If you’re a male with an internet connection, chances are you’ve been bombarded with ads claiming you need to cradle your cajones with ball pouch underwear. At first, you’re intrigued—a dedicated space just to nestle your nuts? What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, as it turns out

Over the past decade, a slew of underwear brands have invested billions of dollars to usher in a new era of boxers that allegedly provide peak comfort. But when the rubber hits the road (or rather when your privates hit the pouch) the ball pouch creates more problems than it solves.

Ball pouch underwear is kinda like a WiFi-enabled toaster: all sizzle but no steak. In this article, we challenge the ball pouch industrial complex and lay out a science-back argument for why pouchless boxer briefs are better in the long run.

A Brief History of the Ball Pouch

The evolution of men's underwear has seen continuous experimentation and improvement, from tighty whities to micromodal boxer briefs. It’s tough to pinpoint the exact invention date of ball pouch boxers, since countless brands have jumped on the trend over the years. But according to Google Trends, interest in ball hammock boxers started spiking in 2020 when loungewear was having its moment in history.

It’s gone by many names over the years. Ball pouch. Ball hammock. Ball caddy. Ball purse. Ball sack. Word salad aside, this contraption was invented to separate your balls from your gooch and inner thighs. 

Did anyone ask for this? Probably not. But hey, that’s capitalism, baby! Make the money printer go brrrrrrrrrr.

What’s the Point of a Ball Pouch in Boxers?

Ball pouches separate your nutsack from the rest of your body to provide support and reduce chafing—at least that’s the idea. A lot of underwear brands claim that placing your family jewels in a pouch prevents skin-to-skin contact, reducing friction and discomfort.

But therein lies the problem.

It's a well-known fact that adequate airflow is crucial for maintaining a happy and healthy downstairs ecosystem, and cramming your twig and berries into an airtight pouch is a recipe for a sweaty mess. The last thing you need is your undercarriage turning into a tropical rainforest when you’re working out or suffering through the summer heat.

Ball pouches are especially impractical for growers. Don’t take our word for it though—here’s what a random dude on r/AskMen had to say about ball pouches: “If you’re a grower and the berries like to fly high and tight the pouch is pretty much useless. Lot of money for no benefit.”

Speaking of size, one conspiracy theory is that ball pouch boxers were invented to help guys make their bulges look bigger, and that “comfort” is irrelevant. When you place your package in a pouch, it creates a “lift” effect to create the illusion that you’re more endowed than you actually are. 

In other words, a ball pouch is like a push-up bra for your package. Let’s get real: Nobody wants to be let down when you go to unleash the beast and they find out you’re bluffing.

Doctors Admit the Ball Pouch Isn’t Necessary

We won’t name names, but we’ve seen brands go as far as saying that ball pouches “ensure men’s health and well-being.” Is there any evidence for these claims? Of course not. It’s outright propaganda from Big Underwear.

Urologists agree: Ball pouches don’t boost your sperm count, reduce chafing, or prevent swamp crotch.

“I don’t think there’s much medical science behind the claims listed for this new underwear,” urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt told MEL Magazine.

Urologist Alex Shteynshlyuger agrees, adding, “There’s no obvious health benefit from this design.”

Don’t Fall for the Pouch’s Empty Promises

As you can see, the ball pouch isn’t as much a breakthrough in ball comfort as it is a marketing gimmick. Stop worrying about whether your nuts need a pouch—it’s not nearly as important as choosing the right underwear fabric. 

Spoiler alert: it’s micromodal.

Culprit micromodal boxer briefs are 2x softer than cotton and 50% more absorbent. Translation: your package will stay cool and dry, whether you’re channeling your inner Arnold on leg day or sitting through a full day of Zoom meetings without AC.

These bad boys are criminally comfortable, sustainably sourced, and proudly pouch-free. Do your d*ck a favor and snag a pair (or a dozen) of the best men's underwear today. If it’s not the most comfortable underwear you’ve ever worn, we’ll send your money back.