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What Are LadyBoxers: The Best Women’s Underwear On The Market

What Are LadyBoxers: The Best Women’s Underwear On The Market

Maybe you despise teeny-weeny panties. Maybe you're tired of getting overheated in synthetics and microfiber. Or perhaps you’re an athlete or of larger size and can’t stand butt-huggers that, well, hug a little too tight. Or maybe, you’re just really tired of all the extra fabric that comes from unnecessary pouches. 

Whatever the case, you’re like us and on a quest to find real boxer briefs designed specifically for all the junk in your trunk that your mama gave you. But do such boxer briefs really exist? 

Yes, they do -- you just need to know where to look!

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about lady boxers and where to find the best women’s undies on the market. Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 

Everything You Need To Know About Lady Boxers

Guys are lucky. They don’t have to think twice about the undies they wear, and unlike the beloved G-string, boxers are undeniably comfortable. The snug fit sits comfortably on their waist while still providing excellent support for their family jewels -- oh, and the best part? They don’t have to deal with a thin piece of fabric sandwiched in between their cheeks for the entirety of the day. 

Now, we’re not saying that thongs and G-strings are the only options when it comes to women’s panties, but one look at the rest of the bunch -- bikini, mini-string, Brazilian cut, T-string, and even just string -- and you’ll quickly notice that most women’s underwear is for barely-there style and lacks comfort and support. What gives?!

Well, believe it or not, back in the day, it was considered improper for a lady to have anything between her legs -- including *gasp* panties. While this could be the reason why the women’s underwear department is still lacking to this day, let’s take a quick peek at the history of undies. 

A Brief History of Ladies Underwear 

Back in the day, women were not allowed to wear underwear. In fact, other than men, it was only the bold, scandalously rich Italian women of the sixteenth century who wore undies. But sadly, not everyone in history was richer than Midas -- so medieval ladies wore one long underdress (sexy), which later evolved into petticoats and slips.

By the beginning of the Victorian era, we started to see drawers being worn by women. You see, Queen Victoria was a huge fan of undies, and as with any regal fashion, it soon became synonymous with class -- which meant soon enough, everyone was hoping to get their hands on a pair. 

Within one century, women’s drawers went through a full style evolution from a fashion irregularity to the norm. They went from functional to frilly, sexed-up, and colorful. By 1901, only the poorest women weren’t rocking drawers every day. But the evolution didn’t stop there -- within the next twenty years, drawer hemlines went up, creating the knickers we know and love today. In fact, by the early 1940s, what was once a fashion novelty was now deemed so incredibly essential that during WW2, women opted for wearing home-knitted knickers rather than going commando!

Fast forward to the ‘60s, when the development and differentiation in styles began to make an appearance. Bikini, briefs, and hip huggers became increasingly popular, and ten years later, thongs hit the market, changing the world of women’s panties forever. 

In today’s society, it doesn’t matter if your underwear isn’t comfortable. Panty-lines are embarrassing, and women will do whatever they can to hide them at all costs, even if that means wearing barely-there panties that ride a little too close to our lady bits. If only there was a style of underwear designed specifically for women that were as fashionable as they were comfortable while still offering support -- kind of like men’s boxer briefs. 

Well, ladies, we’ve got good news -- we bring you, LadyBoxers.  

What Are LadyBoxers? 

We know what you’re thinking --- boxers for women sounds like a lot of uncomfortable fabric that definitely won’t look cute underneath your favorite yoga pants. Well, let’s get one thing clear: Lady boxers are not the same as men’s boxer shorts. Period. 

Lady boxers offer the same snug fit as men’s boxer briefs but without all the junk in the front and cut to a perfect shape for your "junk in the trunk." Similar to wearing your man’s boxers but made to fit your beautiful body as a woman, lady boxers are deliciously comfortable, and the super-snug fit makes it impossible for pesky panty-lines to peek through your pants.

Here are some of the reasons why ladies choose to wear boxers:

Lady Boxers Are More Comfortable And Practical

Okay, so by now, this may seem a little redundant, but as we mentioned above, panties are really uncomfortable. They are made to be formfitting and tight (and therefore, “sexy”), so they tend to cause a lot of wedgies no matter their size. 

Finding comfortable panties is always difficult, and there is also the matter of sweating from all the tightness. However, if women’s panties hadn’t been tailored to make us all look like lingerie models 24/7, this excessive discomfort and sweating wouldn’t be an issue -- but we digress. Thankfully, brands like Culprit Underwear heard our prayers and created something truly remarkable -- they created: LadyBoxers. 

Putting on a pair of LadyBoxers is like being hugged by marshmallows. The comfort. The sweet, sweet, comfort! No sweating! No wedgies! No feeling like a perpetual piece of meat! You see, a girls’ privates have to breathe, so wearing tight undies is actually wildly impractical. 

Basically, what we’re trying to say here is that LadyBoxers are healthier for women. Show your hoohah some love and swap your undies for LadyBoxers -- trust us, you’ll be glad you did. 

LadyBoxers Provide Extra Coverage

LadyBoxers’ short-like fit allows for far more coverage than any other women’s panty option. We love rocking them because they are perfect for throwing on under a skirt or dress for worry-free wear. 

Some ladies prefer knowing that their undies cover everything from the hip to the mid-thigh, regardless of what they wear on top. For those who shy away from threadbare undergarments (we don’t blame you), boxers for ladies are a great alternative for coverage that is still comfortable. 

Girls Wear Boxers Because They Can Be Worn On Their Own

Because LadyBoxers look almost like a pair of shorts, a lot of women love to wear them to bed, as cozy loungewear, or even activewear. You really can’t get away with this with most women’s underwear today: the cut is too itty-bitty and revealing to pass as anything other than an undergarment. 

But lady boxers are more versatile -- toss on a pair for your next Netflix binge sesh or while doing chores around the house. It’s like rocking a pair of pajama shorts -- and what could be better than that?!

Ladies Wear Boxers For Extra Coziness and Warmth

Some ladies only wear boxers seasonally, like in the winter and fall, as a measure of extra coziness. Most women’s panties are pretty skimpy -- especially compared to LadyBoxers! Rocking boxers in chilly weather is an excellent way to add another cozy layer under your clothing, or just to stay nice and toasty while chillaxing at home in your favorite sweats. 

Even better, while they are nice and insulating, LadyBoxers are also breezy enough that you won’t get overly hot or sweaty -- it’s a perfect balance!

Bottom Line 

So, what are the best women’s underwear on the market, you ask?

LadyBoxers from Culprit Underwear, of course!

LadyBoxers provide all the breathability and luxurious comfort of men’s boxer briefs -- but without all the junk in the front and cut to a perfect shape for your junk in the trunk. Culprit LadyBoxers are made sustainably right here in the beautiful USA -- wear ‘em’ to sleep, to the gym, to the market, and around the house!

Once you try on a pair of these deliciously comfy-cozy lady boxers, you’ll never want to take them off. Well, except maybe for laundry day. 

For the best panties on the market, check out Culprit Underwear and feel the difference quality undies can make on your, er, lady bits. Trust us -- you’ll be glad you did!



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