Most men don’t put much time or effort into selecting underwear. It’s the most basic, unexciting item in your wardrobe, and the overwhelming majority of the people you meet are (probably) not even going to see what it looks like. 

At most, your gym buddies or partner will catch a glimpse of your underwear from time to time, and it’s no big deal, right?

Snap out of that old-fashioned frame of mind and step into the 21st century—underwear is VITAL to your health and happiness, and there’s no way around it. You wear it daily, it goes with you everywhere, and it’s up close and personal with your most essential hardware.

Is it time you finally overhauled your undies? Let’s compare the two most popular types of men’s underwear—boxers vs briefs—to determine the winner in terms of comfort, style, durability, and more. Could there be a way to combine forces of these two underwear archetypes and create a winning hybrid that conquers all? Read on to find out. 

Brief History Of Briefs

Believe it or not, men’s underwear—as we know it today—really wasn’t a thing until the 1930s, when briefs were invented by a Chicago entrepreneur named Arthur Kneibler. Prior to that, men simply wore loose long underwear or jockstraps to keep their junk in place and stay warm. During the hotter months of the year, we can assume there wasn’t much protection or stability going on downstairs. 

Briefs minimized the male undergarment in ways that nobody thought possible. There was far less fabric to contend with, and men were given more mobility and freedom than ever before. Briefs were an instant hit for men from all walks of life and quickly caught on worldwide.

As time progressed, manufacturers embraced different cuts, styles, and materials, but the briefs we see today don’t differ massively from the originals from almost 100 years ago. They provide support for your manhood, cover the butt 100%, and don’t interfere with any type of pants you choose to wear. 

These days, the most common types of briefs you’ll find are mid-rise or low cut, with an elastic band that sits on or just below the waist. The leg bands tend to fall just around the groin, although different styles can be found with various outlines and designs. 

You can still walk into any department store or sporting good retailer today and snag a pack of classic tighty whities (in a range of colors) and put them on any day of the week.

How Boxers Came to Be

It didn’t take long after the invention of briefs for the public to start demanding a more loose and comfortable version of men’s underwear, and boxers were introduced by the end of the 1930s. Styled after the shorts that fighters wore in the ring, these undergarments were originally buttonless, but many fastening mechanisms were included in later iterations.

Boxers were an exciting introduction to the world of underwear, and many soldiers wore them overseas to fight in World War II since they tended to be cheaper to produce and easier to manufacture en masse. 

An entire generation of men became accustomed to boxers, and they remained very popular for decades to come, especially as companies began producing fun and interesting prints. 

Most boxers extend down to just above the thigh, and the waistbands tend to have plenty of elasticity. They remain popular to this day and come in a number of different materials, but simple lightweight cotton is the most common fabric. 

Pros And Cons To Consider

Shirtless man holding a basketball, showing his torso and Culprit underwear on a bridge.

1. Comfort

  • Boxers are like a stress-free retreat for your boys below, offering plenty of room for them to breathe and lounge around. They’re a great fit for ultra-chill days, or when you’re out and about being active and the temperature starts rising. With respect to airflow, the difference between boxers and briefs is significant, with boxers built to keep things fresher and drier in The Land Down Under. Loose boxers are great for those who appreciate  free-swinging freedom, but be forewarned that they may bunch up and wedge on you if you’re wearing tight-fitting pants or jeans..
  • Briefs are like a loyal partner-in-crime that’s always there to lend a helping hand (or a supportive lift) when things get active. They're better suited for tight pants or sharp custom-fit suit slacks. No one wants to see baggy boxers bunching up and ruining a slim look, which adds fuel to the fire of the ages-old boxers vs. briefs dilemma.

2. Chafe

  • Boxers are the looser-fitting option and can thus be a real problem child with respect to chafing, especially if made of coarser and/or less breathable fabric. With their propensity to slip and slide across your outer surfaces, they can be like sandpaper rubbing on your skin during periods of high activity and movement, such as intense workouts. All that extra fabric flapping around gives your nuts way too much freedom to bounce and rub against your thighs (and each other), increasing the possibility of chafing,  friction burns or other forms of irritation. raising concerns about boxers vs briefs health implications. Ouch!
  • Briefs are your best bet for keeping that irritating chafing at bay, owing to their clingy nature that better restricts range of motion. The tight-fitting underwear means less fabric is shifting around to create friction rub. With the material hugging against your body better, there’s a lower likelihood you’ll incur that annoying, and possibly painful, rub-rub-rub situation.

3. Style

  • Boxers are like a bigger blank canvas for your style. You can go classic with solid colors or unleash your wild side with colorful and/or crazy prints and patterns. Boxers allow you to express yourself more fully, and what you say (or scream) is totally up to you. Boxers are built for the longer haul and can handle it all, whether you're chilling on the couch or heading out for the night.
  • Briefs will never be known as the flashiest underwear out there, especially when it comes to comparing the boxers and briefs differences in style. Briefs rose to popularity in the 20th century and gained a no-nonsense reputation as the underwear choice of both the white-collar and blue-collar working man, with a quieter straightforward confidence that's hard to shake or rattle. They're sleek and simple, stretching and working overtime to keep you snug and secure in all the right places. Think of them as a tailored suit for your downstairs regions—no fuss or frill, just clean lines and a comfy fit that lets you move easily.

4. Function

  • Boxers are your global passport to private parts paradise, offering unrestricted movement across all borders. They're comfy and relaxed, giving your guys plenty of room to swing, stretch out and enjoy the scenery. No tight squeezes or uncomfortable restraints here—just pure, unbridled, breathable freedom. This ability to range highlights the key difference between boxers and boxer briefs in terms of function.
  • Briefs are a high-performance sports car for your little drivers, with more economy of design and less wasted space to allow you to step on the gas and zoom through your day. . They hug your curves and keep your boys locked and loaded for life’s curves as well as its unpredictable twists and turns.  Whether you’re hitting the gym or bouncing around town, briefs keep everything seat-belted in tight and running smoothly.

5. Sex Appeal

  • Boxers exude a carefree, relaxed vibe that’s strongly suggestive of laid-back sex appeal. A boxer's brother (or sister) never loses their cool or tries too hard, staying confident and comfortable in their game Let’s face it: aggressive pressure can often reek of desperation, and many find a "take it or leave it" attitude of nonchalance to be much more attractive.
  • Briefs, in contrast, press against your body and hug it in all the right places, giving you a more shapely and defined look. They accentuate your body shape and put your private pieces front and center stage, sans innuendo and with nothing to hide. Briefs are for the bold, the ones who like to tell it how it is rather than play coy. They’re sexy in a straightforward way, and they’re a magnet for those who find themselves more attracted to a direct man (or woman) with a take-charge attitude. 

Boxers or Briefs: Do Your Undies Affect Your Sperm Count?

One of the most discussed topics in the boxers vs briefs debate is the impact of underwear on sperm count. So, do your underwear choices really secretly control your destiny as a dad? The debate might actually have more to do with your Maury Povich “You ARE the father!” odds than you think! Several studies have shown compelling evidence that while wearing tight briefs might look sleek, they could be cooking your little swimmers with increased core body temperature which potentially hampers the optimal efficiency production of sperm. While more research continues to be conducted in hopes of achieving more definitive results, it is already apparent from early studies that wearing boxers vs briefs might have an effect on the sperm count issue..

Boxers on the other hand do let your butterflyers and backstrokers hang loose and stay cool, calm and collected, potentially giving them a better fighting chance at Michael Phelps gold and glory at the baby-making Olympics. If fatherhood is on your radar, consider giving your briefs a break and letting your boxers take the lead.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Boxers vs Briefs

Shirtless man performing a flip in mid-air, wearing Culprit underwear and sneakers.

Alright gents, it's time to climb into our Trojan Horse and sneak into the raging war between two epic sides of men's underwear. Choosing between boxers and briefs is that kind of strategic choice, one that requires foresight and even clever improvisation. As the ancient Greeks taught us time and again, the most direct and obvious path isn’t always the smartest, and so it shouldn’t just be about grabbing the first pair you see in the morning. No, underwear selection is a monumental decision with serious implications – after all, which article of clothing is in closest quarters with your king, fiercely defending the throne room housing his jeweled rod and staff? (See what we did there?!) . So, let’s break it down in detail, helping you to avoid your Achilles’ heel in your quest to find your perfect armor in the boxers vs briefs vs boxer briefs showdown.

1. Activity and Lifestyle Needs

Regardless of whether you’re a gym rat, a Netflix binger or somewhere in between on the spectrum, your undies should align with your lifestyle. If you’re lifting weights or running actual marathons, briefs or boxer briefs are your loyal sidekicks, providing the support you need without the unwanted wedgie drama. Different boxer styles cater to different activities. For those marathon couch sessions or casual hangouts, boxers give you that breezy “I’m just here to chill” vibe.

2. Body Type

Everyone’s built differently! Curves, angles, bony, girthy or somewhere in between - regardless, you should endeavor to celebrate that bodacious body God gave you. Jiggle and wiggle until you find undies that hug you in all the right places, strapping you in for a one-way ticket to underpants paradise. Much like your Tinder or Bumble profile, your underwear should highlight your best features. Here’s a quick guide to help you swipe right on the perfect pair:

Larger Frame, Round Shape

Briefs are your best buddies here. They provide support where you need it most and help minimize the chafing —  the last thing you want down there is friction burn. They also create a taut look under your clothes, making you feel like your favorite superhero in disguise, further emphasizing the difference between boxers and briefs.

Shorter Height with Large Thighs

Boxer briefs are the perfect porridge for this body type - not too tight, not too loose, but juuuust right. They stay put and don’t ride up, making you look and feel like a million bucks. If you’ve ever wondered about trunks vs. boxers for this body type, boxer briefs strike and maintain the perfect balance.

Pear-Shaped Physique

Briefs are your best friend if you're rocking a smaller torso on top of a larger trunk and waist area. So, if you’ve got a body that’s more juicy fruit than vegetable stalk, briefs are here to save your day! They are your go-to for a smooth, snug fit. Briefs keep everything in place and ensure you’re comfortable from dawn ‘til dusk and back up to dawn. No more awkward readjusting in the middle of the grocery store aisles!

Slim Build with Skinny Legs

Now then, boxers are where it's at for all you string beans out there. These bad boys will add a little extra 'oomph' to your lanky lower half, giving you that laid-back, carefree vibe that says, "Yessir I've got my own personal space bubble, even in my skivvies." No more feeling like you're swimming in fabric - boxers will have you sittin' pretty and livin' large. This is a key point of emphasis in the boxers vs briefs vs trunks comparison.

3. Weather

When the mercury rises, it's time to ditch the tighty-whities in favor of some trusty boxers. Breathable fabrics allow the air to flow freely, keeping your nether regions from melting into a swampy mess. On the flip side, when the temperature drops, it's time to bundle up and reach for the trusty briefs, which will provide an extra-snug layer of support and insulation to recycle body heat. So whether you're basking in the sun or braving the bitter cold, your choice of undies can make all the difference in the boxers vs briefs health context.

4. Comfort Considerations

When it comes to comfort, you gotta go for the good stuff, ya dig? We're talking modal boxer briefs, cotton and stretchable fabric that'll hug your body just right. And if you're active, you better ensure those undies are breathable, absorb perspiration and dry quickly. Nobody wants to be stuck in sweaty, clingy boxers - that's just a hard pass. Nah, you want those moisture-wicking wonders to keep you cool and comfy, whether crushing a workout or relaxing around  the house. So ditch the stiff, scratchy stuff and treat yourself to the soft, supple bliss your tush deserves!

If you are constantly debating whether to go commando to the store or find yourself pulling at your briefs at the least opportune moments, boxers may be the best path forward for you. Just be aware that they aren’t 100% wedgie-proof, and you may have to deal with some bunching here and there. 

The Best Of Both Worlds

Most men have spent plenty of time wearing both boxers and briefs but always find themselves unsatisfied with the tradeoffs they require. Thankfully, boxer briefs—which rose to popularity in the 90s—solve this problem permanently for all those guys who are tired of making compromises downstairs. 

Boxer briefs are truly a miraculous invention, and it’s a shame it took so long for men to figure out the sweet spot between stability and freedom in the lower regions. These undergarments offer the support you need when walking and working out, plus give you some extra coverage on the leg for warmth and that pleasant compression effect. 

A well-fitting pair of boxer briefs will not ride up and keep you cool under pressure with moisture-wicking capabilities. These are the next-generation undergarments you’ve been waiting for, so don’t hesitate to try them out. 

Build Your Undie Arsenal

: A variety of Culprit underwear in different colorful designs, showcasing the brand's range.

Between boxers, tighty whities, thongs, and mesh trunks, men have a lot of underwear options to choose from these days. Rather than deciding on a single type of underwear and tossing out the rest, keep a few different types in your dresser drawer for different occasions. 

With that said, you should try to stick with a particular brand of underwear once you discover the best fit and material for your needs. You don’t want to endure a never-ending cycle of buying and trying new undies, so be ready to stockpile that all-star underwear when you finally find it. 

A few pairs of boxers and briefs can take up some space in your wardrobe, but you’ll want to leave more real estate in your dresser for boxer briefs, which are far more versatile and tend to keep their shape for much longer. 

If you want to do away with the shopping process altogether and streamline your purchases, lock in an underwear membership service that ships fresh pairs of boxer briefs right to your door every few months. Right when your favorite undies are on the verge of uselessness, you’ve got brand new ones waiting on your doorstep, and you didn’t need to lift a finger. That’s next-gen automation at it’s finest!

The Final Verdict: Settling the Great Undie-bate

At the end of the day, picking between boxers and briefs is like choosing between pizza and burgers—there's no wrong answer, just what hits the spot for you from day to day. Are you all about that loose, breezy Friday freedom? Go for boxers and let it all hang out. Craving the snug, supportive Sunday comfort? Slip into those briefs and strut your stuff. In that Monday mood to get down to business? Tighten your belt and grab some briefs to go along with your briefcase. Better yet,  why not have both in your wardrobe arsenal? Mix it up depending on your mood, the weather, or just because you can. 

Gents, remember to follow your gut, flaunt your flair, and let your undies be the under armor that keeps you riding around confidently  like an ancient warrior atop his trusty steed! Your underwear should keep you comfortable and confident throughout your day. Choose what feels right for you and your lifestyle, whether you're team boxers or briefs, and don’t forget the boxer briefs for a bit of variety.

Boxers vs Briefs FAQs

Do briefs lower testosterone?

No, your briefs are NOT plotting a secret vendetta against your manhood: there’s actually no definitive proof as of today that they lower testosterone levels. Most concerns are related to sperm counts and fertility in the boxers vs briefs sperm count debate.

Are boxer briefs bad for sperm count/fertility?

Possibly. Boxer briefs can increase the body temperature around the groin area, potentially affecting the production of sperm. If you’re worried about fertility, opting for looser-fitting underwear like boxers might be beneficial. After all, your most important tenants deserve a cool, comfy climate-controlled dwelling space too!

Are boxers better for sperm count?

Yes, very likely! Boxers function as an AC unit around the testicles, allowing air flow and keeping things cool and breezy. This lower temperature is a win for sperm counts, so give your baby makers  the chill environment they deserve!

Are boxer briefs supposed to be tight?

Think of boxer briefs as a firm handshake—not a death grip. They should be snug enough to offer support but not so tight that you’re wincing with every step or feeling the waistband rubbing into your hips. Comfort is key; if you’re doing the "adjustment dance" all day, it’s time to loosen up!

Boxers or briefs, which is healthier?

It’s like asking if kale or chocolate is better for you—it all depends on your needs that day. For keeping your swimmers happy, boxers are the cooler, greener and healthier choice. But if you need solid support for your active high-energy escapades, briefs or boxer briefs are the sweet treats that might be your best buddies. Here at Culprit, we recommend that you try out a few styles to see what works best for your body type, because we  want everyone in any shape – from big to tall, large to small, long as a hall or round as a ball — to be happy with their underwear and wear them with pride!