Being blessed in your nether regions is great! You get to strut your big ol’ King Kong. You are proud to take public showers. Pleasing your partners is a breeze, and just about everyone is envious. 

But what about when you’re not using or flaunting your pride and joy? What then? Does your third leg interfere with your daily tasks? Does your mountain of meat get smashed in your undies? Do your nuts over-heat? Do you need to constantly—and awkwardly—adjust to get comfortable? And if you have big low-hangers, are they constantly in the way? Are they ever in pain? Do they sometimes stick to your thigh, almost requiring the help of a spatula to unstick them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, then you need underwear for hung men. Period. 

Undies For the Well Endowed 

Underwear for well-endowed men is a problem that some brands have begun to address in recent years, and the good news is that some have started creating undies for those with big huevos, boxer briefs with large front pouch options, as well as a contoured pouch for additional comfort. Dudes with big packages no longer have to settle for bloomers that barely cover their man bits and exist in a constant state of discomfort. Thank goodness. 

Features To Look For When Your Rocking A Bigger Package 

You have to grow out of all the undies your mama bought you at some point or another. And if you are really growing out, you need underwear for your large, er, package downstairs. Modern and sleeker underwear styles have currently taken over the market, with stylish undies making waves as the new fashion statement. 

Hung like a horse and in need of a new awesome pair of undies? Look for these features to keep your meat and potatoes happy and comfortable:


If you’re well endowed, the largest problem you’ll experience with run-of-the-mill underwear brands is that they are not designed to put your equipment anywhere. Just as a handgun needs a holster to be carried safely, those with a big package need a place to carry their most dangerous weapon. This means the only underwear you should be purchasing will feature a large pouch that is visible to the naked eye before you even put your hands on them. 

The pouch is important for many reasons. It provides extra room for junior while helping to prevent your balls from rubbing up against your junk. And in turn, your schlong doesn’t rub up against your thigh. The pouch creates these special compartments. It helps to keep your undies clean and organized, even if your underwear drawer isn’t. And more importantly, this shows when you’re wearing trousers or pants. (Pants bulge, anyone?) So even if you have extra-large junk, nothing bulges out because a pouch works to keep everything inside, protected, and shapely. 

Briefs or Boxers?

When searching for the best long johns to support your third leg, which type of fit do you reach for? It’s not uncommon to opt for boxers as the best underwear for men with large packages. In fact, guys looking to swap support for space often rock boxer shorts. But that’s how you’ll always be in boxers—relaxed. 

On the other hand, briefs, the supportive underwear, offer a stretch so your soldier isn’t on guard all the time and can actually ease up while keeping composed. The issue, however, is that briefs can be extremely tight, which makes for very unhappy little swimmers—and not to mention sweaty balls!

So what’s a guy supposed to do? Boxers are too loose and don’t offer enough support, while briefs are too tight, causing sweaty nuts and a reduced sperm count

The answer is simple: boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are arguably the best of both worlds. With the support of briefs and the look of boxers, this type of men’s underwear is ideal for those who are well-endowed. Just be sure to purchase a good-quality pair like the ones at Culprit Underwear with a large pouch to support your baby-maker for ultimate comfort. 


Do you want your knickers to fit you like a glove? If you have been adjusting and readjusting your underwear a lot lately, then it’s time to change. Your underwear size should match your size (if you know what we mean) and not the other way around.

Do you find yourself constantly stretching the waistband before and after taking your pants off? Are you pulling and tugging from the bottom to make room for your thunder junk? Does the base of your pouch act more as a minimizer than a shaper? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to ditch your current undies and size up!


The very best undies for guys who are well-endowed need space, so there is no issue of cramping when you’re moving. If the fit is too tight or restricting, keep searching. 


No matter what you plan on doing, your bloomers should always keep you dry and cool down there, right? If you agree, which we’re sure you do because no one likes swamp ass, then how about purchasing a pair of well-constructed underwear like the ones found at Culprit using breathable materials. Culprit’s uber soft boxer briefs are made of 95% ultra-breathable micromodal and contain 5% Lycra for stretch, superior comfort, and unparalleled durability. 


It should go without saying that comfort is an essential component of underwear, and for men blessed with a rather large snake in their trousers, comfort is an absolute necessity. The waistband should be made from top-notch, high-quality elastic, so it doesn’t roll up as you go about your day. 

Seamless Stitching

No one wants skin irritation in their most sensitive region, which makes seamless stitching all the more essential so men won’t be rubbed the wrong way. Even better—seamless stitching can also help you to avoid painful blisters, chafing, and other pesky skin issues around your delicate parts. 

How To Keep Your Bloomers Lookin’ Oh-So-Fresh

Once you’ve finally tracked down the best undies for you and your man bits, you’re going to want to follow these tips to keep them in pristine condition. 

Wash With Care

Regardless of what the care instructions say, always wash your undies in cold water. Why might you ask? Because hot water sets stains and wears out fabric, which is not good for your pantaloons. For optimal underwear care, we suggest you:

  • Use a color-safe bleach
  • Wash your boxer briefs on a delicate cycle in a separate load to minimize friction
  • Apply a good stain remover on undie stains before tossing them in the wash
  • Turn your undies inside out when washing to further help reduce the wear and tear on delicate fabric. In turn, this will help to get your undies cleaner, too. 

Let The Air In

Air-drying your favorite pair of underwear will greatly increase the longevity of your duds. Heat is not your friend when washing because high heat tends to break down fabrics, and in some cases, downright destroys them—the elastic doesn’t even stand a chance. So, skip the drying cycle and hang-dry those bad boys. 

Manicure Your Boxer Briefs

If you happen to notice any loose threads on your boxer briefs, snipping them will help to reduce pilling—a.k.a. annoying fuzz balls—and keep your undies looking better for longer. Since good quality undies are not exactly the cheapest necessity, this is something you can easily do and blame on the fiscal crisis, for sure. 

A Final Word

Slipping on your undies is something we do on a daily basis. It’s like waking up and brushing your teeth, right? So if underwear is something you wear every day, why not put some thought into buying it—especially if you have an extra-large sausage down there! 

The truth is that the greater part of the male population is wearing the wrong style, fit, or size of underwear, but thankfully Culprit makes it easier than ever with one universal boxer brief fit—the perfect fit. 

Using the highest quality micro-modal fabric, made in America, and eco-friendly, Culprit is your lucky pair engineered for everyday use. 

Whether you’ve got big man bits or small man bits, Culprit has your back