Men’s underwear is a deceptively complex subject. You’d think that just swiping a three-pack of boxer briefs from the department store shelf would be enough to have you covered—think again! Underwear plays a vital role in your quality of life each day, so it’s time to take it more seriously.

Like any great sculpture or sonata, there is an art to boxer briefs. They need to hit all the right notes of comfort, quality, and construction. They should be crafted with care and made from materials that feel great on your skin all day.

Most of all, they need to fit right. Boxer briefs can look great on paper, but until you experience them first-hand, you can’t jump to any conclusions. Underwear that rides up into unwanted areas is always a no-go, no matter how big the price tag may be. 

Let’s take a closer look at the features and characteristics that make for winning boxer briefs and give you a comprehensive checklist to refer to when the time comes to buy your next pair. 

The Boxer Brief Style Defined

You’ve heard the name before, seen them line store shelves, and maybe you’ve even worn a few pairs in the past, but what exactly are boxer briefs, and what makes them so great?

For starters, you get the best of both worlds from boxers and briefs—the two other main types of men’s underwear you’ve likely tried before. 

Boxers are named for their prizefighter lineage, offering a loose-fitting feel and a decent amount of coverage down the thigh. They typically don’t hug the skin, which can lead to an excess of fabric in crucial areas around your privates. Despite their legacy in the ring, boxers are not suitable for physical activity, bunching up like crazy at the worst possible moments. 

Briefs, on the other hand, live up to their name as well, providing the bare minimum coverage for your man parts and butt. These old school “tighty whiteys” can do the job in a pinch, but you may end up getting pinched in ways you’d rather not. These undies tend to give wedgies and never seem to sit right, especially when matched with more formal pants and skinny jeans.

We all have our fair share of horror stories with boxers and briefs, which is why so many men have found themselves in the middle ground with boxer briefs.

They offer the snug, compact feel of briefs with the extra leg coverage you want from boxers, and if they’re designed well, they will stay in place no matter how you move and shake throughout the day. Most importantly, they won’t squeeze their way into intimate places uninvited, and you can navigate life knowing you’ll stay comfy and cool in any situation.

If you haven’t yet experienced the glory of great boxer briefs on your own body, it’s time to take the plunge and pick up a pair. It could be the life-changing decision you’ve been waiting for!

Materials Matter

Now that we know the design philosophy behind boxer briefs, it’s time to talk materials. You don’t have to be a textile expert to know that fabrics can make or break an item of clothing, and considering the sensitivity of the subject matter in this article, materials are more important than ever.

Remember—the last thing you want is your underwear riding up into the nether regions, and the right fabrics can actually help prevent this from happening. 

Take cotton, for instance. It’s classic, harmless, and breathes easy. However, when moisture strikes (and it inevitably will at some point), cotton undies are going to grip your skin and make the rest of your workday or workout a literal pain in the butt. Those seemingly friendly cotton boxer briefs can betray you at any time, so watch out!

You can get fancy with materials like silk or try out athletic materials like poly-based mesh, but you’ll find that these fabrics don’t offer the level of comfort you want. Once they make their way up north into your man zones, you’ll wish you never put them on in the first place.

Instead, look for material like micromodal, a fabric composed of tree cellulose that has undergone treatment for softness and durability. You may be surprised to discover that the most comfortable, wedgie-proof underwear is derived from trees—so were we! 

Moisture-wicking, ultra-breathable, and low heat retention—you’ve got to try them yourself to experience the magic of micromodal. Plus, they’re easy to maintain and can endure more washes than any old-school cotton underwear can. 

Achieving The Perfect Fit

We touched on fit earlier, but it’s worth taking a closer look at how the shape of your boxer briefs makes a big difference in your experience day to day. 

The first thing to look for is a snug yet flexible fit around the waist. You don’t want your underwear sliding up and down as you stride down the street or lift weights at the gym. They also shouldn’t shift from side to side and send your parts twisting in different directions (ouch).

A good waistband will keep everything in order for hours on end, without causing you to tug or readjust when sitting at your desk or getting out of your car. The less you have to think about it, the better.

The same rules apply to the other key zones of your underwear, namely the pouch and the legs. Your intimate area must be protected at all costs, and if you detect any unnecessary pressure or pinching from your boxer briefs, that’s an immediate red flag, and those undies need to go. 

The ideal boxer briefs will provide support and security for your man bits without making them feel like they’re being held prisoner. Think of it as a never-ending balancing act between stability and mobility—you want to have both at the same time, without going overboard in either direction.

Lastly, you’ve got to consider the butt. They say the glutes are the most powerful muscles of the body, and they deserve the star treatment! Boxer briefs should provide full coverage from top to bottom for each cheek, allowing you to flex and stretch with confidence in every movement you make.

Whether you’re powerwalking to an important board meeting or crushing some heavy leg presses at the gym, your boxer briefs need to keep those glutes cool and covered, with no riding up in the middle. Once you find a great-fitting pair of boxer briefs, there’s simply no going back. 

Pick A Pair And Stick With It

When you’re new to the world of boxer briefs, you’ll want to try out a wide range of brands and see which fit works best for your body. We’re all built a bit differently, and every manufacturer designs their boxer briefs with unique attributes. 

With that said, once you lock in the perfect pair, buy in bulk and don’t stray from the course. An overlooked secret to men’s underwear is consistency. Why keep experimenting with different styles and brands when you’ve found the ideal boxer briefs for your needs?

Some companies even offer boxer-brief subscription or membership programs that you can join to receive a fresh pair of amazing boxer briefs at the same time every month. If you value the look and feel of brand new briefs in your drawer and in your pants (which you should), this is the move for you. 

Plus, a boxer brief membership will also give you access to the latest prints and styles on the market, so you’ll have some impressive art to show off to the lucky few who see you in your undies. 

The point is to stay loyal to a brand of boxer briefs if they prove loyal to you and your most precious parts. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of your routine and simplifies shopping in a big way. One less thing to think about—more time to do what you want. 


It’s a simple question with a complex answer, but the conclusion is clear: boxer briefs are the best underwear for men, and you owe it to yourself to buy the best.

The next time you’re browsing in-store or online, run down the list of features, fabrics, and fits we discussed in this article. It could save you a lot of headaches—and other aches as well.

Remember, boxer briefs vary drastically in terms of cut, quality, durability, and style. You wear them 365 days a year, so don’t hesitate to shop around and find the underwear that works for you—not against you. If they feel good, stay fresh, and don’t ride up, you’ve got a winner.