smooth operators feature laser-cut edges and silky fabrics that lie flat against your skin. 

They ensure your look remains utterly flawless, free from any unsightly lines or awkward bunching. Slide into these and embrace a polished silhouette as smooth as your moves on the dance floor. 

  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Wear them with: Bodycon dresses, leggings, and form-fitting outfits

12. Shaper Panties

Shaper panties are your clandestine gizmo for sculpting that killer silhouette. Designed to hold sway in the tummy, hug the hips, and lift the buttocks, these power players smooth out any bumps along the way, making them the perfect Sneaky Pete for form-fitting dresses and sleek skirts. 

They provide control and confidence, ensuring you look polished and poised from every angle. Shaper panties keep your look impeccably streamlined, whether stepping into the boardroom or strutting through the aisle as you board your flight headed out of town. 

  • Coverage: Full
  • Wear them with: Bodycon dresses, skirts, and evening gowns

13. Butt-Lifter Panties

Butt-lifter panties are your go-to glam squad, dedicated to boosting your bum with a little extra lift and contour. For any diva seeking a backup vocalist to accentuate their backside curves, these shapers are a harmonious support singer for your derrière. Often equipped with built-in padding or clever shaping panels, they work tirelessly to give your peach more pop and a juicier appearance. 

Whether you’re rocking jeans that need a little extra something or a bodycon dress that demands curves, butt-lifter panties raise your profile and your morale, ensuring you look as fabulous as you feel. 

  • Coverage: Full
  • Wear them with: Jeans, skirts, and dresses

Finding Underwear That Accentuates Your Figure

Model wearing white thong underwear with Culprit branding

1. Pear-Shaped Body

If you’re tired of your legs looking like they end at your knees, embrace styles that scream confidence and sex appeal. High-cut or French-cut designs are your secret weapon for lengthening those legs and creating the illusion of an hourglass figure. 

2. Apple-Shaped Body

Not into flaunting your lower abs or not a fan of the midriff bulge? No worries: mid-rise and full-coverage briefs have you covered (literally). These lifesavers smooth out and flatten your midsection, offering control and comfort that'll make you forget you ever had a tummy. 

3. Hourglass-Shaped Body

Think a narrow waist is only for runway models and Insta-influencers? Think again. Bikini and hipster styles are your secret weapon to accentuate those curves and flaunt a balanced silhouette. These barely-there designs enhance the natural allure of an hourglass figure without adding extra bulk. 

4. Rectangle-Shaped Body

If you’ve had it up to here with your backside looking flatter than a pancake, opt for designs with embellishments or ruching to create the illusion of curves. These little details are like the ultimate push-up for your peach, adding volume and shape to your hips and buttocks and creating a more feminine silhouette. 

5. Inverted Triangle Body

If you think you’re feeling top-heavy and disproportionate, it’s time to toss out the skimpy thongs and catch a vibe with increased coverage, darling. Hipsters or boyshorts are the Covert Ace for balancing a wider top half. Grab those broad shoulders or voluptuous bust, and let your lingerie do the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively).

Booty Matchmaker: Finding Best Panties for Your Bum Shape

Model kneeling on the beach in floral bikini underwear.

1. Square or H-shaped Butts

Time to spice up those square or H-shaped assets! Dive into boyshorts or briefs to throw in some curves where it counts. These styles don't just offer full coverage; they're your secret weapon to craft the illusion of a rounder, more voluptuous shape. 

2. A-Shaped

High-cut panties are an A-plus if you happen to have an A-shaped bum.  They cleverly accentuate the hips and stretch out those legs, making you look like you just stepped out of a leggy billboard ad. This style isn’t just about looking good—it’s about celebrating your natural curves with a fit that flatters every inch.

3. Inverted or V-shaped

If you're rocking an inverted or V-shaped tush, it’s all about finding balance. Mid-rise or high-waisted styles are your go-to for creating a harmonious look. They provide the support and coverage you need, smoothing your lower body’s proportions like a pro. It's like having a personal stylist for your booty along with an expert landscaper maintaining your front lawn.

4. Round or O-Shaped

Blessed with a round or O-shaped booty? Cheeky or thong styles are your ticket to turning heads. These minimal-coverage champions let your natural shape step into and steal the spotlight, enhancing what your mama gave you without holding anything back. It’s time to let that voluptuous shape shine in all its unbridled glory!

5. Upside-Down Heart-Shaped

For those with an upside-down heart-shaped booty, it’s all about keeping things sleek. Choose seamless or no-show panties to keep your silhouette as smooth as a James Bond pickup line. These panties ensure your butt  looks effortlessly lifted and fabulous without a single panty line in sight. 

Panty Picker’s Guide: What to Consider Before You Buy

Model wearing pink lady boxers with Culprit branding

1. Size and Fit

Get snug, not strangled! Finding the right size is crucial for comfort and avoiding pesky issues like chafing or the dreaded underwear pinch. Ensure your panties fit like a second skin—comfortable enough to forget they’re there but secure enough to know they’ve got your back... and front.

2. Comfort

Keep it breezy with the right fabric. Cotton is your BFF here, offering that oh-so-necessary breathability and comfort that lasts all day. After all, comfort is queen in the realm of undergarments, so choose wisely to keep things cool and comfy no matter where you roam.

3. Style and Design

Flaunt your flair down there! Pick panties that not only vibe with your personal style but also play nice with your outfit choices. Whether it’s a day at the office or a night out moving and shaking to the music, make sure your panty game is on point to match the occasion and your outer ensemble.

4. Fabric

Feel the material—your skin will thank you. Whether you go for the classic time-honored luxe touch of silk or the stretchy comfort of contemporary fabrics such as elastane, remember that different fabrics cater to different needs, such as breathability, stretch and softness. Choose based on what feels good and suits your skin’s sensibilities.

5. Occasion and Outfit Compatibility

Coordinate your panties with your plans. Whether it’s an everyday hustle or a special event bustle, pick underwear that complements your attire and meets the moment. It’s about more than just looking good—it’s about feeling supported and seamless from the inside out.

6. Hygiene

Stay fresh and fine with breathable fabrics. Opt for natural fibers that help prevent infections and keep your skin smiling, while also being better for the environment. Good hygiene isn’t just a comfort, it’s a health priority;  choose panties that keep the air flowing and the good vibes going.

Uncovering the Best Materials for Panties - Fabric-ulous Finds

Model lounging in black briefs underwear with Culprit branding.

1. Micromodal

The star of the show, Micromodal, is all about that buttery-soft touch and top-notch comfort. It’s a technology breakthrough that’s super breathable, whisks away moisture like a champ and is the best-in-class underwear material for just about anyone who’s all about feeling good every day.

2. Cotton

Cotton has traditionally been and continues to be a solid go-to for underwear fabric. It carries its familiar soft touch and keeps things cool and comfy. It’s like that reliable friend you can always count on for a chill day or a casual outing.

3. Silk

If you're feeling fancy, silk is your best bet. It’s smooth, sleek and oh-so-luxurious, although you'll need to treat it with a bit of TLC to keep it looking sharp.

4. Synthetic Blends (Nylon/Spandex)

These new kids on the block are the stretchy heroes for your workout sessions or those tight dresses. They move with you and keep everything in check without breaking a sweat.

5. Bamboo

Another green warrior, bamboo is soft and great at keeping you cool and fresh. Plus, it’s kind to the planet, which is always a win!

Leading with Micromodal, Culprit Underwear has mastered the art of blending incredible comfort with eco-friendly vibes, making sure our customers look good and feel amazing too!

Cut the BS: Culprit Is the Best Women’s Underwear 

Your underwear is the soul of every outfit. It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off before doing the nasty. Don’t sabotage yourself with undies that feel like sandpaper on your 😸. 

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Types of Women's Underwear FAQs

How Many Panties Should a Woman Have?

Stock up with 20-30 pairs—enough to get you from one laundry day to the next without a crisis.

What is the Most Popular Type of Panties?

Bikini panties reign supreme, striking that perfect combo of comfort meets cute.

What is the Most Flattering Underwear?

High-cut or French-cut panties—these leg elongators are a flattering fit for just about any body dimensions or shapes.

Should women's underwear be tight or loose?

Snug but not strangling—aim for a comfortable fit that lets you breathe.

How often should you replace your underwear as a female?

Give them the boot every 6-12 months, or sooner if they start giving you those sad, worn-out vibes.

What is the healthiest underwear to wear?

Cotton is a traditional classic for breathability and hygiene, and typically more affordable and more available. However,  Micromodal has superior health benefits due to its super soft feel and moisture-wicking perks that prevent irritation and ward off conditions that breed infection. Either are great for comfort, support and keeping things fresh down there!