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shipping may be delayed due to high volume

What's your sizing guide? 

S: 26-28 // M: 29-31 // L: 32-34 // XL: 35-37 // XXL: 38+

More info: 


What the hell are Barcelona Shorts?

They're basically just high end basketball shorts okay? But I was savagely pickpocketed in Barcelona and so we added thief-proof zippers. Also don't you hate when shit falls out of your pocket at the gym? Yeah we fixed that too. These shorts are for men who smoke cigars while dunking basketballs. 

Do you make underwear for women?

Yes! We love the look of a girl in some Culprits. So far we have thongs, but braletts and fit-shorts are coming soon.

How long do the underwear take to ship?

The moment your order comes in a buzzer goes off in the building, a wage-cuck slides down a firepole, jumps over a pit of rabid pugs, grabs what is hopefully your size (but who knows cuz they’re all in unlabelled sardine cans), and carefully caresses a shipping label on it. It’s then up to the real heroes, the mailmen and mailwomen of the world.
TL;DR - Usually a few days

What’s different about your underwear?

Three words: Cock flattering comfort. Never has your manhood felt so entombed in luxurious fabric, merging the perfect cut with breathability, and smooth silky elegance. Look bigger, feel better, exude confidence, and unleash your sexual prowess in these bad boys. Highly durable for any kind of action with a quick-draw fly for wearing slacks or jeans. 

Do you ship outside the country?

Sure do, brah. 

How do I get featured on your Instagram?

Step one: find a dangerous place to get caught with your pants down
Step two: let your pants down
Step three: tag the best photo you’ve ever taken @Underwear

What's the Mix n' Match Membership?

Eventually we'll have a new pattern every month, but until then, we'll send you a pattern pair one month and a black pair the next. 

What happens if you sell out of a pair I like?

We'll make more! Check back in. Or maybe they're limited edition. Kind of flying by the seat of our pants here! But when we take those pants off, we look great. So will you <3

Do Culprit underwear go on sale?

Never say never, but they're always on sale if you’re a member ;)

What are the benefits of being a member?

See above ^
Each new pattern comes as a surprise, but you’ll get them first and never miss out on a limited edition. Also you will get more respect in the street and never have to think about underwear ever again. It just shows up, right when you need it. 

Do you have promo codes?

That’s on a need to know basis

What is your return policy?

Pretty flexible, tell us what you need. We say 30 days, but that's more of a guideline. 

Can I pause my membership if my underwear drawer is full?

Yes you may, anytime you like. We understand underwear drawers fill up. But also get rid of your other old gross underwear.  Men typically change their underwear every seven years. THAT IS FUCKED. 

Can I gift someone a subscription?

Sure you can, they’ll love you for it. Who doesn’t want a sick surprise in the mail every month or quarter? All you’ll need to do is create an account for them, set the billing address for yourself and set the shipping address directly to them. You can control what they receive. After the gifting period has passed, you can log in to their account and pass the account details over to them so they can keep ‘em rolling in.