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Going Commando: Benefits and Warnings of Not Wearing Underwear

Going Commando: Benefits and Warnings of Not Wearing Underwear

Not everyone will admit it, but we all know the truth. Dudes go commando more often than you probably think, and there’s an unexplainable satisfaction that comes with wearing pants or shorts without underwear.

It’s just one of those hardwired things in the male DNA that applies across borders, cultures, and time periods. Every dude has experimented to some degree with an undie-free adventure, and part of the fun is keeping it a secret to yourself.

Whoever talks down on going commando is definitely no fun at parties, but as reputable scientists, it’s our duty to examine whether this practice is beneficial or harmful to the male body. Could there be real upsides to the commando lifestyle, or is it best that we keep those undies on 24/7. Let’s find out and settle the score. 

Origins Of Going Commando

We’ve all heard the term before, and it’s definitely funny to hear such a serious word refer to something so goofy, but where does the phrase “going commando” come from in the first place?

Unsurprisingly, it has roots in the military, where the practice is commonplace for men who have to deal with tough conditions daily. When soldiers began to return from Vietnam back in the early 1970s, they were used to leaving their briefs behind to conquer the humidity and heat of the jungle, a climate that’s not very friendly to the genitalia. 

Combine the conditions of war and the severity of the Vietnamese landscape, it was a recipe for total disaster—plus the heavy pants military men were required to wear did not make things any easier for the nether regions. 

Just imagine your own worst personal case of chafing, then multiply it by about 1000 to get an idea of how bad things were for the boys overseas back in the 1960s. You’d be tossing your underwear over the side of a cliff, too, if you were in that situation!

After a while, the lads just became more comfortable without the restrictive fabric of their underwear and started to enjoy the feeling of freedom down below. 

Nowadays, the military is far more strict about uniform regulations, and men are required to keep their undies on at all times as a part of routine inspections. It’s not worth having to clean the latrines or spend all night on guard because you tried to go commando in the desert heat.

Luckily, today’s brave warriors have access to much better undergarment technology compared to 50 years ago. Men can wear comfortable boxer briefs that actually fit their bodies, don’t ride up in the wrong places, and even feature antimicrobial and moisture-wicking abilities. 

As we know, old lingo sticks around in the Army and makes its way into civilian life easily, which is why “going commando” is still said so often today. 

Benefits Of Commando Living

Now that we know where the term originally came from, it’s time for some real talk—are there really any benefits to going commando, are they purely anecdotal, or is there legit science to support an underwear-free lifestyle?

The short answer is yes, there are certainly advantages to commando living, and scientists have weighed in on the topic with some interesting conclusions. 

For starters, there is a definite comfort factor that can’t be denied when leaving undies out of the equation. If you’re wearing comfy sweats, joggers, track pants, or even loose-fitting jeans, it feels nice to let everything hang in its rightful place without being warped and restricted.

The same thing applies to wearing shorts—plus you get the added benefit of ventilation. Nobody can argue that a cool breeze up there on a warm day is a feeling like no other! You just want to exercise caution when sitting down or shifting into a potentially compromising position in public. You don’t want to put on a free show or get in trouble with the authorities.

As we learned from our Vietnam Vets, going undie-free can reduce chafing in the hotter months of the year and even prevent infection or fungal growth in places where you definitely don’t want them. If you’ve ever experienced jock itch firsthand, you know what a nightmare it can be.

Remember, chafing isn’t just a minor inconvenience or a joke that marathon runners make to pass the time—it’s a real and painful condition that can sideline you for weeks at a time if you want to heal properly and take the time to recovery. If going commando can help you stay in the game and train harder in the gym, why not use it to your advantage?

Finally, there’s the sperm count factor that dudes tend to bring up as the pivotal argument for going commando. Yes, there is some truth to the matter—the testes have been shown to produce more sperm (and higher quality stuff) when they have more room to breathe and can stay at a preferable temperature. 

When your man bits are tightly enclosed in a cloth pouch for the majority of the day, they have the tendency to overheat, even in cooler climates. This has a negative impact on your sperm production processes, which is bad news if you’re planning to become a father soon. 

If being a dad is at the top of your to-do list, maybe it’s best to go commando for the next few months as you and your partner try for a baby. 

Hazards And Drawbacks

It’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and high sperm counts when going commando. There are some issues that you need to keep in mind before leaving those undies behind for good.

The main concern of going commando is that you may end up causing more harm in the long run, even if you feel comfier in the short term. This is especially true for men who tend to wear tight-fitting jeans, chinos, and other pants made from tougher materials and maybe don’t offer a lot of stretch in the crotch. 

Considering modern men’s pant styles, which tend to be slimmer and less generous in the pockets, commando may not be the right move in the 21st century. Your bits could end up being more chafed and irritated, so it might be smarter to just slip on those undies before suiting up for the day ahead.

There’s also the fact that you need to wash your pants far more frequently when you follow the code of the commando. That pair of jeans that you pride yourself on only washing once a month? Laundry is going to have to be an almost-daily thing if you go with no undies.

Finally, if you spend a lot of time in high-society circles and want to make a good impression on business clients—just wear underwear. You never know when some dots from your trip to the bathroom might show up at the wrong moment and ruin your million-dollar opportunity.

Even dark suit pants can show stains and droplets very easily, so it simply isn’t worth the risk to experience just a bit of extra comfort in the boardroom. 

Sleep Easy And Free

The debate rages on about whether men should wear underwear in public, but when it comes to the comfort of your own home, all bets are off. As long as you don’t have roommates and your curtains are closed, there’s nothing wrong with walking around in the nude as you go about your business in the morning, evening, or a day off from work.

It’s quite a liberating feeling to let it all hang out, and rather relaxing as well. This is especially true during your evening routine when you’re winding down and preparing for bedtime. 

Sleeping is one of the few times that we can safely say “no underwear required.” Many young men agree, with nearly two-thirds of millennial men stating that they prefer to slide into their sheets at night wearing nothing but their birthday suits.

It’s liberating, stress-relieving, and allows you to get a full night’s sleep without running the risk of a midnight wedgie. 

Level Up Your Underwear

Are you still on the fence about going commando? It may be an issue with your underwear—like it is for so many men out there. 

The truth is that most modern underwear just doesn’t feel good, which is what drives guys to the commando lifestyle in the first place. By wearing comfortable and soft boxer briefs rather than tighty whities or baggy boxer shorts, you won’t want to go a single day without undies.

Take some time to browse and discover boxer briefs that actually feel great to wear, and end the battle against bad underwear forever. 


There’s no shame in going commando, and some benefits do exist! Just weigh your options carefully and try out some truly comfortable boxer briefs before making any rash decisions.