When you wake up and get dressed in the morning -- unless you're a die-hard commando kinda guy -- you have to put on a pair of undies (a clean pair, hopefully). And despite what you might think, those skivvies should be as stylish as the clothes you layer on over them. But what constitutes a stylish pair of drawers is debatable depending on who you ask. 

That said, seeing as oftentimes the only person to see you in your bloomers is the woman you're taking them off in front of -- you might be interested in knowing what ladies think. Are chicks into tighty-whities, or do they prefer briefs? What about boxer briefs

You have questions, and we have answers. Read on to learn about the manly underwear that women want you to wear.

Underwear That ‘Brings All The Girls To The Yard’ 

For decades, there's been an ongoing battle between boxers, boxer briefs, and briefs. And unless you forgo the butt huggers altogether, chances are you slip into a pair of undies every morning. Like your shirt and pants, it should be something you put some thought into, right?

Well, the weird thing is, lots of guys don't really take into account what skivvies they're wearing. As long as it fits and covers the goods, everything is peachy-keen (insert peach emoji here). In fact, most men don't even put serious thought into purchasing or replacing their undies; they just get new ones whenever their S.O. or mom buys them. 

But if you're like most dudes, chances are someone's going to be seeing those bloomers at some point or another. And when that happens, you want to look your absolute best. You want to be rocking the manliest underwear you can get your hands on. Can you imagine the sheer horror of that sexy girl you've been eyeing for months slowly pulling your jeans down, only to come face-to-face with raggedy, off-colored (yikes) tighty-whities? Yeah, not exactly a cute look. 

So, what kind of underwear do women want to see when your pants finally come off? GQ surveyed 200 women-- and here’s what they had to say:  

Do Ladies Find Boxers Attractive?

Ah, the classic boxer short -- not too tight and not too showy. Even though boxers can be a serious pain in the derriere when it comes to wearing them underneath your favorite pair of jeans, they are still a super popular choice. 

But what kind of boxers are best? Well, it turns out women like patterns over colors, but not overly cutesy patterns -- they still want your undies to be manly.  

 What About Boxer Briefs?

Boxer briefs are what is considered the Rolls Royce of underwear -- the perfect combo of boxers and briefs. They have the perfect length of boxers (which nips that tighty-whitie look in the bud) and the comfortable fit of briefs. Add to the fact that they offer an unmatched level of comfort and support for the man goods, and it's easy to see why boxer briefs come out on top. 

Plus, according to the ladies, they just love how boxer briefs hug every single curve on a man, really putting their, *ahem* eggplant on display. 

But what about the type of boxer briefs? Well, classic black came out on top. Why? Because women like the sleek look and the fact that the dark color hides stains -- kinda gross, but true.

While there are many options on the market, our favorite skivvies are the Stealth Black Boxer Briefs from Culprit. Crafted with the highest quality micro-modal fabric Culprit is your lucky pair engineered for everyday use.   

What About Briefs?

Now let's chat about briefs for a moment. These classic undies aren't exactly every guy's first choice -- they kind of remind you of an eight-year-old, your dad, and a 90-year-old man all at the same time. Not exactly what most people think of when they think of "sexy." But what do the ladies think?

Well, as you probably could have guessed, most women in the survey didn't find the classic brief attractive. Most of them actually referred to them as "tighty whities" -- and not in a good way. 

Now, that's not to say that a few women -- 5 percent of them -- didn't like men's briefs. Some ladies (a select few) really like how briefs make a guy's butt look.

What About Trunks?

Trunks are basically just boxer briefs but with shorter legs. Surprisingly, the ladies didn't really have a strong opinion on these babies -- they could take them or leave them. 

So, Which Type Of Undie Reigns Supreme According To Women? 

Of all the different mens underwear types, boxer briefs came out on top. In fact, there's really no contest as they won by a landslide. Briefs came in at a sad five percent, followed by trunks at 11 percent, boxers at 19 percent, and boxer briefs at an incredible 64.5 percent. 

Now it's important not to let this survey change what you like. If you love rocking briefs, wear briefs. If you enjoy a cool breeze on your junk with boxers, wear boxers. If you prefer shorter legs but like the snug fit of boxer briefs, get yourself some trunks. 

But we were asked a question, and we found the answer. If you're looking to use undies as a way to turn on your S.O., boxer briefs are definitely the way to do it -- specifically, solid-colored boxer briefs. Clearly, the ladies like men's boxer briefs -- they are hands-down the most attractive and sexy men's underwear. 

Why Culprit Boxer Briefs Come Out On Top

Now that you know boxer briefs are a fan favorite by women everywhere, you might be wondering where to get the best manly undies to really blow their socks off. 

We'll tell you: Culprit Underwear (duh). 

If you haven't heard about Culprit, then your boys are seriously missing out. This brand is something truly remarkable -- born in California, these super undies are the perfect pair to wear on any occasion. Hopping on a plane? A bus? Or a boat? Heading to that cute girl's house to, err, help her hang a painting? Going to pump iron at the local gym or run a marathon? 

Whatever you have planned, Culprit is all you need to keep your favorite body part (don't deny it) happy, healthy, and cooler than the other side of the pillow. ‘Cuz, who likes sweaty balls? (the answer is no one.)  

Here are a few of the top reasons why you should go, Culprit:

Reason #1: They’re Eco-Friendly

Wearing eco-friendly chonies -- like the underwear from Culprit -- means you're wearing a good brand that sources sustainable materials, is made with ethical procedures, and does more good than harm in the world. 

Reason #2: They’re Supportive

If you ask us, nothing is worse than putting on underwear that doesn't actually support your manly bits. And as much as we all love showing off the goods, allowing your huevos to hang freely can be really uncomfortable. 

Culprit undies are made with support at the forefront of the design. Whether you're working out, dancing, jumping, running, or doing cartwheels and backflips, these undies are designed to keep your family jewels comfortably in place -- and not sticking to your leg.      

Bottom Line 

So, what type of underwear do women want to see when you take your pants off?

Boxer briefs. 

For the best boxer briefs on the planet, head on over to Culprit, where you'll find flattering comfort that is unparalleled to anything else on the market, really! Never will your best boys feel so loved, entombed in a luxe fabric, merging the perfect cut with breathability and silky elegance. 

Feel better, exude confidence, and unleash your sexual prowess with eco-friendly Culprit Underwear. What's not to love? 

Check out our inventory of boxer briefs tomorrow and blow her socks off tomorrow.  



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