The very best skivvies on the market for men are the ones you slip on in the morning and don't think about all day. They are comfy-cozy, unobtrusive, breathable, and—how exactly do we put this—able to prevent your balls from clacking together like a Newton's cradle, ouch!

Thankfully, this criteria is not too challenging to find as modern men's underwear has received a major upgrade over the years thanks to revolutionary fabrics that wick sweat and make swamp ass a thing of the past, thank goodness. 

Better construction has also allowed awesome brands like Culprit Underwear to cut out such old-school nuisances such as the notorious waistband chafe and thigh bunch-up. Basically, what we're trying to convey here is that the best underwear for men has never been better, more comfortable, more durable, or more suited to your unique lifestyle—looking for a classy yet casual pair? A pair that's ideal for pumping iron? A pair meant for running, hiking, or biking? Or what about a sexy pair?

Whatever your needs may be, there's an awesome pair of undies out there waiting for you. You just gotta find them. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about looking good and feeling confident in your drawers. 

Underwear Revolution: A Brief History 

First, let's start out with a brief history lesson. 

During the prehistoric era, men would wear what we now call loincloths made of leather hides to protect their delicates from nature. Egyptian pharaohs wore them; Scotsmen rocked kilts, and it became a standard piece of clothing that all men would wear throughout the day. 

Over time, underwear evolved into a second garment that was always worn under clothing, kind of acting like a second skin. Wearing longjohns decreased the number of times you needed to wash trousers and outerwear. Additionally, it was much cheaper to replace than a pair of pants. 

As bloomers continued to develop, gents began wearing tight knee-length flannel union suits that matched their shirts. It wasn't until around the 1920s that a little ol' boxing company known as Everlast began to tweak their leather trunks worn by prizefighters opting for something more comfortable with an elastic band. From this revolutionary invention came the beginning of boxer shorts. 

Despite this level of ingenuity, men didn't really appreciate the modern boxer short and preferred the support—and warmth—offered by the union suit. Then, in 1934, a gentleman by the name of Arthur Kneibler received a telegram from a close friend in France that changed the world of men's underwear forever. 

The photo on the front of the postcard was a brave man wearing an itty-bitty bikini-style swimsuit. Now, where most people would laugh and not give the picture a second thought, this triggered the imagination of Kneibler, who immediately realized its potential and that this type of apparel could be worn by men as underwear. He then took his idea and created what we would eventually name "Jockey shorts." He chose the name because these undies offered similar support to that of an athletic cup. 

By 1935, Marshal Fields department store in the windy city began to carry the newly developed undies, and despite the incredibly horrendous inclement weather that day, they sold out in a matter of minutes. This also gave way to men opting to re-try the boxer shorts developed years earlier, and by the end of the 40s, both boxers and briefs were the regular styles worn by men, kicking the traditional union suit to the curb. 

Fast forward to the '70s, and the underwear industry began to flourish. By the beginning of the '80s, famous fashion designers like Mr. Calvin Klein turned underwear into a publicly displayed form of fashion, and undies soon began to adopt patterns and designs.

In the last few decades, advances in butt huggers have mostly been limited to materials and a few gimmicks without any real innovation. That is until Culprit Underwear emerged from the shadows as the only brand in the world with a left side fly. Why the left side fly, you ask? Because it's actually easier access for righties reaching across their body, and it gives lefties, well, something to pretend to be happy about. (Fun fact: most people are right-handed)

How To Look Sexy and Feel Confident In Your Knickers

Now that you know a little bit about the revolution of your underpants, let's dive into how you can feel your very best when you strip down to your drawers. 

If you want to look sexy and feel amazing in your underwear, the truth is that you've got to get yourself the right fit. Other than looking a bit silly and feeling uncomfortable, rocking undies that don't fit properly can come with a slew of unfavorable issues such as chafing, swamp ass, jock itch, and, not to mention, unhappy sperm. 

Yup. You read that right. Undies that don't fit properly—specifically undies that are too tight—can affect your little swimmers' quantity and quality.

So what's a guy supposed to do? 

The answer is simple: Invest in top-notch undies like the ones found at Culprit Underwear that fit you properly to feel your absolute best. 

Here are the three most popular types of men's undies on the market today:


This famous type of underwear is one everybody knows. Often referred to as good ol' tighty-whities, briefs offer a tight fit with an elastic waistband and roughly five inches of fabric that covers the upper thighs. The way this type of underwear tightly covers your package creates a distinct Y-shaped front offering maximum support to your bits and pieces. With the right pair, they can also emphasize your junk. 

So, what's the downside? Well, the truth is that briefs can be a bit size-discriminatory. If you've got a killer body, a pair of tighty-whities will allow you to strut your stuff except what's supposed to be concealed. But for guys with a fluffier build, briefs may bring more attention to your weight. Oh, and not to mention, the tighter fit around your balls can be less than favorable. 


As we mentioned a little earlier, boxers were inspired by the boxing shorts that were worn by professional boxers. They were designed to provide enough comfort and freedom of moment during a match. They weren't baggy and are anything but tight. The issue, however, with boxers is that they tend to come with quite a bit of fabric that can bunch up in your pants, causing one hell of a wedgie. So unless you'd like to be labeled as a wedgie-picker, avoid boxer shorts. 

Boxer Briefs

And finally, boxer briefs. This innovative hybrid style combines the snug fit of briefs with the shape of men's boxers. You get the best of both worlds with this type of underwear. There is extra fabric that covers more of the thigh area, and your twigs and berries will feel very comfortable and well-supported.

Overall, nothing seems too tight, too loose, or too exposed with boxer briefs. That's why it's the most versatile type of underwear in the bunch! When searching for your next pair of undies, give boxer briefs a go and feel the difference that a breathable yet snug fit can feel on your most favorite body part: your genitals. 

A Final Word 

So, how does one feel sexy, confident, and comfortable in a pair of undies? 

Simple—find a pair that fits properly. Nothing is worse than wearing bloomers throughout the day that are either too loose or too tight. When you start your day with a good quality pair of undies like the ones found at Culprit Underwear, you'll walk with your head held high, knowing your family jewels are comfy-cozy, well-supported, and happy. 

Sustainable, and ethically made. Designed to breathe and contour to your body, resulting in unmatched support, comfort, and style. Whether you're on a date, on a flight, at the gym, or in a fight, Culprit's got your back with the sexiest and most comfortable undies around. 

Made with ultra-breathable micromodal to help keep you cool where it matters most (your balls), Culprit's boxer briefs are like no other on the market. Made of 95% micromodal and 5% Lycra for stretch, superior comfort, and unparalleled durability, get yourself a pair today. Trust us—you'll be glad you did!